Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exit Pill

I wonder if we'll ever develop an Enter Pill. We have now, an Exit Pill. This is a creation of Dr. Death. Dr. Death's name is Phillip Nitschke, and he is from Australia. Dr. Death is the director of the euthanasia advocacy group "Exit International". This group believes,"All seniors of sound mind should have the option of a peaceful death, at the time of their choosing, should this be their wish."
Wow! I'm glad he's not my doctor. Just think. He developed this pill just for you. Maybe he's hopeful that seniors will forget and take his pill. Since Medicare covers Viagra, is there a Morning After Pill for this one?
The pill is made from a dormant from of Nembutal, a drug outlawed in Australia and New Zealand, for human use. In order to be used as Dr. Death intends, the pill must be reconstituted in liquid form. The activation kit, with the chemicals needed for reconstitution, is still being developed. It may be on the market for Christmas in 2010. 
Dr. Death is on a speaking tour in British Columbia, San Francisco, Anaheim and Washington state. I'm sure he is promoting his agenda.   


You thought swine flu was a pandemic. So did the government. They said so. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said, Tuberculosis is the top single and infectious killer of adults worldwide. It lies dormant in 1 in 3 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of those, 10% will develop active TB and about 2 million people a year will die from it.
In a recent expose' a 19 yr old Peruvian man studying English, in all places, Florida, developed an extremely drug resistant (XXDR) TB. WOW! I think he developed it in Peru. Because it's never been seen in the US. XXDR TB is so rare that only a handful of other people in the world are thought to have it. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe we should be testing for TB, as long as we're body scanning for bombs. However, that's difficult to profile. Better that they come and spread a drug resistant disease to America. Al Gore might like it. It will reduce the population. Copenhagen may develop a treaty.
Just as the government should have known about the Christmas Day bomber, since he was profiled by his own father, the WHO has issued a warning that has been ignored. In April 2009, WHO held it's 1st drug-resistant TB conference. The message was clear. The disease has already spread to all continents, and is increasing rapidly. Even worse, WHO estimates, only 1% of resistant patients receive appropriate treatment.
The 19 yr old Peruvian underwent 3 months of futile treatment in a Florida hospital, then was sent to a state hospital. The state hospital is only partially funded. His treatment cost Florida tax-payers an estimated $5 million. The director of the state hospital says, this seems like an astronomical amount to spend on someone who 'se not an American citizen.
About 60 million people visit the United States every year, and most are not screened before arrival.  Eighty-two percent of the multi-drug resistant patients in the US were foreign born.  And we're worried about swine-flu? The government's worried about swine-flu? Some states passed legislation, later rescinded, that would mandate vaccination for swine-flu?  Something's crazy here. No mandate for people coming into the country to be screened for TB.
Even crazier, in July 2009, after 19 months on the tax-payer, the 19 yr. old, now 21, packed a suitcase and walked out the hospital door into Florida' streets. Hope he's not coming to a theatre near you.  

Assisted Suicide

Death With Dignity's fund raising appeal states, "The team is coming together. The time-line is coming together. The plan is coming together ... and now the time has come." What? What time? This group wants financial support to identify the next state most likely to pass a law or initiative to legalize assisted suicide.
Members of this mafia include Compassion & Choices (formerly The Hemlock Society). Along with "Death With Dignity", they spearheaded the 2008 initiative that legalized assisted suicide in Washington state. Now, they're targeting states that they think are vulnerable.
In Montana, on December 5, 2009 (1 month after Washington legalized assisted suicide), District Judge Dorothy McCarter, ruled in favor of the constitutional challenge of Compassion & Choices. The suit was orchestrated by Compassion & Choices' legal director Kathryn Tucker. The suit argued that physician "aid-in-dying" a euphemism for assisted suicide, is a right under the Montana Constitution.
Oral arguments took place on September 2, 2009. Assistant Attorney General Anthony Johnston representing the state, stated, "That when the people of Montana adopted their constitution, they did not include physician-assisted suicide." He further stated that the legislature, not the courts, should change the law. The court's ruling, in this case, is pending.
Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania all have legal challenges to legalize killing. Is your state next?
Hippocrates separated the physician role in 500 BC. Before Hippocrates physicians were both healers and killers. God help us if present day physicians blur the distinction between healer and killer. Of course Obama's health care bill has already done that, and through the Congress.  

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eggs 4 Sale or Rent

In 2007, the New York state legislature, committed $600 million to stem-cell research. Most of the money is ear marked for embryonic stem-cell research. On June 11, 2009, the Empire State Stem-Cell Board, which is responsible for administrating the funds, passed a resolution authorizing up to $10,000 to be used to compensate young women, who donate their eggs for research.
A fire storm was created. Women's health was a big issue. After all, in order for eggs to be harvested, the ovaries have to be stimulated by drugs. These are powerful hormones, and the long-term effects on women's health and future fertility, are not known.
Now, a pro-life feminist group has filed suit to block the use of New York state taxpayer funds, to pay women recruited to donate their eggs for embryonic stem-cell research. Good! Finally, women taking care of women. The suit was filed in New York's Supreme Court last Friday.
The National Institute of Health guidelines for embryonic stem-cell research recommends no payments for egg donor. The National Academies of Sciences Guidelines, also recommend, no payments or in kind cash be paid for egg donation.
Does the Empire state know better?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

White House Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary, remarks of October 7th, 2009, again demonstrates, that the White House is a partner in an ongoing smuggling operation. If successful, will result in funding of abortion on demand, by the federal government.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated on October 7, 2009, "Well, I don't want to get me in trouble at church, but I would mention there's a law that precludes the use of federal funds for abortion, that isn't going to be changed in these health care bills." With this statement, Mr. Gibbs, in essence repeated a discredited claim made by President Obama himself, on August 20th, when the president said,  "There are no plans, under health care reform, to revoke the existing prohibition on using federal taxpayer dollars for abortions. Nobody is talking about changing the Hyde Amendment. Let's be clear about that. It's just not true."
In response, Douglas Johnson Legislative Director for the National Right to Life Committee (NLRC) said, "Gibb's statement is one more proof, if any more were needed, that the White House is actively engaged in a political smuggling operation - an attempt to achieve funding of elective abortion by the federal government cloaked in smokescreens of contrived language and outright deception. There is no current federal law, that would prevent the new program created by the pending health care bills, from paying for abortion on demand - and the White House knows that well. Only language written directly into the bills, would prevent government funding of abortion - but such language has been blocked by the Democratic chairman of 5 Congressional committees, with the White House cooperation, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is refusing the allow the House to even vote on adding a true Hyde Amendment to the Health Care bill."
I don't call that 'safe legal and rare'.  I also don't call it, 'coming to middle ground'.  I call it like it is, full support of abortion on demand.  

Monday, September 28, 2009

Organ Donation

Should we be worried about organ donation? Yes!  Double yes, if you've signed your driver's license, because Illinois has a law, that insures your wish to donate your organs, if you have signed your driver's license. No family member may interfere. The signing of the drivers license implies consent; and that has been codified through the Illinois Legislature.
Brain death, as a diagnosis of death, is dubious to say the least. I would like a clear succinct definition of brain death. Do we declare death based on a solitary organ? I also thought about severely brain damaged people.  Are they brain injured, or are they close to brain death? Are they alive? For sure they're profoundly ill. But it's troublesome to think that their brain function measures their humanity.  A lot of people are in trouble if that's the case. How about the profoundly affected Altzheimer's patients? How about all the people who have neurological problems? Has it occurred to anybody, that they may be next on the list?
Is organ donation a noble idea? I think it's an individual decision based on principle and informed consent and the knowledge, that we never do evil, even if good will come of it (we do not hasten death in order to do good). This is called a utilitarian view of life. This view may be becoming readily acceptible, in our hedonistic society.  We exist for the benefit of others, not solely because we're made in the image of God.
There is no doubt that there is a shortage of organs. Should that mean, that we utilize a brain death definition of death, in order to solve this societal problem? Many, who need organs, not all, need them because they have not been good stewards of their own health. Kidney donation, not everyone, but a good majority, have resulted from a lack of blood pressure control, untreated diabetes or a use of drugs, that perhaps are not in the prescription category.
If our society continues the way it's going, I predict, that organ donation will increase, because society is becoming more utilitarian. I don't believe everyone should feel oppressed, if they are opposed to organ donation. The problem, I think, that just like abortion, there has not been a good dialogue. Technology has run away from ethics. Those who are opposed to organ donation are painted as right-wing extremists, whose values and ideas threaten society.
I believe, that if studied, the history and advancement of organ donation bears careful re-evaluation. In the beginning, we declared death, based on the absence of respiration and heart beat. Now we declare death, but only for organ donors, based on a shifting criteria of brain death.

