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Observer at an abortion clinic: “death overtakes me”

By Sarah Terzo
necessityandsorrowbookPro-choice author Magda Denes witnessed abortions for her book In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death Inside an Abortion Hospital. Her book was published decades ago, but is still relevant today and is one of the most detailed and poignant books by an observer at an abortion clinic.
Here she describes viewing the bodies of aborted babies killed in the second trimester:
I am drawn to the unit, irresistibly, by my reactions of disbelief, sorrow, horror, compassion, guilt. The place depresses me, yet I hang around after working hours. When I leave, I behave outside with the expansiveness of one who has just escaped a disaster. I have bad dreams. My sense of complicity in something nameless grows and festers. I consider giving up the research…

I remove with one hand the lid of a bucket…I look inside the bucket in front of me. There is a small naked person there floating in a bloody liquid- plainly the tragic victim of a drowning accident. But then perhaps this was no accident, because the body is purple with bruises and the face has the agonized tautness of one forced to die too soon. Death overtakes me in a rush of madness…I have seen this before. The face of a Russian soldier, lying on a frozen snow covered hill, stiff with death and cold….A death factory is the same anywhere, and the agony of early death is the same anywhere. I take the lid off all the buckets. All of them. I reach up to the shelf above this bucket and graveyard tabletop and take down a pair of forceps….With the forceps I lift the fetuses, one by one.

I lift them by an arm or a leg…Finally, I lift a very large fetus…I look at the label. Mother’s name: Catherine Atkins; Doctor’s name: Saul Marcus. Sex of item: Male. Time of Gestation: Twenty-four weeks. I remember Catherine. She is seventeen, a very pretty blond girl…This is Master Atkins- to be burned tomorrow- who died like a hero….Might he have been the only one to truly love her?
Magda Denes, In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital  (New York: Basic Books Inc. 1976) 50, 58-61.

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Abortion and Ireland

New demands for referendum in Ireland to remove all remaining protection for the unborn

By Pat Buckley, European Life Network
Clare Daly, member of the Irish Parliament
Clare Daly, member of the Irish Parliament

Clare Daly [a member of the Irish Parliament] in a private members Bill launched a new attack on Ireland’s remaining pro-life protection. Daly called for the repeal the 8th amendment in order to expand access to abortion in Ireland.

The eighth amendment of the Constitution, voted on in 1983, acknowledges the right to life of the unborn, equating it with the mother’s right to life. The amendment says:
“The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”
Health Minister Leo Varakdar
Health Minister Leo Varakdar

During the debate Health Minister Leo Varakdar indicated his support for a future abortion referendum and said that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitutional dealing with abortion is too “restrictive” and is having a “chilling” effect on doctors, but inexplicably claims that he is pro-life and not in favour of abortion on demand.

It seems that the Minister has either swallowed pro-abortion rhetoric hook, line and sinker or he is playing fast and loose with the truth. Whilst proclaiming that he is pro-life he has declared his support for exactly what the pro-abortionists are currently seeking.
Sadly national debate on the issue has relegated the unfortunate baby to being a non-person and seeks to remove the small modicum of protection left to him/her.
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Pennsylvania and Assisted Suicide


Assisted Suicide Is Being Pushed Here in Pa. — Stay Informed

By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
Pennsylvania3Assisted suicide and euthanasia are no longer distant threats to life. Doctor-prescribed suicide legislation is being discussed in Pennsylvania right now.

Compassion and Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society, is pushing this deadly legislation across the country; and we in the pro-life community are joining voices with medical and disability rights groups to oppose doctor-prescribed suicide in Pennsylvania.
You may hear it euphemistically called death with dignity or aid in dying, but doctor-prescribed suicide is what it is. And it’s a recipe for abuse.

We know from Oregon, where doctor-prescribed suicide is legal, that safeguards don’t work. People who are older or disabled may be pressured into suicide, and others may be denied medical treatment. That’s what happened to Barbara Wagner. In 2008, her Oregon-run insurance plan denied coverage of her chemotherapy treatment. Instead, they offered to cover her assisted suicide.

