Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hillary Strikes Again!

Yesterday, we told you that Hillary, our Secretary of State and a staunch pro-abortion feminist, had received the Margaret Sanger award. This award was given at a gala in Houston Texas. We pondered yesterday about Margaret Sanger's credentials, but today, we ponder Hillary's bizarre response to the award.

Reporters report that her remarks were bizarre. However, she was in a strange position. After all, she was receiving the Sanger award, in honor of the founder of Planned Parenthood. Who could feel better at a gala in Texas? Where she was telling, that directing Family Planning money into the hands of groups, who never tire of finding new populations to eliminate or thin out. Clinton was reported as saying, "When President Obama repealed the Mexico City Policy, it was an example of smart power."  Opening the sluices that allow tax dollars to pour into the hands of militant pro-abortionist, I would not call that smart power. 

Hillary further stated, "I want to assure you, that reproductive rights, and the umbrella issue of women's rights and empowerment, will be a key to the foreign policy of this Administration." 

Abortion and birth control and education and the right to vote all fall under the same umbrella. Each one is as Hillary says, part of expanding opportunities for women.

Hillary told her audience, "Yet we know that Margaret Sanger's work here in the United States and certainly across our globe is not done."    I think the gloves are off, what say you?

Fetal Farms & Other Stuff

"Bait and Switch" may be in the works at the federal level. Watch the Obama administration for the following stem-cell research legislation. 1.) The NIH (National Institute of Health) will be given broad authority to fund research that will use, not only left over human embryos, but also create for research new human embryos, including embryos created by cloning. 2.) This may be coupled with a clone and kill provision, which will be labeled as a "ban on human cloning" but, actually define human cloning in a manner that allows the mass creation of human embryos by cloning for the purpose of using them in research that will kill them. The pro-cloning side hopes the smuggle through these radical policy changes, on this authorization (funding) legislation and then gut or repeal the Dickey-Wicker amendment. This amendment prohibits funding from the Health & Human Service Appropriations for cloning. 

 Present legislation prevents human cloning by the Dickey-Wicker amendment. This amendment is a funding amendment. In other words, no funds can be used while the amendment is active. By shifting to the National Institute of Health (NIH), they are "bait & switching" funding, as well as ethics and morals. Once NIH is given the broad authority, it will be relatively easy to gut or repeal Dickey-Wicker.  

Futile Care

Idaho has had a victory. SB 1114, a bill which would have legalized Futile Care theory in Idaho, is dead for the year. This bill was on a fast track for passage until the 11th hour. The reason for fast passage was no one knew about the Futile Care bill. Once recognized, opposition was mounted and the bill is dead for the session, we think.

As with all legislatures, the bill may be amended, but it is being carefully watched.

This brings a couple points to mind. Watch legislation always. In Illinois, Lisa Madigan has just mandated that hospitals can only charge 25% of a poor person's salary if hey are hospitalized without insurance. This is a death knell to hospitals, who already are suffering lack of payment from the government, industry and the public, both insured and uninsured.

Futile Care theories are rationing of health care. Although Futile Care exists, it cannot be legislated. No health care can be legislated. That's why health care is a profession.

Expecting Wanna Be Male

Schizophrenic? You bet. Here's the latest. Puzzle for you .. how can a man be a woman? How can a woman be a man? How can a man be pregnant? Preposterous? Not so in this day and age. But, a woman on male hormones, who wants to be a man, but isn't yet/never, now says she/he's pregnant, with twins no less! Sound like science fiction? But it's reality.

Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez, who is reportedly nine weeks pregnant, interrupted hormone treatments and postponed plans to have a full sex-change operation in  order to get pregnant because his 43-year-old girlfriend could no longer have children. (maybe she's trying to become a man). The real victims in this case are the twins, and our society. 

The mother of the octoplets, at least didn't abort her children and is trying to be the best mother she can possibly be .. not the father.   

Plan B & Teen Depression

Yesterday, we blogged on Plan B's availability over the counter to 17 yr. olds. Today, in the newspaper we read, "an influential government appointed medical panel is urging doctors to routinely screen all American teens for depression - a bold step that acknowledges nearly 2 million teens are affected by depression."

Most of these teens are undiagnosed and untreated. These were the results from the government. The task force estimates 6% of US teenagers are clinically depressed. They noted that depression can lead to persistent sadness, social isolation, school problems and suicide. We would add, abortion STD's and sexual promiscuity.

As we said yesterday, Plan B, a very dangerous drug should not be available over the counter to under age girls. The government has just proved our point. The very same government who legislated that Plan B can be given to minors over the counter. It seems their schizophrenic. What do you think?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Plan B For Minors

While watching TV this weekend, a debate over the recent ruling and safety of Plan B for minors took place. The proponents of the plan said, there were no risks to a young girl's health. The opponents stated that parental involvement was primary in this discussion. I think the facts are what really count. Here they are ...

How does Plan B work? Plan B is believed to act as an emergency contraceptive principally, by preventing ovulation, or fertilization. (by altering tubal transport of sperm and or ova). This is why ectopic pregnancy is a risk for anyone taking Plan B. It may inhibit implantation by altering the lining of the uterus. Plan B is not a contraceptive if the woman is pregnant. However, Plan B may cause a newly conceived embryo, because it cannot implant in the wall of the uterus,to die. Therefore Plan B is both contraceptive and abortifacient.

Plan B, or the "Morning After Pill" (MAP) lacks testing for safety. Access to the drug over the counter, or without a prescription, would prompt use among consumers, who unknowingly have medical conditions, that put them at high risk of life threatening complication. If complications occur, it will be difficult for doctors to treat, when the girl's medical history is unknown or hidden. The MAP is a high dose of the birth control pill, which requires a medical exam, a prescription and physician oversight. Birth control pills can cause significant or life threatening conditions..ie..for example blood clots, stroke and heart attacks. Birth control pills are contra-indicated for women with diabetes, liver problems, heart disease, breast cancer, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) and for women who smoke and are over 35. Physician oversight is necessary to ensure that none of these contra-indications exist. According to the CDC, approximately 1.85 million women of reproductive age (18 - 44) have diabetes, approximately 500,000 do not know they are sick.

Now we want our kids to have access to Plan B without any involvement of the parent? The rapists of this world will be happy with that decision. This pill could be slipped to young girls by the statutory rapist to cover up their abuse of adolescents.

In watching TV, the debate centered over the use of condoms verses MAP. Everyone agreed that condoms protected the user from sexually transmitted diseases, as did MAP. I thought about that, knowing of course that condoms don't protect from STD's, neither does the morning after pill, and listening to experts saying they did. This brought to mind the lies that promote sexually promiscuity. I wonder if TV debaters know that sexually transmitted disease rates have sky-rocketed. Why? Condoms don't protect from STD's, nor do they protect the heart.

The high dose of hormones that are in Plan B, pose a huge risk for young women. Are we not concerned about young girl's health, rather than the comprehensive sex agenda?

I wonder whose going to pay for Plan B? Planned Parenthood has offered the MAP (you need 2 doses after unprotected sex at $30 to $50 a dose). Perhaps it's in the stimulus package.

