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Marketing Abortion


Newest in the abortion-marketing bag of tricks: abortion “navigators”

womenswholehealthAn email released by abortion chain Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) reveals that conscience may be the biggest obstacle women face in deciding to abort a preborn child. In the email, Whole Woman’s Health inadvertently revealed that, when marketing abortion to their clients over the phone through their “abortion navigator,” the main barricade standing between a mother and an abortion appointment is not necessarily lack of money or restrictive legislation, but rather her conscience. Of course, WWH did not use that terminology. But consider what they did say:

We really go above and beyond… For example, if they’re Catholic and having trouble reconciling that we’ll give them the information for Faith Aloud or Catholics for Choice, I like to think of us like a web.

So, a pregnant, Catholic woman calls WWH. Her upbringing (and arguably her humanity) has rooted within her the conviction that murder is wrong – even sinful. But she is desperate and does not know what resources besides abortion are available to her. The abortion navigator will encourage her to contact Catholics for Choice, a group of people who – for reasons unfathomable to any actual Catholic – have committed their time and resources to promoting the utterly irreconcilable ideals that one can be a Catholic who believes the Ten Commandments are optional practices. With conscience dulled, the woman proceeds to WWH to fork over her cash and her innocent preborn child.
WWH continued:
We’re more than just a call center because we can talk through feelings, questions, concerns. It’s more than just setting up appointments. It’s beyond that. It’s more holistic. We may be speaking on the phone, but we’re developing personal connections…

So the abortion navigator is basically trained to make the appointment at any cost. These women are not counselors, but any good marketing agent is trained to appeal to the individual – and successful abortion businesses are no different. They appeal to mothers on a personal level and form a connection, so that when a woman opens up about her conscience and objections to abortion, they will be able to swoop in with their talking points designed to “de-stigmatize” abortion, putting her troubled mind at ease. How? In short: by lying.

The most meaningful conversations I have are with the people who have all the myths in their mind. They’ve only heard the anti-choice language, but they find themselves in need of our services, so I get to take the time and explain how abortion actually works – that this is actually a very safe, non-invasive procedure.

This is the part where we find out that Whole Woman’s Health is not really unique, after all. The tactic begins with calling any frightening side-effect of abortion, any logical objection to abortion or any scientific proof of Life from the moment of conception a “myth.” In one fell swoop, the abortion navigator has undercut the credibility of any Pro-Life (“anti-choice”) objection to abortion with which the woman may identify.
Perhaps the woman is concerned that she will have a perforated uterus, a badly botched abortion, or develop an amniotic fluid embolism and die, like other women she has read about. The abortion navigator just needs to assure the woman that abortion is a “very safe, non-invasive” procedure. We don’t know about you, but electively reaching into the depths of a woman’s body to rip her live child out from her womb doesn’t sound “very safe” or “non-invasive” to us.

The abortion industry is good at marketing – very good. They know how to make a sale. They know how to feign concern until the money is paid and the baby is killed.
But make no mistake: once the transaction is complete, the abortion industry’s true colors show every time.
Source: NRLC News

Down Syndrome


Dad’s Amazing Photos of Son with Down Syndrome Are Touching Hearts

By Andrew Bair
Editor’s note. This appeared in the May online edition of National Right to Life News. This story, as can all the stories, editorials, and president’s column, can be read at Please forward these stories using your social media outlets. That makes a big difference.
thatdad1reWe already knew that children with Down syndrome are spectacular. But one Utah dad is using his photography skills to drive home the message that there is no limit to what people with Down syndrome can accomplish. Alan Lawrence’s photo series features his 18-month old son Wil in a variety of settings flying through the air like a superhero.
Here are some examples!
As reported by Buzzfeed, “’Lawrence said that he and his wife Nikki didn’t know their son had Down syndrome before he was born. While his wife handled the news ‘really, really well,’ Lawrence said he struggled with it at first. ‘I was a little more selfish about it,’ he said.”
“However, Lawrence said he quickly grew to understand what a blessing Wil was to his family. ‘Wil is going to be able to do anything he took his mind to,’ he said.”
thatdad2reLawrence says the idea came from Wil’s unique crawl that made him look like he was about to take off in flight. It grew from there once Lawrence realized the broader impact the photos could have.
In an interview with Buzzfeed, Lawrence noted that the message he hopes viewers, especially parents expecting children with Down syndrome, will take from the photos is “A child with Down syndrome can be a blessing to your family.”
More photos can be viewed on Lawrence’s Instagram.
Raising a child with Down syndrome is not easy but along with great challenges comes great joy.
thatdad3reLeticia Velazquez, co-founder of KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome), writes this about raising a daughter with Down syndrome, “This is a priceless gift. Each one of us is grateful that living with Christina has made us more tolerant of diversity in others, more patient with their weakness, and more able to give of ourselves in response. Christina has increased our compassion and our joy.”

