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Groningen U Slogan Should Be “We Kill Babies”

By Wesley J. Smith
GroningenProtocolDoctors at the Groningen University Medical Center commit infanticide. If a baby is born with serious disabilities–and the death doctors conclude they will have an “unlivable life”–the baby’s fate is often to be on the receiving end of a lethal injection.
Doctors there even created a how-to-decide-which-babies-to-kill bureaucratic checklist known as the Groningen Protocol That is why I had to chuckle (bitterly) when a reader sent me a story about how the university’s official slogan has been voted worst in Netherlands.
From the story:
Groningen University’s slogan ‘Born leaders reach for infinity’ has been voted most stupid university catch phrase in the country in an online poll…
In the meantime, according to the Parool [an Amsterdam-based daily newspaper], Groningen has a new slogan ‘Think Bold’ which as several people have already pointed out, is not correct English.
I think official school slogans should be truthful. Thus, I suggest the following: Groningen University: “Where Disabled Babies Are Sent Into Eternity.”
Too clunky.
Best in these kind of things to be simple and to the point: “We kill babies.

Source: NRLC News

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