Regions that have allowed easy access to MAP have noted a significant increase in sexually transmitted diseases. The highest increases were among the 16 to 19 yr. olds. Many teenagers would be less confident in resisting sexual pressure, if easy access to the MAP is available.

Even Morning After Pill (MAP) promoters agree that sexually active girls are likely victims of sexual abuse and interaction with medical professionals is an important defense. If over the counter Plan B to 17 yr olds becomes the normative, that defense will disappear, leaving our children once again victims of a society that doesn't care about them.

Therapy Verses Enhancement

Wow! I'm glad we won the Revolution. In Britain, for the first time, British women may be offered stem-cell therapy offering a "natural" breast enlargement. The treatment could boost cup size, while reducing stomach fat. Wow!  Let's remember, "vanity and happiness are never compatible".
The treatment involves extracting stem-cells from spare fat on the stomach or thighs and growing them in a woman's breast, producing an increase of one cup size is likely. However, as the technique improves, the size may be more. This is a separate project from the credible and ethical project, which uses stem-cells to repair the breasts of women who have had cancerous lumps removed.

The enhancement treatment beats silicone. However, morally it is bereft. It will however, in our hedonistic society, take off. "Vanity, thy name is woman." Enhancement therapy may outgrow ethical medical research. Another thought to ponder, after cup size increase, what if prevailing society likes an A cup. Is male enhancement next?

Final Exit Network

A noble calling, but not a noble calling.The Final Exit network is a fringe group in the mainstream of the euthanasia movement. However, they're leaving a trail of dead people in their wake. Mr. Lom was depressed, 88 yrs. old with failing eyesight. He wanted to die, although his daughter said he was healthy. Last May, he swallowed pills in a failed attempt to kill himself.

He then communicated with the Final Exit network, a national organization whose members provide support to those seeking a "peaceful end", translate, killing yourself with the help of noble guides (assisted suicide). He was found dead in January. Cause ... breathing helium gas with a plastic bag over his head. I don't think that is a peaceful end. Helen, Lom's daughter, believes the Final Exit network convinced her father to take his life. Although the Final Exit network officials have denied any involvement in the death, Helen believes otherwise. She said, "They might not have put the hood over his head, but they basically gave him the recipe book." 

Tragic? You bet. Suicide clinics may come sooner than we think. Verbal engineering on the benefit of assisted suicide is prevailing in the media.

Senate Confirmation, Dawn Johnsen

President Obama has nominated and sent to the Senate for confirmation, Dawn Johnsen in the position of assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel, "AAG-OLC". Why are we people of good faith opposed to her confirmation? Because, the person who serves as AAG-OLG will play an influential role in both construing existing laws and in evaluating the constitutional and legal implications of various legislative and administrative proposals.

The Justice Departments web site explains, "The Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel, provides authoritative legal advise to the President and all the Executive Branch agencies. The Office drafts legal opinions of the Attorney Generals and also provides it's own written opinions and oral advice in response to requests." The Office is also responsible for providing legal advice to the Executive Branch on all constitutional questions and reviewing pending legislation. 

Dawn Johnsen has a long history as a pro-abortion strategist, propagandist and litigator, including five years as legal director for the organization, then known as the National Abortion's Rights Action League, (NARAL), as well as work on behalf of the ACLU and Abortion Rights Mobilization. Throughout her career, she has expressed her opposition to all limits on abortion. And has often criticized courts for being, in her view, insufficiently expansive in their application of pro-abortion legal doctrines. 

In a Supreme Court case, Webster v Reproductive Health Services, Johnsen was the lead author on a brief that argued that statutes that  limit access to abortion are, "disturbingly suggestive of involuntary servitude, prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment, in that enforced pregnancy requires a woman to provide continuous physical service to the fetus ..." 

Since her nomination, Johnsen has made a few feeble and unconvincing attempts to distance herself from some of her past actions and statements. Obama's nomination is very adamently pro-abortion, but so is he.  


Planned Barrenhood & Hillary

On March 27th, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received Planned Parenthood Federation of America's highest award, named after a notable eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. Wow! Hillary and Margaret Sanger!

For those of you who can't remember who Margaret Sanger was, she founded Planned Parenthood. Margaret was one of America's most prominent eugenicist in history. Margaret advocated segregating millions of "unfit" people on farms where they would not be permitted to reproduce. Margaret wrote in a journal she founded, "The Birth Control Review", "With the future citizens safeguarded from hereditary taints, with 5 million mental and moral degenerates segregated, with 10 million women and 10 million children receiving adequate care, we could then turn out attention to the basic needs for international peace." Margaret boldly supported the eugenicist movement for a superior race that was free of poor, immigrants and minority citizens. She even spoke at a rally of the Ku Klux Klan. Wow! No wonder that Afro-American and Latino neighborhoods have the highest number of abortion clinics. What an award! I wonder what President Obama thinks? I wonder if he cares if the highest number of abortion clinics are in Afro-American neighborhoods?

The award was presented at a gala in Houston Texas. The award states, "Hillary has been a champion of women's health and rights throughout her public service career. I think she's been a champion, almost a serial killer of unborn babies and God knows who else is at risk.  

Hillary, Art Critic

Hillary Clinton is at it again. Showing an absolute disdain for the people of Mexico, as well as an overwhelming ignorance of an International Catholic Shrine, cherished by Mexico's people since Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego in the 1500's, leaving her miraculous image upon his tilma. Mexican history cannot be separated from this image and the story behind it. Each year on December 12th, the people of Mexico come from miles around, across the country on their knees to this shrine. They honor the Mother of God and implore her for their needs. In the United States, Mariachi bands play, and Our Lady is processed through the streets of many of our states. Perhaps, if Hilary was open to life, she would have known that with the appearance of Our Lady, the Aztec Nation was converted. This nation had offered blood sacrifice to pagan gods before Our Lady's arrival. Blood sacrifice is once again present today, both in Mexico City and the United States. This blood sacrifice is in the form of unborn children being aborted and sacrificed to the pagan god of "choice".

This is our Secretary of State? I suggest a public library for good reading on the history of a country before she represents "We The People". We The People, no matter our denomination, understand and respect the religious beliefs of our country and others.    

Fetal Farming

All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. The embryonic stem cell debate cloaks the deeper issue, which is cloning, cloning for the purposes of organ farming. Far fetched you say? Remember the movie, "The Boys From Brazil"? Hitler was cloned in this movie, made many years ago. This is a recommended movie, not only because Gregory Peck was the star, but because the movie's theme being science fiction at the time, is now a science reality. 

Organ donation is totally accepted by most of American society. Even though the idea that the donor isn't dead, just dead enough, has pervaded society and the absolute moral idea of, never kill even if good will come of it (we are not talking about justified war) has been accepted. The idea of cloning an embryo and then experimenting, is the next step. The idea that killing the embryo after medical experimentation is over will probably be widely, if not now, accepted.

Think this is impossible? Think again. It's already been done. In the late sixties, there were a series of experiments on living fetuses. These experiments were stopped because Congress responded to public outrage and pressure. However we've come a long way from the sixties both in morals and science. Congress will soon debate the Dickey amendment. If this amendment is revoked, federal funding for the creation and destruction of embryos for research will be allowed. Secular medicine and the secular bioethics movement know this time is coming. Personhood, rather than humanhood is what counts with them. 