As pro-life advocates, we know that unborn children who prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome face a tragically high abortion rate. It is vitally important that parents receive the information they need to make a life-affirming decision. Hopefully, efforts like Alan Lawrence’s photo series will touch people’s hearts and help pave the way for a society that fully embraces people with disabilities, before and after birth. An unborn child should not be denied her right to live because she has an extra chromosome.

Source:NRLC News

Crime and Punishment


British nurse sentenced to life for killing two patients and poisoning 20 more

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Chua deaths
Tracey Arden, Derek Weaver and Grant Misell
A British nurse was sentenced to life in prison for killing two people and poisoning 20 others.
Victorino Chua, a nurse from Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport UK, was convicted on Tuesday of killing Tracey Arden (44) and Derek Weaver (83) and poisoning 20 more people by intentionally putting lethal amounts of insulin into Saline bags to poison patients.
Grant Misell, who was one of the poisoned patients who survived, was brain damaged from the insulin poisoning.

“In all, Chua was convicted of two murders, 22 counts of attempted grievous bodily harm, one count of grievous bodily harm, seven attempts of administering poison and one count of administering poison,” according to Martin Evans of the Daily Telegraph.
Investigators also learned that Chua was not a qualified nurse.

According to the Evans [], Justice Openshaw stated in sentencing Chau that:
“It is a striking, sinister and truly wicked feature of the case, he did not personally administer contaminated products directly to most of these patients but having left saline bags contaminated with insulin he did not know which nurse would unwittingly collect them and still less to which patient the nurse would then unwittingly administer the poison.
“It is as if he left it to fate to decide who would be the victim.”

The euthanasia lobby claims that legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide decreases the number of deaths without request by physicians. The facts do not back up their claim.
Cases where a doctor or a nurse intentionally causes the death of a patient is not uncommon.
A recent NEJM study on the practice of euthanasia in the Flanders region of Belgium found that 1.7% of all deaths (more than 1,000 deaths) were hastened without explicit request in 2013.
The Lancet study analyzing the Netherlands euthanasia experience found that there were 310 hastened deaths without explicit consent in 2010.

Several cases have been reported in the media in the past such as the death of David Gray, in which the doctor received a nine month suspended sentence for negligence causing death.
Several medical professionals have intentionally killed patients, such as: Dr. Harold Shipman, Charles Cullen, Dr Virginia Soares de Souza, Aino Nykopp-Koski, and Dr. Michael Swango.
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Source: NRLC News

Fooling the Public


Embryonic Stem Cell Hypers Opened Door for Stem Cell Fraud

By Wesley J. Smith

Embryonic stem cell hypers have themselves to blame for the apparent proliferation of stem cell fraud.
You see, in order to win the ESCR political debate, harm President Bush’s popularity, and gain billions in research dollars, universities, scientists, bioethicists, sector advocacy groups, and Big Biotech PR departments–amplified by an in the tank media–pushed imminent CURES! CURES! CURES! that would soon have children leaping out of wheelchairs and Uncle Al dancing a jig after his Parkinson’s abated.

Except it mostly was blown smoke–certainly within the time frame implied or promised by the ESCR hypers.

Still, with movie stars testifying before Congress, a president’s son speaking at the Democrat Convention, and celebrity advocacy ads, the message that stem cells are magic imbedded deeply in the collective consciousness. And now, stem cell fraud suckers people all over the world with false promise of stem cell miracles.

From the MedCity News story, “Stem Cell Clinics Peddle Snake Oil–but the Market’s Growing Fast:
“There’s a lot of snake oil in stem cells.” That’s the mantra of Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center at University of California, San Diego, who always cautions that selling hope with false promises is big business among stem cell clinics.
He’s bullish on the therapeutic potential of stem cells, but consistently urges skepticism. If it’s too good to be true, it invariably is.
A duo of new Associated Press articles highlight this concept, as does a recent Los Angeles Times piece on how a Malibu psychiatrist with a revoked medical license is still peddling stem cell cures – abroad, and with little repercussion.