Josie Byzek of Not Dead Yet Pennsylvania, a disability rights group against assisted suicide, says groups should be advocating for better health care and respect for people of all abilities – not suicide.
“One concern our community has is that people with disabilities, especially life-threatening disabilities, cannot uniformly receive quality health care,” Byzek says. “Therefore, how can these same health professionals, as a matter of policy, possibly make a judgment call about the person’s quality of life?”
To stay informed about this issue, check out recent Pennsylvania media coverage:
  • Central Pa. talk radio show Smart Talk aired a program with disability rights advocates from Not Dead Yet Pennsylvania and assisted suicide advocates. Listen here.
  • In Allentown, the TV show Business Matters interviewed our Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo and Alan Holdsworth of Not Dead Yet, along with assisted suicide advocates. Watch it here.
  • Lancaster newspapers published two opinion columns for and against doctor-prescribed suicide. Our Legislative Director Maria Gallagher wrote the opposed column. Read it here.
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Late term abortionist “isn’t bashful about making money”

Abortionist James Pendergraft
Abortionist James Pendergraft

James Pendergraft is a late term abortionist, who performs abortions up to 28 weeks.
He works in Florida. From an article about him:

“Pendergraft also isn’t bashful about making money in his line of work. He says he went into a profession he believes in, and it happens to be profitable… He will not reveal annual revenues, but he says his clinics are “very economically viable.”
“His in-your-face salesmanship leaves many – including other clinic operators – uncomfortable. They wonder how much of his professed altruism is just a marketing pitch. Maggie Gifford, a spokeswoman for the Florida coalition of Independent Abortion Providers, for nearly 20 years, has run Alternatives of Tampa, a small abortion clinic… Gifford calls Pendergraft, who once worked for her “a new breed of cat”… 
[She] says areas where the Pendergraft opens has his clinics are already well served by other clinics

“They say when Pendergraft opens his doors in a new city, such as Tampa, he drops prices to spur competition.”

[Pendergraft answers] that “he goes into new markets aggressively to attract patients who will respond to the level of care in his clinics and spread the word. He says he chooses locations based on evaluations of long-term supply and demand.”
He describes himself as a “God loving Christian.” [1]

Pendergraft’s licence has been suspended four times for shoddy conditions in his clinic and botched abortions

[1] Cynthia Barnett, “The Specialist,” Florida Trend Archives June 1999
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Organ Donation and Assisted Suicide

Hey Kids: Let’s Organ-Harvest the Suicidal!

By Wesley J. Smith
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith

I warned this would happen back in my first anti-assisted suicide article–Newsweek, June 28, 1993–in which I wrote:

Of greater concern to me is the moral trickledown effect that could result should society ever come to agree with Frances [to legalize assisted suicide].
Life is action and reaction, the proverbial pebble thrown into the pond. We don’t get to the Brave New World in one giant leap. Rather, casualties. Then follows mercy killing of the terminally ill. From there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to killing people who don’t have a good “quality” of life, perhaps with the prospect of organ harvesting thrown in as a plum to society.

As I have covered here, Belgium doctors now harvest the disabled and mentally ill who ask to be euthanized. The Netherlands is drawing up regulations to do the same.
Switzerland law allows suicide clinics to which people fly from all over the world to be made dead. Now, a Brit bioethicist–and organ ethicist!–named David Shaw sees these suicidal people who live in or travel to Switzerland as splendid sources of organs. From the story:

D.S.: I’ll just say upfront I’m not saying that we should be killing people to take their organs. But Switzerland is one of the few countries in the world where several hundred people use assisted suicide every year. This is a situation where you have people who want to die, you know when they’re going to die, and many of them are probably registered organ donors.

So it’s also more respectful to the people to let them do this final kind of parting gift to humanity.

The trouble when you have an idea like this is that some people might get a hold of it and say, ‘These crazy ethicists. They want to kill everyone and take their organs out.’ Not the case at all. I’m just saying, people are dying because we don’t have enough organs.
There are also ethical objections, that more people will choose assisted suicide because they think that they can save other people’s lives and they feel they’re a burden. The burden argument is used a lot in assisted suicide debates, and it’s not really very convincing. The bioethics literature is quite clear on that.