Cures, cures, cures, coming from embryos and clones. This is what will pervade medicine. Congress, having eliminated the Dickey amendment, will eliminate the prohibition against living fetal experiments, once human cloning is perfected and an artificial uterus devised. This artificial uterus would allow scientist to experiments on developing human life. What will their justification be? The same as what is being used today in the embryonic stem cell debate.  "We're going to throw them out anyway!, So what's the harm? They aren't persons, so we shouldn't be morally bothered."
Think we're crazy? Please read "A Jealous God: Science's Crusade Against Religion" by Pamela Winnick - Lest you think it's a religious attack on science, she is a self described secular Jew, who sees science attacking the very concept of intrinsic human dignity.  

This is a must read!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PLan B

Whenever Plan B is mentioned I always wonder what Plan A would have been? That being said, the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York ruled that 17 yr. old girls should have unrestricted over the counter access to Plan B, or the so-called "emergency contraception drug". This decision over-ruled the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruling that required the minor first obtain a valid prescription.

The arguments against Plan B are numerous and repetitive. Plan B is far more toxic in hormones than the ordinary contraceptive. Adverse reactions include death. We do not allow minors to walk into pharmacies and obtain life-threatening drugs without a prescription. We don't even allow that for adults. With the court order, the FDA must make Plan B available to 17 yr. olds, under the same condition that is currently available to adult women, and to do so by April 21st, 2009. The court's ruling accepted the fact, the arguments made by abortion industry attorneys. Furthermore, it will not permit the FDA to undertake another internal review of the drug safety record, or to receive evidence on the increased need to protect minors from dangerous medications.

The Obama Administration is widely expected to welcome the ruling and not pursue a meaningful appeal in this case.

Health Alert For IVF Babies

A warning has been issued to couples having in-vitro fertilization (IVF), that their babies have a higher risk of genetic flaws and health problems. The alert has been ordered by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, the Government's watchdog on fertility issues. Couples are being warned that IVF pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects by up to 30 percent. 

A number of studies have already raised concerns over the growing use of the procedure, which accounts for more than 10,000 births in Britain every year. While research published online last month in the Human Reproduction journal found that IVF babies suffer from higher rates of birth defects than those conceived naturally.  The scientists from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta looked at more than 13,500 births and a further 5,000 cases using data from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study.

Infertile couples will have to balance their desire for a child against the concerns that IVF methods could lead to life-threatening defects or long-term disabilities.

God forbid that society treats children as a gift from God, to be created, rather than manufactured by science in a laboratory. And  God forbid, that society would recognize that their are some gifts God does not give, always for a reason.  

Brazillian Twins

The 9 yr. old Brazilian girl, who had her now famous abortion of twins,has more to her story than was originally reported. Contrary to the claims, in Brazil's mainstream media, the hospital where she was originally admitted has admitted that her life was not in danger at the time the abortion was performed. 

The local Archbishop excommunicated the participants. Fellow Brazilian Bishops and a Vatican official, distanced themselves from the excommunication accounts, even though Brazil is a largely Catholic country.    

The 9 yr. old child, was raped by her stepfather over several years, and conceived the twins in rape. He has confessed and is in custody. The girl's parents, both clearly stated their opposition to abortion in general and in particular for their daughter. When the child was admitted to the hospital, she and her mother were isolated by hospital staff, who stated that the abortion was necessary to save the child's life. Access to her room was restricted and required special hospital authorization for visitors. Brazil's child protective services barely had access to the room. The mother is illiterate and doesn't sign her name, but was forced to sign "some papers". Even though illiterate, the hospital used the consent signed by the mother (they used her fingerprints) for the abortion.

Far fetched you say? I believe this incident will be repeated over and over again.

Fetal Organs

A British scientist has recommended research into the transplantation of kidneys and livers from aborted babies. Does this sound new? If it does, you are sadly mistaken. This debate occurred in the United States over anencephalic babies aborted or brought to term to be harvested (their organs). Do you remember the Loma Linda Hospital debate? If not, maybe you should review it. Fortunately, that never came about, but perhaps because of our society and the push for organ donation, it will.  

The Supreme Court of Florida ruled in 1992 that an anencephalic newborn is not considered dead for the purpose of organ donation solely by reason of it's congenital deformity. In 1988 Ohio introduced legislation that would change Ohio's definition of death law. It would have permitted the direct killing of live anencephalic infants, in order to use their organs for transplant. This Bill was defeated.

The US is never far behind Britain. Here's their argument. We've heard it before. It's a temporary solution to the organ donor shortage, because there are nearly 7,000 to 8,000 Brits who need kidneys. The same arguments that were used in the US some years ago.

Stuart Campbell, a British OB-GYN Professor endorsed the proposal. "If babies are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs." Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President, R. Albert Mohler Jr. stated, "this is about as scary as the news can get. Here we confront a serious proposal to use aborted fetuses as factories for spare organs and tissues. Human dignity rests on a eroding foundation in terms of secular argument. We can see human dignity as it is more and more endangered with every passing proposal. The use of fetal of tissue in medical research is grossly immoral." 

Beware, a bill will surface in the US shortly.

This is truly a utilitarian view of society. The individual is for the better of society, not a Christian view of life. These inroads are becoming more and more prevelent in a society that looks at itself as the Creator, not the creature. 

In order to harvest organs, these babies would be late-term abortions . I wonder how a mother would justify her decision to have a late term abortion in order to give a stranger a kidney? Macaab? You bet. Look for the US to follow suit, since the debate over anacephalics will rise again.  

Monday, March 23, 2009


Teen birth rates are soaring according to national statistics. To combat this (you have to be kidding) the Democrats under Representative Barbara Lee and Senator Lautenberg, have introduced the Reasonable Education About Life (REAL Act).

Obviously, comprehensive sexual education is not working. In spite of this, abortion backers want more of your money for it. This Bill hit both the House and Senate on Wednesday, March 18th. This Bill was totally "under the radar". It would fund programs that feature sexual education and very little in the way of abstinence promotion. The real REAL Act would put millions of dollars into Federal grants for programs which are heavy on contraception and light on abstinence. 

Whose lobbying for this Bill? Both NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Why, you ask? When contraception pushed in these programs fail-as it will-a new generation of abortion customers is created.  

You don't have to be a genius to figure this one out. Teen birth rates are soaring. Comprehensive sex education is being taught in the schools already. Now we need more? Do you really think it will reduce the statistics? Is this what they really want? Who is the victim here? ...our children.   

Abortion Coverage

No surprise here. The president of Planned Parenthood (PP) says, the nation's largest abortion provider, will pursue making sure abortion coverage is in President Obama's health care plan.

Cecile Richards, President of PP has stated, "this is a big complex issue, and I think there's going to be all kinds of work done over the next several months. We are very focused on making sure that family planning services are covered in any kind of health care reform, because for women it's basic fundamental health care." David Brody, a national correspondent with CBN News, asked why Cecile failed to talk about abortion, instead mentioning family planning, which is sometimes a euphemism for abortion. Richard's response, "Look, we'll see, I think we're in the early stages of these conversation, and we would like women's full reproductive health care covered in any kind of health care reform."

