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New Hampshire and Hillary


Does Hillary Clinton believe in abortion until the baby’s “due date”?

By Dave Andrusko
 Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton
Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton
As is typically the case, I did not see any of the Sunday talk shows–in this case, “Face the Nation”–when it aired but I did hear a re-airing later on C-SPAN and then watched it earlier this afternoon.
Host John Dickerson commented to pro-abortion Hillary Clinton that her name, “not surprisingly,” came up in the previously night’s GOP debate.
This elicited one of those Clinton reflexive laughs, the kind that is to assure the interrogator, that whatever he or she is about to ask is so preposterous Clinton can only preemptively (and derisively) laugh.
Dickerson asked the following:
Senator Marco Rubio claimed that on the question of abortion that you support abortion on baby’s due date. What do you say to that?
CLINTON: Well, I think it’s pretty pathetic, John.
Let’s double back for a second before investigating Mrs. Clinton’s full answer. What Sen. Rubio actually said is even more damning, because his critique is not just of Clinton’s out-to-sea position on abortion, but also the media’s determination not to bring it up in the debates. After stating his own pro-life position, Rubio said
Here’s what I find outrageous. There has been five Democratic debates. The media has not asked them a single question on abortion and on abortion, the Democrats are extremists. Why doesn’t the media ask Hillary Clinton why she believes that all abortion should be legal, even on the due date of that unborn child.
The answer is probably two-fold. They know what she would say would be gobbledygook. But most of the moderators and the bulk of the others who question the candidates are afraid there might be a follow-up question where Clinton would have to move beyond her canned answer.
Here are three points about Clinton’s response to Dickinson.
#1. According to Clinton, people should read Roe v. Wade. “Reasonable kinds of restrictions can be imposed as long as the life and health of the mother are taken into account, and that is what the law is today.”

But of course Clinton and her pro-abortion collaborators oppose all–repeat all–“restrictions.” By definition, none of them is “reasonable.” And what the Hillary Clintons of this world love about the “health of the mother” language is that because “health” has been defined in ultra-expansive language, it operates like an eraser to wipe away protective state laws.
#2. Part of the “pathetic” part, for Clinton, is that Rubio allegedly is “politiciz[ing] this so early in the campaign season.” Ask yourself who talks about protecting “abortion rights” and “reproductive choice” every chance she gets? Hillary Rodham Clinton.
But that’s not “politicizing” the abortion issue. Only pro-life Republicans can do that. And
#3. To his credit, Dickerson said

His [Rubio’s] charge here, though, is in terms of late-term abortions, that you talk about medical issues, but there are nonmedical abortions, he would say, and others who share his view would say, and that you’re not having any restrictions on those who would choose to have an abortion for nonmedical reasons puts you on the extreme side of this.
When she’s in front of her audiences, Clinton’s full radicalness on abortion comes through. But not on “Face the Nation,” unless you happen to have a Clinton decoder ring.

Her first response is “Well, it’s just not true.” Of course it is, as we shall see. When trying to be as slick as her husband (who richly earned the epithet “Slick Willie”), Clinton will retreat (as she did yesterday) to being “on record for years about where I stand on making abortion safe and legal.”
Notice that the tripod created by her husband–“safe, legal and rare”–is missing one of its legs. To say that abortion should be “rare” is no longer permissible abortionspeak. To suggest that abortion should be rare is to intimate that there is some abortion, somewhere, that Mrs. Clinton would condemn.
There are none, which is why she always instantly changes the topic to the hardest of the hard cases [women who must make an “excruciating choice”], as if that is the boundary limits of her acceptance of abortion.

It is not. Marco Rubio was absolutely correct when he said that Hillary Clinton believes “abortion should be legal, even on the due date of that unborn child.”
As they say, the only “poll” that counts is what voters in New Hampshire say tomorrow night.

Source: NRLC News

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