None of us should give a fig about the opinions expressed in “bioethics literature:” Like I say in Culture of Death, bioethics has become an orthodoxy, perhaps even, an ideology. But we don’t have to succumb to “expertitis.” We don’t have to allow those with views fundamentally different than most of the people (I hope) to control our health policies.

Where are organ professional organizations condemning harvesting the suicidal? As far as I can tell, they are silent! That too will undermine our trust in the sector.
I can think of nothing more dangerous than for vulnerable and despairing people to believe their deaths have greater value than their lives. Well, perhaps one thing: When their own society believes the same.
We are going to hell, whether metaphorical or literal, take your pick.
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The Christmas Story and Pro life Message

Three things Christmas tells us about human life and dignity

By Paul Stark
maryandjoseph3reChristians use the Christmas holiday to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This event (apart from everything else it entails) provides a number of insights about human life and dignity. Here are three.

1. Each of us was once an unborn child. The Incarnation—the coming into the world of Christ—did not happen in the manger. It happened some nine months earlier. This is what the facts of human embryology and developmental biology tell us, and it is what the scriptural accounts affirm.
Mary is said to be “with child” (Matthew 1:18) upon Jesus being “conceived … from the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:20). Earlier, Mary is told she will “conceive in [her] womb … a son, [to be named] Jesus” (Luke 1:31), who even before birth is called a “child … [who] will be called holy—the Son of God” (Luke 1:35). Luke 1:41-44 recounts that the unborn John the Baptist (who was probably in his sixth month) “leaped for joy” in his mother’s womb when he entered the presence of the unborn Jesus (who was probably a very young embryo at the time).

Jesus began his earthly existence as an embryo and fetus. So did all of us.
2. The weak and vulnerable matter just as much as the strong and independent. God himself chose to enter the world in the most vulnerable condition possible: as a tiny embryo, and then a fetus, and then a newborn baby lying in a manger. This turned ancient “might makes right” morality on its head. It suggests that human dignity is not determined by age, size, power or independence.

3. Human life is extraordinarily valuable. Christmas is part of God’s larger plan to rescue humanity because He loves us (John 3:16). Jesus was born so that we might live. From this Christian perspective, God considers human life to be immensely precious and worth saving at tremendous cost. “Christian belief in the Incarnation is thus inseparable from belief in the objective, and even transcendent, value of the human race as a whole, and of each human person as an individual,” writes Carson Holloway.

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Great News

New Jersey bill to eviscerate law protecting against doctor-prescribed suicide appears dead for 2014

By Jennifer Popik, J.D., Legislative Counsel, NRLC’s Powell Center for Medical Ethics
New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney  Photo credit: Tanya Green
New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Photo credit: Tanya Green

In the fight against the spread of doctor-prescribed suicide, one battleground state has put the brakes on this dangerous measure – for now.
After an emotional day of testimony, the New Jersey Senate Health Committee voted to release to the Senate floor an Oregon-style bill to legalize assisting suicide but “without recommendation.”
Although bill co-sponsor Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he would continue to try to “educate” his fellow legislators, the legislative session ends today, and he said he will not call a vote on the divisive measure. Therefore, while a vote could in theory still happen, it appears unlikely at this time.

The bill, promoted by Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society), would permit doctors to write lethal prescriptions for suicide for terminally ill patients who requested it.
However, the bill is wrought with problems. Ultimately, the committee decided it was just too dangerous when it advanced the bill “without recommendation.” Senate Health Committee Chair Joseph Vitale (who had been an original sponsor, but removed his name from the bill) was quoted as saying, “I’m not sure there are enough safeguards in place.”