Notice, that killing of unborn children is never mentioned in the conversation. All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. A whole lot of that is going on.  More to follow ...

Suicide Clinics

Suicide Clinics in the schools? Does this sound far fetched or New Age? I don't think so. Remember Jack Kevorkian? He suggested suicide clinics in the late 80's. Now in Great Britain Patricia Hewitt, the former Health Minister in Tony Blaire's government has suggested that suicide clinics be a part of health care. In fact she plans to introduce the plan requiring a change in the law next week in Parliament. 

I would bet my bottom dollar that the US new health care policies from the Obama administration may follow suite. What may not happen immediately, is for them to be set up in the schools. Crazy you say. We already have school based clinics for health care across the country. These clinics provide many services, including birth-control (Plan B) and other medical treatments, including referral for abortion and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) with no parental involvement. There are both state funds and federal funds available for these clinics.

It would be a short jump to include suicide services in these clinics. Not a new thought, in fact, Jack Kevorkian advocated for these clinics many years ago. 

Again, our children, who are at great risk of depression would be the victims. Without parental involvement, many of these vulnerable children might make the wrong choice.   

Terry Schiavo

The issue of providing nutrition and hydration to a non-dying, but profoundly handicapped person reached it's peak after much debate with Terri Schiavo. Her painful 13 day long starvation/dehydration began 4 years ago last week. Her death prompted an increase in Durable Powers of Attorney for health care, immediately after her death. I would wager they have decreased as time as progressed.

The debate however continues in health care. This debate is over the provision of artificially provided nutrition and hydration to non-dying, but profoundly handicapped people. Nutrition and hydration are ordinary care, even if provided artificially. No different from a baby bottle or a straw. Because the person is in a health care facility, does not make the nutrition or hydration they receive medical water or food. Feeding by tubes has been practiced since the Civil war. This procedure is not extraordinary.
We need to understand that the most vulnerable among us will be at the greatest risk with the Obama administration's new health care plans. With a shrinking budget and a shrinking tax base the obvious will occur. We will deny health care for those who cannot speak for themselves and depend on society for their health care and well being.  

Friday, March 20, 2009

Final Exit in Chicagoland

This is no movie starring Tom Cruise, or a final exit on the expressway. This is for real. Kurt Perry decided last month it was time to check out. Just as the book Final Exit, he picked his place, his death date and the method. It was to be a carefully orchestrated event. The 26 yr. old decided he wanted to be free of a painful disorder that weakened his limbs and breathing. (His action leads me to think the progression of his disease has led him to depression).
During three years of planning with Final Exit guides, Kurt has deliberated the issue of killing himself. It seems that Kurt may get the help he needs since his plans to kill himself have been foiled. We in the pro-life movement are pleased that Kurt is alive, and hope he receives both the medical and emotional support that someone suffering from chronic illness deserves. Death is not a compassionate alternative. But, society needs to reach out to people with chronic illness and offer hope, comfort and support.

Kurt was suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth or CMT, one of the most common inherited disorders in America. It weakens muscles in the extremities, but according to the CMT Association, it "usually isn't life threatening, and almost never affects brain funtioning." Dr. Michael Shy, director of the CMT Clinic in Michigan said "in severe cases, such as Perry's the disorder's symptoms often stabilize with time." "It's my opinion, he's not going to progress." 

Society needs to reach out. We have to ask ourselves, where have we failed Kurt? Why is he choosing to end his own life, rather than be surrounded by supportive people. I guess that's a question each of us have to ask ourselves. In a society filled with health care spas, and that stesses youth and beauty as our culture does, a person like Kurt will naturally feel marginalized. 
This marginalization leads to euthanasia.  

Final Exit

Final Exit is a book written by Derek Humphrey, founder of "The Hemlock Society". The book was at the top of the best seller list. The author Derek Humphrey

1.) killed his first wife with a legal overdose, when she had cancer. He had two pillows handy
     to smother her if the poison didn't do the job.
2.) Threatened his second wife, Ann Humphrey and is accused of trying to force her into suicide
     when she developed cancer. (In 1991 Ann Humphrey killed herself. Her suicide note said, 
     she was driven to kill herself by her husband).
3.) Said the ill person owes it to other persons to behave properly. (kill yourself) 
4.) Killed his elderly relatives. 
5.) He killed his first wife.
6.) His book, Final Exit, is a how to kill manual-one of his goals is to turn every medical
     degree into a licence to kill.

The book Final Exit

1.) Gives step by step instructions for suicide to anyone who buys or borrows the book.
2.) Offers explicit directions to anyone wanting to kill someone else, and avoid detection.
3.) Quote: "It tells you how, where and when to kill yourself or someone else. It breaks the
     last taboo. Follow my instructions for a perfect death, with no mess, no autopsy, no
     post-mortem. This is the final guide." Derek Humphrey, Sunday Express 7/28/91
4.) Says "why not have a trial run?" By practicing how to put a plastic bag over the head
     and secure it with rubber bands. (p. 98-99) 
5.) Calls double suicide "a tribute to the strength of a loving relationship" (p. 101) (does this
     sound like Hitler and Eva Braum.
6.) Says legalizing euthanasia will be a way of handling the dilemma of "terminal old age". 

The Hemlock Society evolved into Compassion & Choice. This is the leading euthanasia promoting organization today. But remember history and Hemlock, who backed Jack Kevorkian, wrote the book Final Exit and was instrumental in the Oregon decision to legalize euthanasia, was just the beginning of an uphill battle to normalize euthanasia into our culture. Euthanasia is a life issue, no different from abortion. Only the geography has changed, from the womb to the old people's homes and everything in between.


Tribune Poll

A March 20th Tribune poll asks the question: "Do people suffering from intolerable conditions have a right to die?" Horrors! The poll shows 85.3% of the 3,805 people polled say yes!
Perhaps they don't know that Oregon legalized "physician assisted suicide" by referendum years ago. Depression is considered a reason to die in Oregon. Depression is a treatable disease. We don't have to kill people before we treat their depression. This is a very slippery slope.

The definition of intolerable ... what is it? It could be defined by a teenager as a broken romance, by a toddler their refusal to toilet train, by the loss of a job .. etc. etc.  Who defines intolerable?
This definition might also include people who live with monkeys. They shouldn't have friends over. It might be intolerable as well as dangerous to those friends. Especially if they get the monkey pox. Would that be a reason to kill yourself?

On a more serious note. This poll should be responded to by everyone reading. The Euthanasia movement is making it's move in Illinois. A great man once said, all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. There is a lot of verbal engineering, especially in Illinois.

Teen Pregnancies Rise

The Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) released data on March 18, 2009, the 2007 data, reporting the numbers of teen births. No surprise here. Teen births are at a record high. Beverly LaHaye stated: "When over two thirds of public schools (68%) teach comprehensive sex-education, why are we surprised?" 