Monday, September 21, 2009

History of a Drug Company

Here's some interesting information. The French drug maker "Sanofi" is going to invest $140 million to build a plant for the manufacturing of dubious vaccines for a non-existent influenza epidemic in Mexico.
In 1925, together with Bayer and BASF, the drug company Hoechst united to form the infamous chemical and drug cartel IG Farben. This company brought the Nazi's to power and prepared them for WWII. They did this in an attempt to conquer the emerging global market of patented chemicals and drugs.
So, in 1941/42 Hoechst, Bayer and BASF (IG Farben) chose the city of Auschwitz, to construct the world's largest chemical plant. This plant produced synthetic gasoline, rubber and other chemicals for their military conquest of Eastern Europe, Russia and eventually Asia.
In 1941 - 1945, Hoechst and Bayer, as the world's largest pharmaceutical company, used the nearby concentration camp, Auschwitz, for slave labor to construct their plant. They also used the inmates to test their patented drugs. These inmates served as "human guinea pigs".  Of course, no informed consent was needed, because they were inmates at a concentration camp, and as such, they were expendable. The corporate interests, behind the pharmaceutical business, produced absent inmates. In other words, the experiments killed them.  Hoechst was also the producer of the infamous Zyclon B gas, which exterminated millions in many concentration camps, throughout Europe.
In 1948, during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, many pharmaceutical employees, as well as, several members of IG Farben's Board of directors, were sentenced for slave labor, mass murder and other crimes against humanity. These companies, for half a century, have spent billions trying to keep their horrifying past out of the history text books and out of the memory of mankind.
In 1980, Georges Teutsch and Daniel Philibert of Roussel Uclaf, with French scientist Etienne-Emile Baulieu synthesized RU 486, with the trade name, misepristone. RU 486 is an abortion pill.
In 1997, the German chemical and drug group Hoechst AG transferred all rights for RU 486 to it's French subsidiary Roussel Uclaf.
In 1999, Hoechst merged with Rhone-Poulenc under the new name "Adventis".
In 2004, Nick Sarkozy, who was then the French Minister of Finance, abused billions of French taxpayer money, to have the French drug company Sanofi take over the giant drug company Adventis. So Nick Sarkozy became linked to the history of the pharmaceutical drug interests.
In 2007, Three years later, the same Nick Sarkozy was made president of France, with the support of the drug companies. But that's just the beginning. Sarkozy has been an active political player in turning the Brussels' European Union into a new global giant. This would accomplish the political, economic and military control over the entire European continent, as a stepping stone to controlling the world. The first step included the mass vaccination of young girls with the human pappilloma-virus vaccine (in the United States it's called Gardasil) and the swine flu vaccine, for the so-called pandemic.
In 2009, Sanofi-Adventis decided to build a 100 million Euro ($140 million) influenza vaccine plant in Mexico. One wonders if the factory will produce biological warfare material in Latin America? Or will they be content with developing vaccines, whose dubious success is paved, with severe reactions and death of young men and women?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The newest Czar, confirmed by the Senate last week, is Cass Sunstein. He's more of the same.  His position is Obama's administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Please note, he's a radical animal rights activist. That's not all he is
Cass Sunstein states, "There is no moral concern, regarding cloning human beings, since human embryos, which develop into a baby, are only a handful of cells. If scientist will be using and cloning embryos, only at a very early stage, when they are just a handful of cells, (say before they are 4 days old) there is no good reason for a ban on cloning."
Cass Sunstein continues, "It is silly to think that potential is enough for moral concern. Sperm cells have potential. Most people are not especially solicitous about them." Sunstein's comparison is not firm, however, as sperm cells, unlike embryos, do not have the potential to develop into life on their own.  
In addition to Sunstein's moral disregard for human embryos, the Obama Czar has, several times, been quoted from an author, who likened animals to slaves and argued, an adult dog or horse is more rational than a human infant, and should therefor should be granted similar rights.  

Homosexual Agenda

Imagine a liberal democrat, introduced a bill, that would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This bill has 69 co-sponsors and would create federal recognition of same-sex marriage.
DOMA is vulnerable. Perhaps it will not be defeated in this session, or the short term, but it's introduction illustrates the tactics of the hard left of the Democratic party. Interesting to note, is that more Democrats are taking a position against DOMA, which was signed into law by a Democratic president named Bill Clinton in 1996, with widespread Dem & Republican support. 
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be receiving a hearing in the House next week. This is a bigger legislative threat than the repeal of DOMA. The fully inclusive version of ENDA will force Christian business men to subsidize immoral homosexual/bisexual and transgender relationships.

Monday, September 14, 2009


      New news on Gardasil. Dr Diane Harper,one of the leading researchers for the vaccine Gardasil finally says that the vaccine risks and long term effectiveness have not been communicated well.  She also urges more complete warnings be given to parents and young girls before vaccination.
Really!  About time!  How about all of the girls who have had adverse reactions to this vaccine that supposedly prevents a few strains of cervical cancer.  By the way, parents, cervical cancer is completely curable and detected by a PAP smear.  More importantly, young women would not have to worry about any of this is abstinence first was discussed and expected at home and reinforced in the schools, but because it hasn't been, we have a lot of young women whose life and health will never be the same again.
Remember two years ago, the Illinois General Assembly was considering legislation mandating Gardasil vaccination for all sixth grade girls.  These bills, HB 115 and SB 10, were never enacted because the legislature dropped the mandate in favor of a plan to provide information on the vaccine to parents.
Information?  I highly doubt it was the correct information.  Now the real information is being published, but for many little girls it is too late.  Their health will never be the same.
Lake County Right to Life is holding a Community Forum on September 19th.  See the front page of our website,  The topic is Plan B and Gardasil.                                                       

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pregnant Women & Swine Flu Tests

A trial of the swine flu vaccine will be conducted at Baylor College of Medicine, Group Health Cooperative Ctr. for Health Studies in Seattle, St. Louis University, Vandervilt University in Nashville, Duke University in North Carolina and Scott & White Memorial Hospital & Clinic in Texas. This study will be conducted and funded, through the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NID).
Pregnant women are usually exempt, from medical research, that doesn't involve issues relating to pregnancy. The reason is, to protect them and their babies, from dangerous side-effects of drugs.
I take the liberty in this blog, to ask, why a pregnant woman would subject herself and her baby, to an untested fast-tracked vaccine? The arguments used to promote testing are, that pregnant women account for 6% of the deaths, early in the epidemic, although they account for only 1% of the population. My response to that, is, do they have pre-existing disease? If so, it's not a fair statement, to say, that they are at risk. However, if you consider pregnancy a disease, then ...
I wonder if these women are being paid? According to the information, they will receive 2 injections, 21 days apart. Researchers, supposedly, will gauge the vaccines effectiveness, by monitoring antibody levels to flu virus. They'll also collect umbilical cord blood, to measure how much antibody circulates from mother to baby, through the placenta. Wow! Talk about invasive! Umbilical cord blood?  From an unborn baby?  Something's wrong here.  Something's fishy.  Who would do that?