Reactions such as Vitale’s have been common when proposals for doctor-prescribed suicide are introduced. Frequently support is initially very high, then drops when debate points out the broad effect and likely abuses associated with legalization bills and referenda.
That is exactly what happened in New Jersey. People from the disability rights community, the medical community, and others lined up to testify about the dangers this kind of bill poses. A article entitled, “After emotional hearing, reluctant N.J. Senate panel releases ‘Aid in Dying’ bill” reported
More than one dozen people in wheelchairs and motorized scooters waited for hours to get their chance at the microphone.
The bill has drawn the ire of many people with physical and developmental disabilities and their advocates. Curtis Edmonds, a managing attorney at Disability Rights New Jersey, a federally-funded legal advocacy organization, warned that such a law would define “what is perceived as an acceptable quality of life… and death as an obligation rather than autonomy.”
New Jersey Senate Health Committee Chair Joseph Vitale
New Jersey Senate Health Committee Chair Joseph Vitale

In New Jersey and in other states, opponents have consistently argued this law puts vulnerable groups at risk, including the elderly, those with disabilities, and those suffering from mental illness. Under the proposed law, these groups are not protected from being pressured to agree to commit suicide – pressured because others patronizingly view their quality of life as being low.
Other factors that give pause to many when they become better known are that under such legislation, there is no requirement for a psychiatric evaluation before a doctor prescribes a lethal prescription. Further, despite the so-called requirement that a patient must be “terminally ill,” many patients are living far beyond the six months they supposedly have left.

In fact, the Senate health committee heard testimony both from members of the medical community and personal stories that people frequently outlive clumsy and difficult-to-make predictions of terminal diagnoses.

While this bill appears to be done for the session, New Jersey Senate members should still be urged to voice opposition to this measure in this session, and if it should be reintroduced next session.
It is important to be aware that Compassion and Choices is on the move in over a dozen states, vowing to march ahead with dangerous doctor-prescribed suicide legislation. Over the past 20 years, despite well over one hundred legislative efforts and many ballot initiatives, assisting suicide advocates have been successful in only a few states. But that could change rapidly.

It is imperative that this time be used to educate friends and family about this legislation – that killing is not a solution to problems associated with illness. Talking points and information can be found here.

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Thanks Tim


Tim Tebow Opens Hospital in the Philippines, Where His Mom Rejected Abortion

by Sarah Zagorski 

On December 11, the Tim Tebow Foundation announced in a press release that Tebow CURE Hospital has opened in Davao City, Philippines.

Amazingly, in November 2013, the construction of Tebow’s hospital survived Haiyan, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded in the Philippines. The hospital will treat children with the most critical orthopedic needs and who normally could not afford treatment.

As LifeNews previously reported, Tebow is a popular football quarterback who became a pro-life star when he shared how his mother Pam rejected abortion after doctors told her that killing her baby was the only way to save her life. At the time, Pam and her husband were on a mission trip in the Philippines when Pam suddenly became ill will dysentery. Tim says his mother’s doctors described him as a “fetal tumor” and “mass of cells” that had to be removed.
timtebow11However, Tim’s mom courageously refused abortion and both Pam and Tim miraculously survived. In 2010, Tim and Pam partnered with Focus on the Family by sharing their story in a Superbowl commercial. The commercial was seen by millions of Americans and received high praise from pro-life groups.
Christianity Today shares more about the TEBOW Cure Hospital:
The Foundation was founded in 2010 by former National Football League (NFL) star Tim Tebow, who was born in the Philippines to American missionary parents, before he went on to play for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. Mr Tebow said to the media last week, “It is so exciting to be able to provide healing and care for these incredibly deserving children halfway around the world.”

The importance of faith was introduced to Mr Tebow, who is a devout and outspoken Christian, from a very young age, as his mother fell victim to a life-threatening disease in the Philippines while pregnant. His mother subsequently ignored the abortion recommendation of doctors, who were convinced that the medication she needed to recover would seriously harm her baby, and eventually gave birth to her healthy son, Tim. As an adult, Mr Tebow became recognized for acknowledging God on the football field through prayer, and inscribing Bible verses on his face with black eye liner.

After the proposal was publicized in 2011, construction of the hospital began in January 2012, and was completed in September. The hospital building consists of five stories, 30 beds and three operating rooms for pediatric orthopedic surgeries. Clearly, the project is also of great importance to CURE International, as its president, Dale Brantner, said to reporters: “The opening of the Tebow CURE Hospital is the fulfillment of long-held dreams and many prayers. We are excited to partner with the Tim Tebow Foundation to bring healing to the children of the Philippines in Jesus’ name.”