Comprehensive sex-education is included in the Illinois FOCA Bill. The Bill mandates every public school in the state to offer a comprehensive sex-education program. No longer would local school districts be able to determine their curriculums. Every kindergartner in the state would have to take a form of sex-education, deemed appropriate for their age level, (as would be determined by un-elected state bureaucrats). One comprehensive sex-education curriculum in use, includes condom training for 9 yr. olds.

I think the number of teen pregnancies is directly correlated to comprehensive sex-education. Our children are immersed in a culture of sex obsession. Every movie, music, advertisement, all arts and entertainment is saturated with sex.  And now mandated to be taught in the classroom too? I wonder what next year's statistics will show?

Do We Really Want Breast Cancer Reduced?

Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) Bill, at both the Federal and Illinois State level, will increase premature births and increase the risk of developing breast cancer. President Obama, in his campaign, promised to sign FOCA into law, if passed at the Federal level. In Illinois, the FOCA Bill is on second reading in the House.

Passing FOCA will have the unintentional effect of deepening the breast cancer risk by removing information regarding this risk from informed consent.Many states have a "Woman's Right To Know" law, which mandates the risk benefit analysis prior to an abortion. In other words, either the state or a physician, or both, must under law, explain to the woman, prior to abortion, all of the medical risks, including a higher risk for breast cancer. The risk for premature births must also be explained because repeated abortions increase the risk for premature birth in subsequent pregnancies. 

Conspiracy Theory? I think so. Why, at the Federal and state level is there an urge to pass FOCA?


Obama Appointment to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

On Tuesday March 17th, (St Patrick would roll over in his grave) President Obama announced his nomination of US District Court Judge David Hamilton to the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Obama, glowing with praise for Judge Hamilton, said he had a: "long and impressive record of service and history of handing down fair and judicious decisions." Obama's advisors and cronies in the White House, are saying that Judge Hamilton is a "moderate" (most moderates think killing babies is normal).
As an Indiana Trial Judge, Hamilton, a former Clinton nominee, (another upstanding president who promoted the killing of unborn babies) issued a series of rulings over 7 years that prevented Indiana from enforcing it's informed-consent law. This law required abortionists to inform women about the risks of the procedure. Horror upon horror! A woman understanding a surgical procedure? Abortion is the only surgical procedure that does not require an informed consent. After all it's a matter between a woman and her doctor. (whoever he may be). 

Moderate? Judge Hamilton served as a Board member of the Indiana Chapter of the Civil Liberties Union. Better known as the ACLU. He has also ruled that opening prayers in the state Legislature, could not include Jesus's name, claiming it advanced Christianity! (God forbid!)   

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Futile Care

Futile Care policies probably will become Futile Care Protocols. It will be quite dangerous if they become law. Thankfully Idaho's Futile Care Bill S-1114 is stalled in the House, having passed the Senate. I anticipate many more Futile Care legislative bills in the future. Medicine can never be legislated. Medicine is both an art and a science. Medicine's foundation is "Do No Harm". But, when legislation interferes with the practice of medicine then Futile Care is defined by the legislature, rather than medicine.

What is Futile Care? Who knows? Medicine is obligated to provide ordinary care. This includes housing, warmth, human touch and nutrition and hydration. Medicine is never obligated to extra-ordinary care. That's where the rub is. What is extra-ordinary today, in our advanced technology may become ordinary tomorrow. Futile Care legislation is a stepping stone to euthanasia. There is no question that many of the procedures and surgeries that we do in medicine should never be done. Many of these patient's qualify for palliative care or hospice. Certainly for comfort and care. Not aggressive intervention.

With the advent of protective advance directives, remember (these were the legislative focus of the euthanasia movement many years ago) medicine was replaced by the public in the form of a proxy decision maker.  Decisions that used to be left to medicine now are left to the proxy. Often times, probably 90%, the proxy has never spoken to the person whose decision they will make if that person becomes unable to make their own decisions. Based on this decision (which is legal binding) health care is often forced to provide Futile Care. 

There are many factors at work here. Who provides Futile Care? Why is Futile Care delivered in hospitals today? Some of the reasons are the animosity of the legal system with he health-care system. Health care is frequently sued in Futile law suits. With reimbursement dollars shrinking and the number of insured patients waning, who pays?

All of these arguments can only be summed up by saying, medicine can never be legislated. The Health Care Conscience Rules become very important to keep in place, or there will be no protection in health care.

Church Amendment

The second conscience provision in the Church Amendment prohibits any entity that receives a grant, contract, loan, or loan guarantee under certain Department-implemented statutes from discriminating against physician or other health care personnel in employment, promotion, determination of employment, or the extension of staff or other privileges because the individual "performed or assisted in the performance of a lawful sterilization or abortion, because he refused to perform or assist in the performance of such a procedure or abortion, on the grounds that his performance or assistance in the procedure or abortion would be contrary to his religious beliefs or convictions, or because of his religious beliefs or moral convictions respecting sterilization or abortions.

In other words this is a very protective provision. Let's introduce the Weldon Amendment. This amendment was originally adopted as a section of the Labor-HHS Division of the 2005 Consolidated Appropriations Act, Public Law 108-447. And was re-adopted in each subsequent HHS Appropriations Act. The Weldon Amendment provides that none of the funds made available in this ACT may be made available to a Federal Agency or Program, or to a State or local government, if such agency, program, or government subjects any institutional or individual health-care entity to discrimination on the basis of that health-care entity does not provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortion. It further defines "health-care entity to include an individual physician or other health-care professional, a hospital, a provider sponsored organization, an HMO, a health insurance plan, or any other kind of health-care facility, organization or plan.

It's obvious that Weldon may have to go too.

Dickey-Wicker Amendment

The challenge to Dikey-Wicker could come from two directions, The National Institute of Health (NIH) and Congress. The Dickey-Wicker Amendment has been a part of Health & Human Services HHS spending legislation since 1996. This measure prohibits Federal funds from being used for the creation of human embryos for research, as well as for experimentation in which the health or life of the embryo is threatened or destroyed.

Obama gave the issuing of the guidelines to NIH within 120 days on funding ESC Research. Congress is expected to pass legislation in support of Obama's stem-cell order, with the president's encouragement. But there may be a move to pass a bill which would strike the Dickey-Wicker Amendment. Representative Diana DeGette of Colorado (D) is the lead sponsor of legislation to turn Obama's executive order into law. She is promoting congressional action to rescind Dickey-Wicker. "Dickey-Wicker is 13 yrs. old now, and I think we need to review these policies" she said.

The battle continues.

Demeaning Motherhood

Do you think calling Nadya Suleman Octomom is demeaning? I believe it is. Regardless of our personal opinions of her motives, judgment or morals, the fact is she is a mother. She refused selective abortion and instead chose life for all her babies. I think in this liberal abortion minded culture, motherhood does not need to be demeaned. It has already been compromised by the 1.5 million abortions a year.  

I think people are upset because perhaps these babies will need a great deal of expensive medical treatment. I think she's been exploited by the media. No doubt she has some emotional problems of her own. But don't we all. If society continues to demean a segment of it's population, what will society become? The hard core fact is that all 8 babies are alive and deserve our prayers and support.