School Based Clinics

In H.R. 3200, which is the health care bill in the House.  This bill contains a provision, for school based health clinics (PP 993-1001 of the bill. These clinics will be run by a "non-profit health agency", such as Planned Parenthood.  This agency will be authorized
to serve, as a sponsoring facility for school based health clinics, that will operate during school hours.  
These Planned Parenthood clinics, will not be accountable, either to parents or school authorities.  They will answer only to the secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Ms. Sebelius is a radical pro-abortion proponent. She was also, a vocal supporter, of late-term abortionist, George Tiller.
H.R. 3200 orders the clinics in the schools, to protect patient privacy and student records.  Parents will never know what kind of council and treatment their children receive. Planned Parenthood's safe-sex message has been responsible for the loss of sexual innocence. Their message has increased the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
Just say No to the health care bill H.R. 3200.  Planned Parenthood is the number 1 abortion provider in America.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fetal Organs

First embryonic stem cell research ... Your tax dollars for no results. New National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines, expanding funding for killing embryos for research. One wonders why our dollars are not used or research, that is ethical? The embryonic stem-cell research gang composed of ethicists, scientists and celebrities, have for years, ignored the fact, that research on human embryos is performed only after they've been killed. Utililitarian? You bet.  The embryo exists, only for the state. Is this what the United States is coming to?
This gang also promotes using embryos, that are left over, from fertility treatments, under the guise, they will be wasted, if they're not used to benefit the state. Enter a new stem-cell expert. He is from across the sea. Britain's Sir Richard Gardner, is promoting harvesting organs from aborted babies. Sir Richard commented, he was surprised, that organ donation had not been considered, with embryonic stem-cell research. Experiments in mice, have shown, that fetal kidneys grow extremely quickly, when transplanted to adult animals. Sir Richard, an advisor to Britain's Human Fertilization & Embryology authority, sees this horrific practice, as a solution to the shortage of donated organs.
Unfortunately, Sir Richard is not alone. Professor Stuart Campbell joins the chorus. Speaking of the many babies aborted in late term, he stated, "If they are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs."  He added, "I am sure very few of those on the transplant list would rather die than accept an organ from an aborted fetus."
Back across the sea, here in the United States, bioethicist Jacob Appel, joins the chorus in saying, "The first striking feature of fetal organs, is that their supply is unlimited. Pregnant women who provide fetal kidneys, could do so repeatedly."
Sounds like a Robin Cook novel. These practices might beat the popularity of his book, "Coma", or maybe "Frankenstein & Dracula. Or how about Hitler's "Mein Kemph"? Or, if you're a movie goer, how about "Soylent Green" or "The Boys From Brazil"? These media approaches, were fantasy a few years ago. Now ...         
Jacob Appel admits, that abortions would likely rise as a result, but even so, he believes we have "a moral duty" to legalize the marketing of fetal organs. "Poor women could benefit from the selling of organs of their aborted children."  He also dreams of a day, "Scientific research may make possible farms of artificial wombs, breeding fetuses, for their organs."
Where's the public outcry. Poor women selling the organs of their babies, after they've killed them? That's a horror movie that has yet to be produced. Shades of New York City, who, is paying women for their eggs. This, in spite of the fact, that no long term studies, have been done on the damage, that may occur, from the horrific amount of hormones needed to produce the eggs. One medical fact, we know for sure, is that there is a direct link to cervical cancer, from taking the birth control pill, a hormone.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ethics Committee and Futile Care

Don't kid yourself.  Death panels are alive and well.  In fact, they already exist.  Consider Texas - the Texas Advanced Directives Act of 1999 became law with broad support.  One unintended consequence is shocking.  If a family or a patient wants health care to continue, but the attending physician does not, the Texas law allows a hospital committee to have the final say  under the guise of medical futility. 
Texas law only requires the hospital to provide the patient and family 48 hours notice before a hospital ethics committee meets and makes a decision.  Once the hospital ethics committee decides that care is futile care, the family is given 10 days to find a facility that will accept the patient or the hospital and doctor can end curative care.  Texas is not alone.  Virginia has a similar law.

Defense of Marriage Act

A legal brief filed August 17th by the Justice Department lawyer, Scott Simpson, declares that the Obama administration does not support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as a matter of policy and believes the act is discriminatory and should be repealed by Congress.  In a written statement, President Obama says, "Long held that DOMA prevents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered couples from being granted equal rights and benefits.  As a U.S. Senator from Illinois, Obama stated his support for the "complete repeal of the DOMA."
The federal DOMA was overwhelmingly passed and represents the views of the people of the U.S. that marriage is between a man and a woman and that's the optimal environment for raising children.  DOMA also provides protection for the states.  Therefore, if the federal DOMA were to be struck down, a whole area of the law protecting the states would be in jeopardy because the states are not forced to accept homosexual marriages performed in other states where it is legal.  If DOMA is declared unconstitutional, the individual states would be sitting ducks.  This, in spite of the fact that 30 states have constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage.  Sounds like the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 when 47 states had protection for the unborn in their laws.      

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swine Flu Transparency

Wow!  A dilemma!  A pandemic!  A government mandate for vaccination!  Wow!  Pregnant women and children, first in line!  If I was a believer in a conspiracy theory, I'd think the swine flu epidemic fits the category.
The country, or at least the administrative part of the country, is in high gear, to protect the citizens from this horrible epidemic of swine flu. Wow!  I haven't seen too many deaths, or any statistics, that merit this uproar. In fact, the Maine Center for Disease Control, has reported just one death, from the swine flu. And actually, he died from underlying complications, that predisposed him.
I would like some transparency. I hear, the National Guard troops in Maine, are involved in a drill to take over a high school, after potential riots and panic, over the distribution of the vaccine.
I'll leave one last message for you to ponder.  Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said, "This time the excuse happens to be swine flue, but there will always be some crisis not to be wasted." The preparations currently under way, to deal with swine flu, are unconstitutional. They're more dangerous than the virus.  Americans should be allowed to decide, what vaccine they get or don't get, not the government.

Friday, August 14, 2009


                                                             All The President's Men Eugenicists?
President Obama has been quoted, "Let me tell you who I associate with. Those are the people, Democrats and Republicans, who have shaped my ideas, and who will be surrounding me in the White House.
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel ... he is a bio-ethicist at the National Institute of Health (NIH) He said in January, "When implemented, the complete lives system, produces a priority curve on which individuals, aged between roughly 15 and 40 years, get the most chance. Whereas, the youngest and oldest people, get chances, that are less."
John Holden ... Science Czar says, "The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before the birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food, during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being." This is the same man, who wrote about putting sterilants in drinking water, for population control.
Cass Sunstein ... regulatory czar, has a friend. That friend is professor Peter Singer of Princeton University.
Peter Singer ... wrote, that saving the life of one teenager, is equivalent of saving the lives of 14 85 yr. olds. This is the same Peter Singer, who believes, that legal and medical protection should only be bestowed after 14 to 21 days after you're born. In other words, personhood is confirmed, if you don't have a handicap. This is the same man, who writes in the New York times, an article titled: "Why we must ration health care".
Wow! If they're saying this in public, can you imagine what they're saying to the president behind closed doors?

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Wow! Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association support Obama Care. Right after the health care endorsement by Catholic Charities, they received $100 million dollars in it's first ever government contract! Wow! Judas lost out, only receiving 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. The price of traitors has gone up due to inflation.
All official statements from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Catholic Bishops say, that health care is a basic human right .. ie to the tune of $100 million for Catholic Charities add to the Trillions of dollars that the rest of us taxpayers have to pay. The Bishops, since 1981, have argued that the federal government is responsible for establishing, "a comprehensive health care system, that will ensure a basic level of health care for all Americans" ...
Wow! Health Care, a right? Health Care a responsibility of the government?  I thought the argument was, is health care a right or a privilege? I pay for health care, and everyone else's too. I think it's a privilege. I guess that's were some serious reflection is in order. First reflection ... social problems should be dealt with at local levels. If they are not solved at local levels, they can be addressed at higher levels. That's the federal government. Second reflection ... if Catholics give health care to the government, we will be giving the moral responsibility of medical treatment, for the government to decide who gets care.  Third reflection ... Should all Catholics become Socialists in order to solve health care?  Fourth reflection ... All five bills under consideration, in health care, pose a conscience and religious liberty danger to every Catholic, as well as every God-fearing person.
What is the government's role? I thought it was to protect it's citizens and provide social order and justice. This means, the Rule of Law, becomes paramount.   