So, when assorted stem cell experts look down their collective nose at the suckers buying into stem cell quackery (I am not including Goldstein) they should look into the mirror. People were sold a bill of goods and they are still buying.
Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s great blog.

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Planned Parenthood


Shamelessly, Planned Parenthood touts itself as “safe haven” for newborn babies

By Dave Andrusko
safehaven4Why could/would/should it surprise you that Planned Parenthood, which corrupts everything it touches, also leads the galaxy in hypocrisy?

When you read that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is announcing that it is now a “safe haven” for newborn babies up to one month old, you wonder if you’re just having a particularly bizarre dream.

Safe Havens are a life-affirming alternative to lethal abandonment of babies, and thus a good thing. Allowing Planned Parenthood–the same “provider” of 330,000+ abortions each and every year–to polish its credentials with faux concern is not a good thing.
With complete indifference to its affiliation with the largest abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England posted on its Facebook page that Vermont has a new Safe Haven law and–hard as this is to believe–Planned Parenthood is considered a safe place for mothers to place their babies with complete anonymity and without fear of prosecution. (Presumably, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England participates because its Vermont “health centers” fall under the “health care facilities” designation.)

As the attached screen shot illustrates, we are told
Vermont has a new safe haven law. This means that rather than abandoning your newborn, you can bring your baby to a safe place where he or she will be carried for. All Planned Parenthood health centers in Vermont are safe places to bring an infant up to 30 days old. And you won’t face any legal charges if your baby has not been abused or neglected. We can help you with medical care, counseling referrals and more. We can help your baby to get necessary care and be placed with parents who are able to adopt and care for your child.”
Planned Parenthood is the most aggressive seller, promoter, and exporter of abortions anywhere in the world. It is quite willing to abuse unborn babies up to the last possible moment–the very same babies who are capable of feeling excruciating pain as they are killed.
Bring those babies to firehouses, police stations, churches and synagogues, and adoption agencies. None of these facilities would have taken that very same baby’s life just a short while before.
Tip of the hat to LifeNews.

Source: NRLC News

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Assisted Suicide


California Medical Association De-professionalizes Medicine, Puts Patients at Risk by taking “neutral stance” on physician-assisted suicide

Editor’s note. The following was provided by The American Academy of Medical Ethics.
AAME-logoreBristol, TN—The American Academy of Medical Ethics denounces the California Medical Association’s decision to take a “neutral stand” on the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in their state.
“Physician-assisted suicide is not about giving patients the right to die, but about giving doctors the right to kill,” said Executive Director for the American Academy of Medical Ethics David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics).
This week’s decision by the California Medical Association may have been met with elation by pro-suicide groups, but it is angering many of its own members, many of whom are also members of the American Academy of Medical Ethics.
“Suicide is tragic, but not illegal, in California,” said Dr. Stevens. “But physician-assisted suicide is just wrong. Taking this step only further de-professionalizes the practice of medicine, and it doesn’t protect our patients.”
In the past in states where medical societies have adopted a neutral stance, physician-assisted suicide was quickly legalized.
“For more than 2,500 years, the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship has been trust—a trust that physicians would not take the lives of their patients or help their patients kill themselves,” said Dr. Stevens. “Without that commitment to ‘do no harm,’ physicians are no longer professionals but untrustworthy technocrats.”
A bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide on the rationale of relieving suffering is currently making its way through California’s legislative system. However, so-called “safeguards” in bills like this protect the doctor, not the patient. And once legalized, it won’t stop with just alleviating suffering.
“Suffering is subjective, so how can you deny this new ‘right’ to a terminally ill patient who can’t swallow?” said Dr. Stevens. “And what about patients who suffer with chronic diseases or newborns with disabilities or mental suffering? Don’t they merit release? Where does it stop? In every country in Europe where physician-assisted suicide is legal, physicians give lethal injections to these groups of people, not simply just terminally ill patients.”
Legalizing physician-assisted suicide is dangerous for physicians. It takes no skill and is the “easy solution” for dealing with difficult patients. Plus, it gives doctors the power to be judge, jury and assistant executioner.