Motherhood  is a profession. The most important profession our society has. These babies will grow up and face a world that has rejected their very being. I think it's time we stop calling Nadya octomom and begin calling her by her first name. It is easier to demean an octomom than Nadya. 

Whose more sick? Octomom? Nadya? Or our society that dehumanizes?    

New Definition of Marriage

Imagine our surprise to find out that the Merriam-Webster's dictionary has done it again. First they redefined euthanasia. Now they are redefining marriage. The new definition references marriage, "as the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife, but also includes the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage." 

The meaning of marriage is being changed. Not only in the courts and the legislatures, but now by the dictionary.     

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shamrock Have A Deeper Meaning

Irish History is marked by oppression and tragedy. It continues today. If people do not understand the past, they will not understand the present. It all started with Henry VIII of England.  He wanted to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Queen Isabella of Spain and marry Anne Bolyn. The Pope said No. Henry said yes, and broke with Rome and made himself the head of the Church in England, creating the Anglican Church. Today Queen Elizabeth is the present head of the Anglican Church in England.

Because Ireland was a part of the British Isles, although Catholic, suffered persecution because of Henry. Their Catholic Faith was banned in Ireland. So was their native language. Much of their music conveys sorrow and suffering. (They're hanging folks in London Town for the wearing of the green). 

The potato famine caused many to flee the country and emigrate world-wide, especially to America. The potato famine was Irish genocide. There was no shortage of food. The British kept it or exported it and limited the Irish to eating potatoes.  When the blight destroyed the potato crop, thousand died of starvation, or emigrated to other lands.

They came in "coffin ships" so called because so many died in filth and squalor. The shamrock is the symbol of the struggle against oppression. In our present day the meaning of the shamrock is long gone. It has been relegated to a superstitious good luck symbol.

If you traveled to Ireland, go to the Well of Thorbalt - Irish Catholics met there in secret when their religion was banned. There you will find a primitive stone structure. It was an altar where secret worship services were held. A large statue of Christ on the Cross surrounded by the Virgin Mary and others kneeling in sorrow sit along the new altar. Near the old altar is a sign that greets visitors. It says: "Pilgrims walk softly.This is holy ground."  Here are the memories of poor persecuted people. They braved death to come. Here are memories of hunted priests offering mass at this hallowed place risking their lives.

Hopefully, on this blessed day, the United States will recognize the value of the Irish. They preserved the faith. It's up to us to save it.

Idaho Futile Care Bill

Idaho has a Futile Care Bill S. 1114. It seemed that the Futile Care threat in Idaho was bound to become law until just recently. The Bill passed the Idaho Senate and went to the House. If passed, the Bill in part, would legalize futile care theory and specifically authorize doctors to disregard a patient's advanced directive wanting life sustaining treatment.

The Bill is an omnibus involving many matters, and is not dead yet. But, it is hopeful that it will be stopped in the House. Sources claim that damage has been done to the futile care provisions. The Idaho media has not become involved over the controversy, so anything can happen. Stay tuned.

Media Mess Up

Do we really think journalism is accurate? I suppose it depends on whose lie they are covering or covering up. The stem-cell research debate certainly has been covered by every major journalistic coverage known to man. However, not much truth has emerged in the major networks. The entire issue of killing has been separated by choice and good will. The issue remains the same. Is it ever justified to kill someone even if it will benefit someone else? Theology would say, never do evil, even if good will come of it. Medicine has always, in the past, adhered to 'Do No Harm". Hypocrates separated medicine in the year 500 BC from killing to healing. Now enter an Obama presidency, and his recent embryonic stem cell executive order. 

Let's take one confusing stem-cell argument; combining reproductive cloning with research cloning. There are two types of cloning; reproductive cloning, and research cloning. Reproductive cloning is used to describe when a human clone is implanted and delivered as a full term pregnancy. Research or therapeutic cloning have been the terms used for other types of cloning. In this, a human embryo is cloned and experimented upon in his or her first weeks of life, and then killed. 

Poles show the vast majority of Americans disapprove of both types of cloning. Eighty-six percent of Americans poled, said human cloning was morally wrong. 

Many media outlets noted, President Obama condemned cloning, saying: "And we will ensure that our government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction. It is dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society, or any society." Amazing! Have you figured it out? Obama's careful wording is similar to the misleading language used in last year's Human Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Research Protection Act, sponsored by Senator Diane Feinstein. This Bill doesn't close the door on cloning. It simply redefines cloning so that only reproductive cloning counts, and research cloning becomes referred to as "nuclear transplantation research". Deceptive? You bet. What's next? Maybe robots, maybe clones. Certainly moral values are challenged.    

Church Amendments

The Conscience provisions (collectively known as the "Church Amendments") were enacted at various times during the 1970's in response to debates over whether receipt of federal funds required the recipients of such funds to perform abortions or sterilizations. The first conscience provision in the Church Amendments, provides that the receipt of any grant, contract loan, or loan guarantee under (certain statutes implemented by HHS) by any individual or entity does not authorize any court or any public official or other public authority to require; 1.) the individual to perform or assist in a sterilization procedure or abortion, if it would be contrary to his/her religious beliefs or moral convictions. 2.) The entity to make it's facilities available for sterilization procedures or abortions, if the performance of sterilization procedures or abortions in the facility is prohibited by the entity on the basis of religious beliefs or moral convictions. 3.) The entity to provide personnel for the performance or assistance in the performance of sterilization procedures or abortion, if it would be contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of such personnel.

We will address more amendments in future blogs, but we encourage you to comment on the first Church Amendment. This amendment is very concise and is the foundation for good medicine. Medicine separated the idea of healing from the idea of killing in the year 500 BC by Hypocrates. Do no harm is the foundation of medicine. If medicine does not support moral stands, the practise of medicine will become immoral.

Monday, March 16, 2009

HHS Conscience Clause

The Dept of Health & Human Services (HHS) proposes to rescind the December 19, 2008 final rule entitled "Ensuring That Dept of Health & Human Services Funds Do Not Support Coercive Or Discriminatory Policies Or Practices In Violation Of Federal Law". 

HHS believes it's important to  have an opportunity to review this regulation to ensure it's consistency with current administration policy and to re-evaluate the necessity for regulations implementing the Church Amendment.  

What are the Church Amendments? We will cover them in a Blog to follow. In the meantime, just be aware that the Obama administration will use it's power to eliminate the Church Amendment. 

The conscience provisions (collectively known as the Church Amendments) were enacted at various times during the 1970's in response to debates over whether receipt of federal funds required the recipients of such funds to perform abortions or sterilizations. More to follow.    

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Imagine my surprise to read this story in the news, not in your mainstream news, but in pro-life news. Before I expound, I hope everybody reading this is on a pro-life mailing list. There are many out there that are informative and reasonable in cost. After all what is the cost of a baby's life? 

This was reported in Science Daily. In Ecuador, researchers in collaboration with DaVinci Biosciences, Costa Mesa, California,  have determined, that injecting a patient's own bone marrow-derived stem cells directly into the spinal column using multiple routes, can be an effective treatment for spinal cord injuries, which returns some quality of life without serious side effect. No mention in the New York Times, Opra Winfrey, Dr. Phil, not to mention Jerry Springer was made of this stem cell success story. Why? The cells were not embryonic. The only news stories we hear about is the potential for embryonic stem cell cures. To date .. zero.