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plan B For Minors, A Bad Prescription

Plan B is a bad prescription. It's side effects are monumental for young women, especially 17 yr. olds. One dose is the equivalent of taking 40 contraceptive pills in 12 hours. You talk about a hormone surge? That's one for the books. Side effects? You bet. How about, bleeding disorders, extreme menstrual cycle irregularities, soaring sexually transmitted disease rates, and fatal ectopic pregnancies.
Pharmacists all over the world, are reporting, young men are buying Plan B. Do you think, there's a possibility of coercion, abuse of a minor and a cover-up of statutory rape?
The product insert description says, it is meant for infrequent emergency use. However, many women are using Plan B as their regular contraceptive. Knowing what hormones can do, it's no wonder, there's an increase in female suicide, as well as, many mental health difficulties. The approval of Plan B over the counter is not a triumph of science over politics. It is the abuse of young women.

Aborted Babies Challenges Botox For Beauty

Wow! It must be true.  "Vanity, thy name is woman." I think the following will explain more than the quote.
Clinics in various locations are now offering treatments, including face lifts and other cosmetic surgery, from babies, who have been killed by abortion. These clinics may be coming to your town. These clinics are like science fiction ... the Methuselah Syndrome ... Methuselah being the oldest living human in the bible, women can now extend their lives and their beauty. 
You can take a trip to Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Moscow and Rotterdam to obtain these beauty treatments. What are these treatments? The clinics are using tissue from babies, killed by abortion, ages 6 to 12 weeks gestation and obtaining their stem cells to inject into the client's face. Why? The baby's cells are supposed to begin a rejuvenation process, that makes your skin look years younger.
You think that's bad? This is worse. To obtain the cells, women in under developed nations, are paid up to $200 dollars to carry a baby an optimum 8 to 12 week period. Then the babies are killed. Their stem cells taken and sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.
Wow! Isn't that how Frankenstein was formed? Didn't they take parts of other people? It really is a brave new world. Fast tracked, no long term studies, but a lot of money. In Russia alone, there are 50 clinics. I'll bet, there's more than beauty involved in the use of stem cells by killing babies. At least Botox only killed a snake.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Death Prevention by using Umbilical Cord Blood

Did you know, every 10 minutes, someone dies from a blood disorder? Did you know, that that disorder maybe could have been treated by the use of stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood? These disorders include, leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Most of these people who die, are children or young adults, under the age of 20.  

Did you know, that very few people know about the benefits obtained from umbilical cord blood? Did you know, that less than 10% of the 4 million births in the US, cord blood is collected? Did you know that's a lack of education?

Did you know, that cord blood stem cells can be used, to create other tissue types, such as nerves, hormone-secreting cells and bone cells.

Did you know, that Illinois passed legislation, that creates cord blood banks and enables parents, to bank cord blood, to be used or donated? 

Did you know, that the Cord Blood Education and Awareness Act, was introduced in the US Congress? This legislation will promote the benefits of cord blood stem cell technology. Another major component of the Bill, will be the requirement, for public education.

Education is much needed on this issue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Again!

Did you know, Planned Parenthood, receives 350 million dollars from taxpayers, as a part of it's 1 billion dollar revenue? Wow! More than the federal government placed in the program to buy a klunker car!

On July 24, 2009, the US House of Representatives, voted 247 to 183 to reject a bill, by Representative Mike Pence (R IND) to discontinue federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Why, one would have to ask?

In S. Dakota, Planned Parenthood, is defying a state law, that requires them to fully inform women before abortion. This law passed in 2005, and mandates, that women are told, that abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being. The law also requires, that it's possible, to have mental and physical consequences. The law further mandates, that women be told other options, such as crisis pregnancy centers.

Planned Parenthood is ignoring this state law, and refusing to implement the legislative mandate. The language Planned Parenthood  is using, fails to use the clear and proper legislative mandate. And Planned Parenthood has substituted inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and very confusing language. Perhaps the problem goes back to the dumbing down of America.

Take note of this; Planned Parenthood will be the major beneficiary, in the proposed Obama health care takeover. Why? Because it will mandate taxpayer funding of abortion. Even more sinister, it's the first step, for a Freedom of Choice bill.

Rumors Of Catholic Organizations!

Abortion is not health care. I hear, three Catholic organizations are urging their constituents, to immediately enact health care legislation, despite the vast abortion and euthanasia components.  What?  Enact something nobody's read?  I hope these people know how to read.  Perhaps they've come through the Chicago Public School system, or any other public school system for that matter, where reading is a low priority.  Perhaps they operate under 'don't bother me with the facts, I'll deal with the emotion'.  "Emotions only please."

The culture of life in America will become the culture of death, if the health care plan, passes in it's present form. Why? Because there is a large component that would legalize abortion and euthanasia under health care reform. After all, less is better, and that can be accomplished by both abortion and euthanasia. 

The organizations we're discussing, are as follows:  St. Vincent De Paul, Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association.  These groups are urging their members to call their legislators and ask for an immediate passage for health care reform. Two of these organizations do not surprise me. They are: Catholic Charities and The Catholic Health Association. 

The dichotomy and irony of this debate is, that while the pro-life advocates are urging Congress to delete the abortion/euthanasia component, in the health care reform, these organizations are pushing for passage.  

If I were a betting person, I might bet that the Bishops would support Universal Health Care. That being said, they certainly do not support abortion or euthanasia. Hopefully, these two components will not become collateral damage in the Bishop's efforts to promote Universal Health Care.  

The ball is in the Bishop's court. Will they be successors to the apostles, giving witness, or will they be pillars of jello?  What will be said to Catholic Charities, St. Vincent De Paul and the Catholic Health Care Association? We'll all have to wait and see.  

Pregnant Women

A government panel said, that the swine flu vaccine, should go first to pregnant women, health care workers and kids 6 months and older. This recommendation came from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, whose guidelines are almost always accepted, by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The reason, hormonal changes in pregnant women, are thought to make them more susceptible to the flu. Pregnant women have accounted for 6% of the swine flu deaths in the US, although they make up only 1% of the population.

Clinical trials on the swine flu vaccine should start shortly.  Get that?  Shortly?  That means there have been no criminal trials for side effects, or long term problems. But we're going to vaccinate pregnant women first?  Sounds like the Gardasil disgrace. Fast track and new information out, that there are 400% more complications, including the ultimate one, death, than in a comparable vaccine. R U Crazy?  Another killer drug that was fast tracked and has left a death toll.

Would you get a vaccine that's not tested, and does not have an established record of safety, if you're pregnant?  I wouldn't even get one if I wasn't.

The World Health Organization, admitted recently, that the swine flu vaccine is being fast tracked in the European Union, and may be unsafe, because it allows Firms to bypass large scale human trials. This brings up the question, would you trust a vaccine manufacturer, whose contaminated vaccine, could have potentially caused a pandemic?

Flash! The US Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, has just signed a decree, granting vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuit, that results from any new swine flu vaccine. What? No fault vaccinations?  I thought that only happened in divorce! Moreover, the 7 billion dollar US Governments fast tracked program, to rush vaccines into the market, in time for the Autumn flu season, is being done, without even a normal safety testing.  There's something dark about the swine flu story.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hidden agenda in health care plan

Governor Lamm 15 years ago said, "elderly people have a duty to die and get out of the way."  Why, because of the end of life health care costs.  About 1/3 of Medicare's budget goes for costs incurred in the last year of life, and 40% of that goes for the last month of life.  Any economist, much less a taxpayer, recognizes that is a lot of money.  However, we don't kill old people to save money, or do we? 