Source: LifeSite News


Tells Pro-Life Midwives They Must Participate in Abortions or Lose Their Jobs

by Steven Ertelt 

In a horrible defeat for conscience rights for medical professionals, a British court today ruled that a pair of midwives who didn’t want to be involved in assisting abortions must do so.
Midwives Mary Doogan and Connie Wood won a lower court decision last year but the UK’s Supreme Court heard an appeal brought by the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which is supported by the pro-abortion British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) and the Royal College of Midwives.
midwivesThe midwives, with more than 20 years’ experience, initially lost their cases against their employers in the Outer House of the Court of Session in Edinburgh in 2012. However that decision was overturned in 2013 by the Court’s Inner House, which judged the midwives were legally allowed to refrain from delegating to, supervising and supporting colleagues involved in abortion care on their wards.

The dispute arose when Doogan’s and Wood’s employers reorganized abortion services in 2007. Mid-term and late-term abortions would be performed on the labor ward rather than on the gynecology ward and the midwives were told they had to oversee abortion procedures.
Central to Doogan’s and Wood’s defense was that previously they were not called on to delegate, supervise or support staff engaged in the care of patients undergoing abortions.

But today the Supreme Court has rejected the opportunity to uphold the right of conscientious objection for senior midwives who refuse to supervise abortions performed on a labour ward. Today’s decision issued in the Supreme Court has been condemned by those who backed the Glasgow midwives’ fight for their right to work in the NHS without being involved in abortions.
“We are both saddened and extremely disappointed with today’s verdict from the Supreme Court and can only imagine the subsequent detrimental consequences that will result from today’s decision on staff of conscience throughout the UK,” the midwives said after the decision.

They added: “Despite it having been recognised that the number of abortions on the labour ward at our hospital is in fact a tiny percentage of the workload, which in turn could allow the accommodation of conscientious objection with minimal effort, this judgment, with its constraints and narrow interpretation, has resulted in the provision of a conscience clause which now in practice is meaningless for senior midwives on a labour ward.”

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) which paid the midwives’ legal expenses throughout the case has said that senior midwives who refuse to kill babies could be forced to leave the profession.

Paul Tully, general secretary of SPUC said:  “The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children acknowledges the great debt that the whole pro-life community owes to Mary Doogan and Connie Wood for fighting this battle over the past seven years. They have fought not only for their own careers, but for all current and future members of the profession who uphold the right to life of everyone, from the time of conception, without discrimination. We are bitterly disappointed for them.”

He told LifeNews: “Today’s decision sadly makes it likely that senior midwives who refuse to kill babies will be forced to leave the profession. Junior midwives might still be able to work in labour wards where abortions are performed but they will be restricted to ‘staff midwife’ status at best. They could easily be placed in an impossible situation by pro-abortion superiors, and would be unable to receive promotion to a more senior role without fear of being required to violate their consciences. This will affect anyone who objects to abortion, of any religion or none. It will create a second-class status in midwifery for those who only deliver babies and don’t kill them.”

Tully continued: “Furthermore, the court has used the opportunity of this case to decide that the conscience clause in the Abortion Act does not apply to General Practitioners and that hospital doctors asked to prescribe abortion drugs will not be covered by the conscience clause. We anticipate that this will lead to renewed efforts by health officials to force doctors who have a conscientious objection to abortion either to compromise their respect for human life or to leave the profession. SPUC will support and encourage doctors to resist any such bullying approach.”

The pro-life advocate concluded: “The pro-abortion lobby has long argued that conscientious objectors should be required to refer women seeking legal abortion to other practitioners. Bodies such as the Department of Health have qualified this by saying that this only applies when the statutory grounds for a legal abortion apply, but the Supreme Court has said that any medical professional who refuses to provide an abortion should arrange for a referral to someone else who will do so. This seems to go far beyond the scope of the Abortion Act, and furthermore is not even an issue there was any need for the Court to decide in this case.”