At the same time of the above success story, what was promoted by the media, was that Geron obtained FDA permission to try using a potentially risky embryonic stem cell derived treatments for spinal cord injuries in human test trials. 

The push to keep abortion not only legal, but a fundamental right is actually preventing good medical treatment. Do no harm is the first principle in medicine. When this principle is violated medicine becomes immoral and ineffective.  

Suicide Prevention Program in Washington

The state of Washington has a suicide prevention curriculum par excellence. It has been recognized as a model by a national resource. The name of the program is "The Help Every Living Person" and it teaches high school students about suicide prevention. The curriculum includes help for a friend who is thinking about suicide, increases communication skills and generally is a benefit for students for whom suicide is a real concern. To tell the truth, suicide is a big concern at the high school level. No surprise there. Since students are immersed in a culture that cheapens life and promotes suicide.

Death education, which begins in the primary grades, has the Life Boat Game, which asks first graders, who would they save if an epidemic broke out? Their choices are a handicapped person, a person of color, or a healthy person. Usually the teacher grades the child's paper, and then returns the it to the child, so they can make the right choice. I believe this is more than a subliminal message on health. How about death education for high school children, that takes them to the morgue? What is said there only God knows. But, it is not healthy. We have developed as a country a certain perverse and morbid fascination with death. Music and films are filled with death, especially Rap. This fascination with death becomes an accepted way of life, which leads to an acceptance of suicide.

Washington state's program was created in 2006 by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, with a $100,000 grant from the state legislature. This is the same legislature that recently legalized assisted suicide. Perhaps it's too bad that terminally ill people don't qualify for this curriculum. A conspiracy theory? You bet.


Failed Healthcare

Why is the United States so insistent in pursuing failed healthcare policies like the healthcare system in the United Kingdoms? I am very worried that the new HHS duo may pursue policies that will not benefit Americans. In fact, they may lead to rationing and widespread euthanasia in an effort to "reduce healthcare costs." Senior citizens on Medicare and our Medicaid program, as well as the under insured, probably will be the first victims. 

Euthanasia advocates have made real inroads in Europe. Not to be outdone, their counterparts in the United States are going state by state with their agenda. As a great man once said, "All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering." In the United States, verbal engineering abounds. So much so, that the average person has become completely de-sensitized to what's going on. Apathy has invaded our land. The only voices heard I fear, are the American Idol, the Oprah Winfrey show, and Dr. Phil.  Perhaps the occasional person watches the Jerry Springer show for a break. These have become the messianic messengers of healthcare. 

The United States ought to be watching what's happening in the UK. The UK operates under socialized medicine. Just what the dynamic duo may pose for the United States. But is it safe? It has been recently reported, due to deficiencies in the UK's healthcare system, thousands of Britons are enduring unnecessary pain because of a lack of specialist clinics available that would ease their suffering. Many people are forced to put up with pain, when it could have been alleviated with the right help. Britain currently has only one pain management specialist for every 250,000 citizens. This means, only 1 in 7 sufferers get to a specialist.

Pain, untreated, leads to depression. It also prevents a normal life style. The quality of life is profoundly altered. In my mind, this is part of an agenda leading to the acceptance of assisted suicide. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I think I smell a rat. Could an altering of our present healthcare system to a socialized system be part of an agenda to legalize euthanasia on a broad scale?  

Will The ACLU Prevail In California?

The Vista United School District Board voted unanimously on Thursday March 12, 2009 to change the existing policy that allows students to be excused for confidential appointments. These include abortions without notification of the parent. 

Immediately, the ACLU of San Diego County and the National Center for Youth Law claims the new policy violates state law. According to lawyers, California allows young people to leave school without parental consent to deal with sexual, mental, substance abuse, or reproductive health issues. 

School trustees have stated, it depends on how the law is interpreted. Parents who addressed the Board prior to it's decision said, under no circumstances, would they want their children leaving school without their knowledge, especially to seek medical procedures that could include an abortion.

Others expressed concern over students who faced parental abuse. The same old rhetoric is used. Some have stated that the effect of the new policy will be a negative for young adolescents.

Surprise upon surprise. The ACLU said, the school district is opening itself up to laws suits, and the Civil Right's group will consider one if the district keeps the policy. The idea that parents would be detrimental in a child's decision is for the most part unfounded, but exploited. Most young women facing an unplanned pregnancy need the input of their parents. Parents have a right to be involved. A protection for the rare child in a dysfunctional and volatile relationship with their parent has judicial bypass, as an alternative. So whose fooling who?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Same -Sex Marriage

Although we are a single issue organization, a word here has to be promoted to defend traditional marriage. Many of us feel it is a life issue. And if truth were to be known, it is a life issue because no life can come from any other so-called marriage. 

Promoters of same-sex marriage use linguistic gymnastics to promote an evil practice. The consciences of many Americans are asleep. Moral values have all gone into the gray column. There is no black and white for many people. This absence of the ability to reason or use critical thinking has decreased in proportion to the abolishment of moral absolutes.  

First blatant sex ed, which broke down the latency period which protected children. An acceptance by parents and the churches that sex ed was protective and good for their children, followed by Planned Parenthood becoming the parent in sex ed. This led to the break down of the family. The rest is history. Civil unions, portrayed as a good, were accepted by society. Now same-sex marriage is close to being legalized in many states through the legislature. And if that fails the courts are there ...

Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Bill HB 2234, winged it's way out of committee and is on second reading in the House of Reps.

Health Care Conscience

The HHS regulations that codify several existing Federal statutes prohibiting discrimination against health professionals, who decline to participate in abortions or other medical procedures because of their religious or other moral objections, have been challenged in court. The suit was filed by attorney generals of eight states, Planned Parenthood of America and The National Family Planning Reproductive Health Association

The Obama Administration announced on February 27, 2009, it was reviewing a proposal to rescind the regulations, which took effect two days before his inauguration. In other words, then President Bush, had issued these regs before the Obama inauguration. 

Without the regulations health care professionals would be subject to the imminent threat of being forced to perform abortions, assist in abortions, train for abortions and refer individuals for abortion, despite their religious, moral and ethical objections to the practice of abortion. 

Attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund and Center for Religious Freedom filed the motion for the following reasons. "Physicians must defend their right to practice medicine in accordance with their conscience. It's a very important principle that every physician should support." Without conscience protections, physicians or other health care professionals could be subject to government regulations that would force them to participate in the executions of death row prisoners, if the state could not find volunteers. 

The current law suits support the notion that a court can demand health care professionals perform actions they believe to be evil. This issue has been blurred in the debate. 

Matthew Bowman of the Alliance Defense Fund states: "When they try to strike down a regulation that implements law in place for thirty years, it affects every health care professional."  

Dynamic Duo

Hang on to your health! The appointment, by President Obama, of pro-abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius, as Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS) was bad. But, to add insult to injury, he appointed Nancy-Ann DeParle as Head of the White House Office for Health Reform.