Enter the Obama health care plan which no one has read - Section 1233 would mandate that a doctor sit down with all patients over 65 years of age to talk about end of life issues and the doctor would be compensated.  The idea is to encourage people to sign Living Wills or enter hospice, rather than getting expensive treatment.  Since hospice only provides pain relief, everyone saves money.  In states where physician-assisted suicide is legal, end of life talks would include assisted-suicide, the cheapest option of all.  Could all of this be setting us up for a Supreme Court Roe v. Wade on euthanasia?      

All of this is being proposed in the name of compassion.  The lawmakers don't like the thought that dying people suffer.  The also don't like the idea that a 90 year old with cancer takes a government Handy Van to chemotherapy.  It's more compassionate to offer another option, perhaps Governor Lamm's option.  

Under Section 1233 in the health care plan, there is a mandated advanced care consultation for senior citizens.  The government will instruct and consult regarding Advanced Directives, Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney, and provide a list of end of life resources that will guide you in how to shorten your life.  

Page 427 and 428 specifies training for health care professionals who would be responsible for signing orders for life sustaining treatments, nutrition and hydration, and for the goals and use of those orders.  The bill states the government will specify which doctor can write an end of life order.

Also included in the bill, will be mandated school based health clinics that will be integrated into the school environment.  Birth control will be dispensed without parental consent or consultation.  Children will have access to abortion, Plan B, oral contraceptives and barrier method contraceptives without their parent's knowledge.   

Murder in China

Terrifying, horrifying and heart breaking is the latest news from China.  In a recent report, China admitted that the exact number of abortions cannot accurately be reported.  What China did report was 13 million abortions performed every year in hospitals.  These horrifying statistics do not account for the many more known to be carried out in unregulated rural clinics and the 10 million abortion pills (RU 486) sold every year in China.

The report said 62% of the women undergoing abortions were single and aged 20 to 29.  The report further said the widespread use of abortion was an unfortunate situation.  I would translate that as collateral damage.  

The response by some Chinese officials was that sex education needed to be improved. Its family planning controls, including contraception, sterilization and abortion procedures have prevented another 400 million births.  China's population is 1.3 billion people.  Compare this with the U.S. which has 300 million people and 1.2 million women having abortions each year.  

Remember China has a strict mandated and tightly controlled one child policy.  This policy was recently rescinded in a small geographical area that suffered a major earthquake which killed mostly children, leaving parents with no offspring.

A thought to ponder -  What is happening in China has monumental geo-political consequences because most of the babies aborted are female.  Why?  Chinese parents place a greater value on the male.  What does this lead to geo-politically? - a male dominated society, a militaristic society, a lawless society.

Mandatory Vaccination Program

All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering.  Hidden agendas are only brought to light in cases of great catastrophes, so too with the vaccine hoopla.  All we hear about is the pandemic and the deaths to come.  All the reported statistics are wrong and can be proved with a calculator and the CDC website.  

That being said, the University of Alabama has just implemented a mandatory vaccination program.  The university sent out an email to all of the students informing them they had to provide proof of several different immunizations before they could register.  Failure to provide proof means either the student gets the shots on campus or refusal would prevent them from enrollment and could also lead to further judiciary punishment.

The mandated vaccines are the Manactra-antimeningitis, MMR vaccine, and TB screening within the last year.  These are registration requirements.  If you live off of campus, they remain requirements.  The school further went on, " failure of any student, regardless of classification, not meeting the immunization and TB screening requirements may result in a disruption in ability to register and possible disciplinary action per the office of judicial affairs.

This, in spite of the following evidence - the MMR vaccine has been linked to autism and inflammatory bowel disease.  With the meningitis vaccine, 5000 children suffered adverse reactions immediately after it was introduced in Britain.  

The Crimson Tide, we hope,  will not be adversely effected.  I'm sure they will be mandated,too, or will they be exempt because they play in a major bowl game each year bringing untold revenue to the university.

The question is, should vaccines be mandated?  If the answer is yes, can the public be assured there are no adverse reactions?  At the present time the answer is definitely no, but the testing continues on our young.  The next question you should be asking, because it is coming, is how can they be mandated?

The only way to mandate vaccination is by force, which is what many think will happen in the event of the swine flu "pandemic."  State health authorities have already confirmed that if the government were to announce a mandatory vaccination program, there would be no exceptions and the use of force could be used.  

A health care reform bill approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee called "The 
Affordable Health Choices Act", will fund the creation of state "intervention" teams that will carry out home visits in order to check on both children and adults.       

The rest of the story

A federal report has finally reported what many of us knew would happen.  A recent federal report revealed that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil has a 400% higher rate of adverse effects than another comparable vaccine, Menactra anti-meningitis shot.     

Wow!  The report recommends that the government more thoroughly investigate reports of dangerous side effects from the HPV vaccine.  Why?  Researchers compared the side effects from Gardasil and Menactra because they are given to similar age groups at the same time.  What did this show?  Here are the facts from the federal government.  Gardasil was associated with twice as many emergency room visits, four times as many deaths, four times as many heart attacks, seven times as many disabled reports and fifteen times as many strokes.  All reported cases of blood clots and heart attacks associated with Gardasil occurred when the vaccine was given alone. 

For those of you who remember history, Gardasil was fast-tracked by the FDA as was RU 486.  Both have proven to be federally funded serial killers.  

Monday, July 27, 2009


                                                                   ORGANS FOR SALE OR RENT

Imagine my surprise to read on July 23rd  that in New Jersey a large scam was uncovered that included rabbis, mayors and black market kidneys.  There were a total of 44 arrested including 3 mayors, assemblymen and 5 rabbis. 

Why?  There are multiple reasons including the black market sale of kidneys.  Does this report cause some consternation.  For me it does.  The sale of organs casts a shadow on all organ procurement.  In China, before they execute a prisoner, organs are removed.  In Cuba, Fidel Castro took blood from prisoners in order to weaken them for execution.  The blood products were sold.  Robin Cook, author, was the first to blow the whistle on organ trafficking in a book called Coma.  Through both domestic and foreign films dealing with illegal trafficking in organs, the public is becoming more aware of this hidden reality.

What is the hidden reality?  Should we be concerned?  Are the organ donors really dead when they take their organs legally?  Why the trafficking?  Could something be wrong in our society?  Are we becoming utilitarian?  Who decides?

After reading about New Jersey, the only thing that amazed me, is that they were caught.  How about the people who are trafficking legally and illegally and not caught?  Is there a difference?     


                                                               SMOKE AND MIRRORS

Did anyone wonder why a Sun Times reporter, who I might describe as a longtime feminist, bring up an incident that occurred in Cambridge which had racial overtones during President Obama's health care message to the nation?  I certainly did.  In fact, I think it was a cover-up. 

It took the focus of the nation off of health care and escalated unfounded racial tensions.  It undermined law and order, and in fact, it ignored the rule of law.  President Obama is too smart a politician to have this happen by coincidence.

Why did it happen?  Perhaps it was to cover-up what is really happening in the health care debate.  There are many questions, especially in the life area of abortion and euthanasia that have surfaced for a short period of time.  These questions have not been answered.

Perhaps health care is on a fast track unknown to the public because their attention has been so easily diverted.  Perhaps behind closed doors, not with just a beer, perhaps martinis, leadership in the Democratic party is quickly moving health care along a stealth path.

Time will tell on this one.  The loser is the nation and law enforcement.  Hopefully, the public will refocus.  Elections are around the corner.  


                                                                VACCINES AND BABY DNA

Did you know there are vaccines that have been derived from aborted babies?  Today there are more than 23 vaccines that are contaminated by the use of aborted baby cells.  This has caused great controversy in Catholic circles.  There is no law that requires consumers to be informed that some vaccines are made by using aborted baby cells.  These cells contain residual aborted baby DNA.  Newer vaccines produced using aborted baby cells do inform consumers in their package inserts that the vaccines  contain contaminating DNA from the cells used to produce the vaccine.  They do not identify the cells as being derived from elective aborted human babies.

Translate - They tell you what is in the vaccine, but they don't fully inform you where they came from. 