The Abortion Act of 1967 states that no one with a conscientious objection can be obliged to participate in abortion procedures. “However, the hospital management insisted that a conscientious objection clause in the 1967 Abortion Act applied only to active participation in a termination and did not cover the women’s duties to delegate, supervise and support staff.

“The Court has nevertheless said that midwives and doctors with conscientious objections are obliged to refer abortion patients to colleagues who don’t object to abortion. This goes further than the General Medical Council, for instance, whose current guidance Personal Belief and Medical Practice says that doctors should refer patients to another doctor, but does not require them to check their colleague’s pro-abortion credentials,” Tully said.

Source: LifeSite News

Sex Traffic

When He Got Me Pregnant, I Faked an Abortion So My Sex Trafficker Would Let Me Go

by Darlene Pawlik 

I was trapped in the sex trafficking industry.  Trafficking in persons is not like any regulated industry.  There are no rules.
I was conceived during a brutal rape and learned of it when I was very young. That knowledge and child sexual abuse had me feeling worth less than others and vulnerable.  After my mother’s second divorce, I was twelve. By thirteen, I’d been dabbling in drugs and alcohol, wandering the neighborhood and hanging out with a bodybuilder in a black Cadillac.  He was patient as he courted me and manipulated me into his bed.

I wasn’t held in sex trafficking with locks or bars or handcuffs, but by fear and threats and hopelessness.  One apartment I stayed in was leased to the candidate for sheriff of that small city.  Some of the buyers were businessmen, a city councilman, professionals, as well as derelicts that thrived on violence and pain.
darlenepawlikHe sold me for the first time on my fourteenth birthday. I stood in three inches of slush, my sneakers full of icy water, shivering in front of a local drug store at the end of the street where we lived waiting for Ace to pick me up.  The buyer was thrilled to know I was so young, awkward and afraid.
Ace sold me hundreds of times. He sold me to another man who sold me too. It was a quagmire of abuses, gang rape, attempted suicide, sleeplessness, huddling in doorways and church steps, drugs, drinking, arrests and foster care and running away again.  At seventeen, I was sold to a man as a house pet. I thought I’d be safer.  At least, I would only have to serve him.  He dressed me up and took me to nice dinners.  I got a job.  Finally, I felt kind of stable, kind of normal.
He’d told me that if I got pregnant, I would have to have an abortion.  It scared me, but I didn’t feel that I had any choice. 

After four months, I got pregnant.  As he slammed his fist on the wooden arm of the couch.  He shouted, “I want NO life!” It was terrifying.  His voice shot right through me.  The man was a small time organized crime boss.  He said that I would have an abortion or he’d kill me.  One of his enforcers had been my trafficker and beaten and raped me numerous times. I made the appointment in his presence.
That evening, I literally threw my hands in the air as I cried and prayed, “God, if you’re real, please help me.”  Somehow, I fell asleep and I had a dream of an abortion in living color from the perspective of inside of the womb.  It was accurate for the level of development in great detail. 
Those little hands and feet, that tiny face, the ribs and blood…it was horrifying.  I wanted to be a mom for as long as I could remember.When I awoke, I called everyone I could think of.  I found a social worker who had tried to help me as a runaway. She found a home that would take me.  Some friends would take my things to storage. But how would I get away?  He insisted that we would go out to dinner after the appointment.So, the day came. I left and made arrangements with the social worker, but I returned and got ready for dinner.  I’d been so scared that I was crying and near hysterical all day.  With my face swollen, eyes bloodshot, trembling and shallow breaths, I got into the car.  I fidgeted, my breaths uneven.  I stuttered, as I told him that I wanted to go live with a cousin who would give me a job. “Something happened to me on that table.” I said, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”  I thought he would understand because he had told me of other girls that he’d forced to have abortions and they were let go. The whole evening, I couldn’t sit still at all, I was so afraid he’d find out. I went to the bathroom frequently and cried through the meal, pretending to be nauseous and in pain. On the way home, he said I could go, but if I came back to town, I would have to find him.
I moved quickly the next day. I promised God that I would bring my children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, if my baby was ok. She was and I did.  Saving my baby saved my life.

 Source: LifeSite News