DeParle, who served in the Clinton Administration, as Administrator of the Federal Health Care Finance Administration, refused to approve the "Child Health Care Insurance Plan of Virginia" because it would not have funded abortions, in case of rape or incest, for un-insured low income women.

With great glee, Obama stressed that both pro-abortion women will work closely together to push the Obama Health Care Reform Plan. Boy do I feel safe. We are on a slippery slope. If HHS favors pro-abortion funding, it will be in no time at all that health care protocols and Medicare regulations will favor withdrawal or withholding of treatment, government sanctioned of course.

Fetal Farming

First the United Kingdom, soon the US. A UK bioethicist has called for using fetal organs from abortion in transplantation. Once the UK decides this is a great idea, I can assure you the US will not be far behind. We have become a utilitarian society. Our society has accepted "brain death" and organ transplantation on a grand scale. It is the rare individual who understands that the donor isn't dead, just dead enough. The concept that death can be defined on a single organ dysfunction is ludicrous. But we have been so brainwashed, that we are doing good by killing one person, who may be profoundly ill and may die, to supposedly benefit another, that the idea of fetal farming (using organs from aborted children) will easily fit America's mindset.

In the UK, professor Stuart Campbell has stated: "If they're going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs." Sounds like rhetoric for left over embryos. 

The use of kidneys, livers, and God knows what else, from aborted babies could possibly benefit the desperately ill, but more importantly, it would increase experimentation in order to decrease the organ shortage. Dr. Mengle, please call your office. Remember in Germany it started from small beginnings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Although President Obama called cloning "dangerous, and profoundly wrong, and has no place in society" what did he really say? The official transcripts of his remarks on the White House web site is: "And we will insure that our government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction. It is dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society, or any society."  Whoa!  What door? No door's been closed to human cloning. He simply closed the door to "the use" of human cloning for one purpose. Wide open is the door to the use of human cloning for other purposes. The door he closed, or perhaps, is slowly closing, is the door to human reproduction. What nonsense! If you allow human cloning for any purpose, you are allowing it for human reproduction. That's what we humans do.

When a man and a woman create an embryo in the normal way, that embryo has his mother's and father's genes. The child is not a reproduction of neither. It is an individual. However, a scientist clones a human embryo, he is making a genetically exact reproduction of the person cloned.

Harvard educated? Elected President? Lawyer? His statement is intellectually indefensible.


Here come the robots! Here comes the judge! Here comes President Obama and his clones. The President's order lifting the ban on funding for embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) opens the door for cloning. This places us on a very slippery slope. Researchers are already demanding Federal support for research, in which human embryos would be created for the specific purpose of research through human cloning and other methods. Nothing in the President's remarks limits the National Institute of Health (NIH) to the use of surplus embryos created in IVF clinics.

President Obama also issued a second directive which gave an absolute free-hand to science. His order instructed NIH to develop strict guidelines to govern embryonic research. These so-called strict guidelines are really merely procedural requirements.

New Jersey has already legalized cloned fetal farming. It won't be long before they legalize clones to help them with farming, no doubt.

With his executive order the door for human cloning has been opened. Just like Pandora's Box we are not sure what will fly out.

Dickey-Wicker Ammendment

If President Obama's pen is not dripping enough blood, he probably is just sharpening it. The Dickey amendment prevents the destruction of embryos with Federal money. The Obama directive allows all stem-cell lines created to qualify for Federal funding after their creation. But, because the Dickey amendment was a stop gate, he could do no more. What does this mean? It means he must go after and remove the Dickey-Wicker amendment. This amendment is attached to appropriation bills for the Dept of Health and Human Services, and prohibits the use of Federal funds to support scientific work that involves the destruction of human embryos.

Watch and Beware. He's just starting. Watch your Congressman.

Illinois FOCA

Imagine our surprise when Republican Representative Sandy Cole (R62) voted to allow the Illinois FOCA Bill out of committee. This means HB 2354 will go to the floor of the House for a vote. Horrors! Representative Cole must not have read the Republican Platform. In the Platform the Republicans protect innocent unborn human life, while the Democrats in their Platform give no protection to unborn human life. Perhaps Representative Cole thought she was a Democrat. And maybe she should be. What has she voted for? 

FOCA will supercede all laws that restrict the right to abortion, including counseling and referrals. It will also invalidate:
 1. All parental consent or notification laws
2. All laws restricting government funding of abortion
3. Laws prohibiting abortion in public hospitals
4. Conscience Rights laws protecting doctors, nurses, and privately funded hospitals
5. It will allow partial-birth abortion.

Representative Cole received many phone calls urging her to vote no in committee on this radical pro-abortion law. Obviously she is not listening to her constituency. Perhaps Brahms' Lullaby should be sent to her office in order to help her sleep at night. It will do the baby's no good, they won't be around. And the music is too good to waste.

Embryonic Stem Cell

Tragedy upon Tragedy, as Shakespeare would say. I wonder if President Obama would say "More upon More"? I can hardly wait to see what other executive orders he will execute in order to eliminate an unborn baby's chance at life.

March 9, 2009 President Obama, with a signature (you notice he is left handed in Latin, that's called "el sinistra") lifted the ban on embryonic stem cell research. He chose to expand Federal funding (yours and my tax dollar) for research involving the destruction of thousands of human embryos. This decision defies moral boundaries and natural law. 

Almost every medical text book states human life begins at fertilization. If you don't believe that, then how do babies who are conceived in petri dishes and then implanted in someone's womb develop to birth? Using public funding to kill innocent unborn human life is criminal. It is a grave affront to human dignity and opens the door to further affronts to human dignity. The Nuremberg Trials, clearly stated that society should protect innocent human life. Just as in Nazi Germany it started with small beginnings. 

Imagine our surprise that President Obama is expanding Federal funding at a time when our country is in a grave financial crisis. Looking at the issue from a purely financial point of view, it seems ludicrous. Why? Embryonic stem cell research has produced no results. In fact there is a study from Israel showing that treatments using embryonic stem cells caused cancerous tumors in patients. These results have been reported in the January issue of "Nature Biotechnology". It is simply wrong that money is being used for research that is both unethical and ineffective. Umbilical cord blood and adult stem cells have produced major cures. If research is worth it's salt we would be federally funding adult stem cell research. And the plot goes on.  


Illinois Federation for Right to Life
March 11, 2009

The Freedom of Choice Act (HB2354) was just voted out of the Human Services Committee with a vote of 5- 2 on this morning.


Tell them the dangers of the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) and urge them to vote "NO" on HB 2354. If Illinois should pass this bill, abortion would be enshrined as a right in Illinois. We would not be able to have any of the following protections:

1. Partial-birth abortion would be legal

2. There would be no conscience clause for health care workers in Illinois.

3. There would be no informed consent/waiting period.

4. There would be no parental involvement.

5. Taxpayers would pay for abortions.

6. Presently Illinois has a physician only for abortion law. That would be nullified, opening the doors for non-physician abortions.

Click here to contact your representatives NOW!!!

Click here if you do not know who your representative is.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ifrl.org/foca