There has been controversy for many years about the vaccine - autism link.  The incidence of Autism has risen to 1 out of every 4 boys born and 1 out of every 6 girls, causing the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) to recommend further study of vaccine safety.  The NVAC recommends further study on the potential for vaccines to contribute to autism in children who have underlying mitochondrial disease because of the clinical history of children developing autism after vaccination.  What the NVAC overlooked is that the epidemic regressive autism is associated with the switch from using animal cells to produce vaccines to the use of aborted baby cells for vaccine production.  What this means is when we vaccinate our children some of those vaccines contain aborted human baby DNA.  

Autism and autism spectrum disorders are polygenic diseases.  This means that multiple genes have been shown to be associated with these diseases.  Studies have also clearly shown that there is an environmental component, a trigger that is required.  Vaccines are an obvious potential environmental trigger for autism.  Why, because of the universal exposure to vaccines.      

The question of aborted baby cell DNA in vaccines as a trigger for autism needs to be answered quickly and honestly.  Why, because pharmaceutical companies are currently moving to replace more animal-produced vaccines with aborted baby cell production.   To make matters worse, they are producing biologic drugs using aborted baby cells. 

Parents beware.  The practice of using aborted baby cells for vaccine and drug production creates wrenching moral dilemmas for parents and consumers, ignores informed consent rights, and exposes our children and ourselves to contaminants lacking safety evaluation.  This issue was discussed in Dignitas Personae.

As the parent and guardian of your child, you have a right to be informed.  You also have a moral responsibility to be informed.  
You have a right to full disclosure from your physician.  Your moral obligation is to ask and then make your decision.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hispanic Women, Targets For Abortion.

Before becoming pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, said, "Truth is not determined by a majority vote." I think that is a true statement in light of November's election outcome. 

The Obama administration is married to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, has targeted Hispanic women for abortion. Planned Parenthood, this year alone, has revenues approaching 1 billion dollars. Now they are going after the Latino community. How do we know this?  Advertising in Spanish papers, that publish only in Latino communities, and to add insult to injury, Planned Parenthood's recent choice of a Mexican American, as its' chaplain. 

White women are having less and less abortions. Now Planned Parenthood, which only thinks of women, not revenue, have targeted Hispanic women for abortion. If one was a real thinker, one would think, perhaps this is to make up the revenue they're losing, as the abortion rate in white women declines. 

To prove the point, one of Planned Parenthood's Spanish flyers claimed, they are pro-woman, pro-family, pro-child, pro-choice. Of course, everyone knows, that Planned Parenthood is not pro-woman, not pro-family, not pro-child but solidly pro-choice. They have lobbied against the Unborn Victim of Violence Act, which would afford protection to unborn children, against acts of violence. They claim to be pro-choice, but, they oppose a 24 hour waiting period, before a woman makes a final decision to have an abortion. This is a helpful tool, because it allows women to make an informed decision, rather than an emotional one.  

Our job in the pro-life movement is to tell the truth.

What's The Big Deal With Conscience Rights?

Massive health care changes are on the rise. The government is poised to take over health care. Included in this massive concoction, is a plan to enshrine abortion, as health care. How ridiculous, killing as healthcare? Well, if you can ok killing unborn babies, you can ok killing handicapped babies and adults, and that will lead to cost containment efforts, by eliminating whole populations in nursing homes. It's called the Brave New World, or in military terms, collateral damage. In the movies, it's called "Soylent Green". 

If the President succeeds in eliminating the conscience rights of professionals, there will be professionals, who have no conscience, filling their jobs. Dr. Kevorkian's machine will be obsolete, but his speciality will be enshrined in medicine .. ie .. serial killing. This leads us to quote a quotation from Pastor Martin Niemollar, who opposed the Nazis during WWII. But his words are very applicable for today. 

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and Trade Unionists, but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not Jewish, so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak for me." 


Vaccines From Aborted Babies?

Oh My Gosh!  Now they're taking vaccines from aborted babies? And it's possible that there might be problems? Hard to believe, that killing, doesn't produce problems. Here's the latest ..

Some child vaccinations are derived from aborted babies. In certain denominations, this has produced a dilemma. The dilemma is, should a baby be vaccinated with a vaccine, that has been obtained from an aborted baby?

There are two general principles to consider. First, it is gravely immoral for researchers, to conduct experiments on living embryos, because eventually they will be killed, by the experiment. Secondly, researchers are under the obligation to avoid cooperation in evil and scandal, that relates to their professional activities.  

Many parents have become upset knowing, that their children had received some of the vaccines obtained, from the cell lines of aborted babies. This has caused the Catholic Church, to issue the following:  
1.)   There's a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines.
2.)   If there is no alternative, there must be effort to find an alternative source.
3.)   It would be passive material cooperation, due to the necessity, to provide for the good of one's child. This means, that danger to the health of children, could permit a parent, to use a vaccine, which was developed using cell lines from aborted babies. This places a moral decision in the hands of the parent. The parent is obligated to look at the situation carefully, and evaluate, whether or not their child and society at large, would be in danger, by not using the aborted fetal vaccine. 
4.)   The conscience of the parent must decide whether or not this vaccine should be used for their child. 

The vaccines we are discussing have been developed from aborted baby cell lines. These were aborted in 1964 and 70. The first, a girl, was aborted because the family felt they had too many children. While the second, a boy, was aborted for psychiatric reasons. The vaccines we are talking about are the rubella, which are by name, Meruavax, Rudivax and Erevax. The combined vaccine MR against rubella and measles, is named, M-R-VAX, and Rudi-Rouvax.  The combined vaccine against rubella and mumps, is called Viavax. The combined vaccine MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) M-M-R II. Other vaccines, also prepared using human cell lines from aborted babies are... two vaccines against Hepatitis A, one vaccine against chicken pox, one vaccine against polio, one vaccine against rabies and one vaccine against small pox.    

The moral of this story .. parents beware. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mayo Clinic

President Obama has praised the Mayo Clinic over and over and over and over again! He has expressed his opinion, that the Mayo Clinic is a model for the rest of the health care system. However ... the Mayo Clinic has just delivered a blistering critique of the House Democratic health care bill. The Mayo Clinic states, "Although there are some positive provisions in the current House Tri Committee Bill - including insurance for all and payment reform demonstration projects - the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality more affordable health care for patients. In fact it will do the opposite.

Wow! We agree. If taxpayer funding of abortions are in the Bill, it certainly will not be a higher quality form of medicine. Medicine's first rule is to do no harm. Killing an unborn baby, in my book, does harm. It kills the baby and harms the mother and deadens the conscience of a society.

Sotomayor & the Senate

Slow to stop. That is how the Republicans are treating the confirmation, or non confirmation, of Judge Sotomayor. It seems as if she is on the Yellow Brick road to being confirmed. The path is lined with Republicans who will vote for confirmation. However, there are still some, who will vote to oppose appointment. The latest is Senator John Thune of South Dakota. He states, "Judge Sotomayor has a record of bringing her personal views into her decision making philosophy, rather than deciding cases, based on precedent and fidelity to the law. Her statements, during the confirmation hearings before the Judiciary Committee, do not always match the philosophy she has expressed, prior to the hearing." 

Senator Thune is joined by Senator McConnell and Bennett, who have announced, that they intend to vote against her nomination. While, surprise of all surprises, Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, announces she will vote for confirmation. That's no big surprise. Senator Snowe tends to vote as a Democrat always. 

More to follow as the nomination moves on. But it seems to be in an express lane for confirmation.  

Saturday, July 18, 2009

stem cell scam dead end

                                                           DEAD ON ARRIVAL

      Everyone alive knows embryonic stem cell research is dead on arrival. Everyone but President  Obama and his administration-or do they? The dollars are flowing like a river to support research that has not produced a single cure or palliation. It has not lowered mortality or morbidity. The research has just enshrined killing. Or is there more to the story? After all there are 7 deadly sins.

Even the former National Institute of Health director Bernadette Healy once an embryonic stem cell enthusiast has called the research "obsolete".

Why are the dollars flowing like a river- money. ESR{embryonic stem cell research} is very lucrative. Funding can generate tremendous income with no treatments, because human and animal ES cells and materials and techniques used to manipulate them, can be patented. Licensing fees make them worth a fortune.

The Wall Street Journal reports that "They clearly see this as the goose that laid a golden egg" One holder of many ES cell- research patents charge $75,000 to more than $250,000 per licence plus annual payments and royalties.  Last I knew money or greed is a deadly sin.                                       

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is He A Czar or a Tzar?

What a surprise! John Holdren is Barack Obama's "science czar'. In 1977 Holdren  co-authored a 1,000 book, "Ecoscience" with Paul and Anne Ehrlich. The book included several descriptions of possible population control measures, including the addition of "sterilants" to the water supply to prevent human conception.  

The Ehrlichs said they had been "shocked" at what they called the "serious misrepresentation" of their and Holdren's views.

"We were not then, never have been, and are not now 'advocates' of the Draconian measures for population limitation described - but not recommended - in the book's 60-plus small-type pages cataloging the full spectrum of population policies that, at the time, had either been tried in some country or analyzed by some commentator."

Paul Ehrlich was the author of the 1968 bestselling book The Population Bomb, which predicted that massive famines in the 1970's would kill "hundreds of millions." including Americans.

Does a tiger change it's stripes?  I don't think so. Time will tell.

Surgeon General

Who is, and what do we know, about President Obama's nominee for US Surgeon General? President Obama's record, to reduce the number of abortions, belies the fact that every appointee he has made, has been adamantly pro-abortion. I think the new appointee is no different. Regina Benjamin is President Barack Obama's choice for Surgeon General. She comes from Alabama, where she founded a clinic, that treats the poor. Dr. Benjamin is also Catholic. White House spokesman Reid Cherlin said after Dr. Benjamin's nomination, "that she supports the President's position on reproductive health issues." Note the word 'health issues', that is a code word for abortion rights.

The Surgeon General is the nation's 'chief health educator' according to the federal government's Web site. The office oversees the operations of the 6,000 - member Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. While the job requires Senate confirmation, the surgeon general doesn't directly set policy, reporting instead to an assistant secretary within the Department of Health and Human Services. Their Czar is Kathleen Sebulius.

Although her exact position has not been articulated in the public square, we are waiting for more information, which I'm sure will be disclosed shortly, on her public position and her Catholic Church teaching.  

Victory For Illinois Parents

In 1995, Illinois passed a parental notification bill, the "Parental Notice of Abortion Act", which has been in legal limbo ever since. Yesterday, July 14, 2009, following many years of legal manipulation, the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Court, dissolved the federal injunction against the Illinois "Parental Notice of Abortion Act". This is a real victory for Illinois and parents across the country.

Illinois has long been called the "abortion dumping ground", because all 5 neighboring states had enacted protective parental notification and consent laws. This meant that girls from these 5 surrounding states, would enter Illinois for their abortions. In fact, since 1995, over 50,000 minors have obtained abortions, more than 4,000 of whom were 14 yrs. old or younger.

There are many heroes in this battle to obtain good public policy. To mention just a few, certainly the Thomas Moore Society, Dupage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett, the leadership of Chief Justice Bob Thomas of the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Illinois Federation for Right to Life and the Illinois Citizens for Life, whose lobbyists worked tirelessly in 1995 to pass the Illinois "Parental Notice of Abortion Act".     

Good public policy protects the citizens of a state. Enactment of Parental Notification laws are good public policy.   

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victory For Illinois Parents!

On July 14, 2009, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, lifts the injunction on the Illinois Parental Notice Act. As a direct result, Illinois parents, for the first time since Roe v Wade was decided in 1973, will be entitled to notification before their minor daughters receive an abortion.

It's been a long time coming! The Act was passed in 1995 and has been in legal limbo ever since. Over 50,000 Illinois minors have obtained abortions, while the Act was in limbo. More than 4,000 of them were 14 yrs. old or younger.

Great public policy! Good public policy. A long time coming, but finally here .... more to follow.

Sotomayor Confirmation

To confirm or not to confirm, that is the question, facing the Senate. Is she the same as Justice David Souter, or is she more radical? Will the Senate Republicans ask the right questions? Will the Democrats vote in block to confirm? What will this outcome mean to America?

Did you know, if confirmed, her appointment is for life? Stay tuned. We need to know these answers, just like you, and we will pass on what we know, when today's hearings are revealed.

Abortion Restrictions

In a new poll, from the Moral Compass, key findings;
1.   86% of Americans would significantly restrict abortion.
2.   60% of Americans would limit abortion to case of rap/incest or to save the life of the mother - or would not allow it at all.
3.   53% of Americans believe abortion does more harm than good to a woman in the long run.
4.   79% of Americans support conscience exemptions for healthcare workers on abortion. Of that 79%, 64% are identified as strongly pro-choice.
5.   69% of Americans believe that it is appropriate for religious leaders to speak out on abortion.
6.   59% say, religious leaders, have a key role to play, in the abortion debate.
7.   80% of Americans believe in parental notice and consent laws.

I think these facts speak for themselves. 

Healthcare Costs

Facts, you may not have heard, on the coming Healthcare Bill.  Did you know;  1.) The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), estimated the cost of the Senate Democratic Health Care bill: $1.6 Trillion. In 2006 Canada's cost was $1.2 Trillion for their Gross Domestic Product (GPD).  2.) In terms of lives lost, the CBO knows, that the percentage of American women, that survived cancer, is 63%. The percent of women, in the European Union (EU) that survived cancer, was 56%. 3.) Percent of American men, that survived cancer, 68% and percent of EU men, that survived cancer, 47%. 4.) Cost of health insurance in New Jersey, presently without lawsuit reform, 5,326 each, cost of health insurance in California, with lawsuit reform, 2,565.  5.) US Census count of people uninsured, 49 million. Of this number counted, who are illegal aliens, 9.5 million. Number counted, who are only temporarily uninsured, 19 million. Number counted, who make more than most Americans (+75,000). Number of American citizens, with low income, lacking insurance for more than one year, 10.5 million.   

Americans receive a new hip within 6 months. 
The British receiving a hip, up to 2 years.                                                                                                                                       The difference in these two, is England has National Health.  United States has privately insured.  

In order to reduce costs, and to pay 1.6 Trillion dollars a year, to insure Americans, there will have to be rationing of healthcare. Also, Futile Care Protocols, will be put into place. America has always defended the defenseless. Those whose lives are at risk, are defenseless, but will be the first eliminated. Also, as you can see from the above statistics, treatment produces a lengthy life span. Non-treatment produces death. This is one way, the government understands, is a good cost cutting measure.

DOA Equals Mexico City

Your tax dollars just keep rolling out for immoral acts, under the Obama administration. The Senate Appropriation Committee, voted to permanently ban the Mexico City Policy. What does this mean for you? It means, US tax dollars will go, to foreign countries, to promote and provide abortions. 

The Amendment to keep the ban was voted down 17 to 11, and gives the executive order, signed by Barack Obama, reversing the Mexico City Policy, the force of law. 

President Ronald Reagan was the first to ban tax dollars, from funding International Family Planning Groups, that provide abortions, counseling or referrals. This ban, became known as the Mexico City Policy, and was upheld by George W. Bush.  

Strokes & Stem Cells

Texas Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical school at Houston, successfully treated a stroke patient, using the patient's own stem cell. This is a first in this country, but probably not a last. Just think, if all the money that was and is, going into embryonic stem-cell research, was spent on adult stem-cell research, we'd probably would have cured every disease known to mankind by now.

But embryonic stem-cell research is married to abortion. And by God, mankind doesn't count, only ideology and choice. One would have to question, why is American allowing Congress to allocate money for research that has not produced any cures, or palliation, only more disease?

How did the stem-cell help the stroke? Physicians removed the stem cell from the patient's bone marrow in the leg. Then separated the stem-cell and intravenously returned them to the patient. No rejection, because it's the patient's own stem-cell. Research has showed, that the cells migrate to the area of injury.

No killing, no ethical debate, an established procedure, the problem, not much money allocated.

Monday, July 13, 2009

RU 486 - RU Crazy?

There is enough information coming out in the news, to make the abortion pill, RU 486 a study of "how not to abort your baby". The New England Journal of Medicine, now reports, the rate of infection from RU 486 use has decreased since 2004, when the FDA required a black box warning. This warning was placed, because serious bacterial infections, had occurred, although no symptoms were obvious.

Now the protocol at Planned Parenthood clinics administering RU 486, was officially changed, in order to reduce the serious infections and, yes, even death, that occurred. Now Planned Parenthood is expecting, canonization, for making medical abortions safer. Safer for who, I would ask?  Certainly not the baby.  And time will tell for the mother. 

The FDA first approved RU 486 -- a combination of two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, as an abortifacent (in other words, a pill that causes an abortion), the guidelines suggested oral use, as the safest use. However, Planned Parenthood, had been telling women to use the drug as a suppository. This resulted in serious cases of infection and even death. 

Are we to believe, that RU 486, taken orally, will not cause any problems for the woman? RU CRAZY?   

San Diego Futile Care

In San Diego, you can visit the zoo, but if you enter a hospital, you're advanced directive may not be followed.  Of course it's all for your benefit. Or is it for a taxpayer benefit? How about a hospital benefit?

The San Diego Medical Association, has adopted a Futile Care policy. These policies are like Topsy, they just grew and are growing more. In San Diego, under the Futile Care policy, a health care provider, or institution, is not obligated to comply with the advanced directive, that requires non-beneficial treatment, or treatment contrary to generally accepted health care standards.  

The first rule of medicine, is "do no harm". Along with doing no harm, is the responsibility of medicine, to always provide ordinary, necessary and available care. The Western ethic has always been, a great emphasis on intrinsic worth and a value of human life, regardless of condition or age. This ethic is fast evolving into situational ethics, or a utilitarian ethic. This ethic says you exist, not because you're human, with intrinsic value and worth, but, you exist for the benefit of others. You might even have a duty to die, when you are no longer a benefit to others. If Futile Care protocols dominate medicine, then the Western ethic will cease to exist, and you will have death selection and death control, by society.

Sotomayor Confirmation?

The US Senate begins confirmation hearings on the appointment of Judge Sonya Sotomayor today. The hearings are expected to be finished by August. The Senate will vote then, to confirm or deny, Judge Sotomayor. These are some issues, that the Senate, may or may not, deliberate.

Although Judge Sotomayor has never ruled in a abortion decision, there is enough information to report on the following.

An associate of Sotomayor, George Pavia stated, "I can guarantee, she will be for abortion rights." Although she has not directly dealt with abortion rights, the following information is available. Prior to becoming a federal judge, she was a governing board member of the Puerto Rico Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF). While there, the organization filed 6 briefs in prominent abortion related cases. This organization seeks abortion, as a fundamental right, akin to the right to free speech and the right to vote. Judge Sotomayor, has never disavowed the position, that organization held. In two separate briefs, filed before the US Supreme Court, the PRLDEF argued against limitations on tax-payer funded abortions. Judge Sotomayor's PRLDEF record indicates she would be against ultrasound requirements. This is revealed in the Fund's brief, in Webster v Reproductive Health Service, that argued against ultrasound testing for every abortion.

PRLDEF, in a legal brief, argued to have Pennsylvania's reporting requirements for abortion abolished.  

Every indication seems to indicate that Judge Sotomayor, would be an abortion proponent. Some say, she will just be replacing the pro-abortion David Souter on the Supreme Court. However, there are strong reasons to believe, that she will go further than Souter did. She would not only uphold the current regime of abortion on demand for all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason, but go further, seeking to radically re-interpret the Constitution by making abortion, a fundamental right. If that happened, it would eliminate more than 500 state and federal abortion laws, supported by the vast majority of American people (parental notice & taxpayer funding). 

Friday, July 10, 2009

National Education Association

The NEA rejected a proposal that would have ceased their abortion advocacy, and went on record in support of same-sex "marriage."  As you remember we blogged last week, that a conservative group of teachers, were proposing, that the NEA remain neutral on the abortion issue. According to a press-release, NEA delegates at the July 1 thru 6th meeting, voted 69 to 31 to reject an amendment, stating that the union had no position on abortion, which would have invalidated a resolution, professing the group's support for family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.

The NEA also went on record in support of same-sex marriage. NEA has more than 3.2 million people, who pay hundreds of millions of dollars in dues each year, because they believe, that the NEA is the union that can effectively represent them.

Really? I thought teachers were supposed to be neutral? Hundreds of millions of dollars in dues? I wonder how much of that went to the Obama campaign, while our schools are disintegrating and test scores are in the basement?

New NIH Appointee

In a startling move, President Barack Obama, has nominated the acclaimed geneticist and leader of the Human Genome Project, Dr. Francis S. Collins to be the next Chief of the NIH. Dr. Collins is a renowned scientist and an evangelical Christian, who has defended the inherent comparability of science and religious belief. This appointment comes two days, after NIH released it's embryonic stem cell guidelines.

NIH, this year, will dedicate 40 billion dollars for scientific research, which will now be available to scientists involved in embryonic stem-cell research.

The President appoints, the Senate confirms, and Senate confirmation will likely be a smooth process. Dr. Collins supported the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, and lauded the President's decision to repeal the Bush Administration Ban on Funding Embryonic Stem-Cell Research. He has also voiced support for therapeutic cloning. Now wonder he was chosen.

GE & Lightbulbs

General Electric has entered the embryonic stem-cell frenzy with the announcement, it will use embryonic stem-cells, provided by the Geron Corporation, for the purpose of testing toxic effects of drug treatments.

GE's statement, "We conduct our research in an ethically and responsible manner. Really? I thought embryonic stem-cell research involved killing? GE responds to that by saying, "We acknowledge the considerable debate, and take very seriously, the ethical and societal issues associated with research, using stem cells derived from embryonic or fetal tissue."

Geron Corporation indicates, that in this case, it believes the ends justifies the means. I liken Hitler's lamp shades made out of Jewish skins, obtained after they were exterminated in a camp. Ethical? I don't think so. Unless we want to change society from the rule of law to the rule of lawlessness.

La, la, la, la, la Abortion Party!

Did you know that many teens are having abortion parties in order to pay for their abortions? In a recent article published on Alter Net, Byard Duncan relates his experience of attending a party, thrown by his friend Maggie, in order to pay for her abortion. He goes on to describe the party. He says it was family friendly. Guests included a 3 yr. old. His friend Maggie had difficulties beyond her pregnancy. She relates that she was poorly treated by her friends, for involving her boyfriend in the decision.

The party however, succeeded in it's goal. By the end of the night, the donation bowl was overflowing. Enough money, probably, to pay for killing her unborn baby.

This party is a middle school abortion party.


According to Wesley Smith, it's never about the leftover embryos, it's always been about cloning. 

In a new article,Wesley Smith wrote, that the leftover embryos debate isn't really about leftover embryos due to be destroyed anyway. That was just a pretext intended to desensitize people to the idea, that human life, including embryos, can be treated, as nothing more than a corn crop. The real goal is human cloning, first for stem cells and later for use in genetic engineering experiments, fetal farming, and eventually, reproductive cloning.

Irving Weissman, Stanford University Scientist, is upset that the new NIH guidelines won't fund human cloning research. "In terms of extending the classic embryonic stem-cell lines, that can be used with federal funding, this is an important step forward. However, the policy banning funding of other stem-cell lines, produced by transferring the genetic material from a patient to an egg, is a terrible disappointment."

WOW!   This is an ethics debate. Under the law, the Dickey-Wicker  Amendment, which, with the Bush funding restrictions, now dead and buried, is the next target of Bio-Med and the Congress. Dickey-Wicker is about funding. Remove the Dickey-Wicker Amendment and what will we fund next?