It is also dangerous for families who won’t be informed their loved one is about to kill themselves and it will cause dissension and sadness among those left behind.
It is dangerous for patients. The right to die will quickly become the duty to die to avoid depleting inheritances or being a burden. It will cause more elder abuse. Terminal patients desire suicide because they are depressed, but only 5 percent of patients killing themselves in Oregon get an expert evaluation.

And it is dangerous for society. The cheapest form of treatment for disease is a handful of lethal pills costing less than $100.

“That is scary in a healthcare system whose greatest challenge is high cost,” said Dr. Stevens.
“Even the American Medical Association’s code of ethics says that physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as a healer,” said Dr. Stevens. “This decision by the California Medical Association to take a neutral stand is like releasing a cobra in your house to eliminate your rat problem. Yes, it is a ‘solution,’ but it is a solution that is much more dangerous than the problem needing to be solved.”

The better alternative to physician-assisted suicide is to: train more palliative care physicians; modify laws to allow adequate pain/symptom control at the end of life; encourage better identification and treatment of depression; promote hospice; and mobilize communities to provide emotional and relational end-of-life support to struggling patients and families.
The American Academy of Medical Ethics and its members across the country stand opposed to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide.

Source: NRLC News

Source: NRLC News

Say It Isn't So


California Medical Association Embraces “Death Selection”

By Wesley J. Smith
California-Medical-Association-CMA-logoThe California Medical Association has rescinded its opposition to assisted suicide. How a medical association can adopt a (supposedly) NEUTRAL stance about something as ethically portentous and radically subverting of Hippocratic values as assisted suicide is beyond me. But these are the abandoning times in which we live.
I am not surprised at this downward turn. The CMA has been seriously courting the culture of death for more than forty years. Here’s a quote from a California Medicine editorial from 1970–published by the CMA-supporting “death selection.”

From, “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society:”
The traditional Western ethic has always placed great emphasis on the intrinsic worth and equal value of every human life regardless of its stage or condition . … This traditional ethic is . . . being eroded at its core and may eventually be abandoned . . . [H]ard choices will have to be made . . . that will of necessity violate and ultimately destroy the traditional Western ethic with all that portends. It will become necessary and acceptable to place relative rather than absolute values on such things as human lives. . . . One may anticipate . . . death selection and death control whether by the individual or by society.
Note that the editorial explicitly calls for the destruction of universal human equality in the context of medicine and cultural values.

Somewhere very dark, Jack Kevorkian is smiling. Or is that a vampire’s leer?
Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s great blog.

Source: NRLC News

Wrong Information


New World Health Organization report mistakenly links maternal mortality to abortion law

By Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach
mcclgologo7v2The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released a new report concerning the global problem of maternal mortality.

The document correctly notes that while maternal mortality ratios (MMRs) have declined, this issue “remains an unfinished agenda and one of the world’s most critical challenges.”
Unfortunately, however, WHO states in its report that “treaty monitoring bodies have … linked elevated rates of maternal mortality to … restrictive abortion laws [and] unsafe or illegal abortion.” But WHO cites only old, and flawed, reviews. The truth is that maternal mortality depends on the quality of maternal health care, not the legal status of abortion.

Some countries prohibit abortion and have very low MMRs; others permit abortion and have very high MMRs. Legalizing abortion is demonstrably unnecessary to improve maternal health and save women’s lives.

WHO also asserts that maternal deaths from abortion “are likely to be underreported or misclassified” and have recently “increased significantly in sub-Saharan Africa.” The problem, however, is that we lack accurate data about the number of lives lost to abortion.
As the WHO report acknowledges, “Only an estimated one third of countries have the capacity to count or register maternal deaths.” That’s why “estimation is necessary to infer MMRs in many countries where little or no data are available.” Such estimates have too often proved inflated and unreliable.

No one knows exactly how many unborn children and mothers die from abortion worldwide each year. But we do know that providing adequate care—before, during and after childbirth—and establishing a robust and accessible health care system can prevent maternal deaths. That’s how lives are saved.

Abortion doesn’t save anyone. It poses its own inherent risks to women. The safest abortion in the world is the one that is never performed.
Editor’s note. MCCL GO is a pro-life NGO global outreach program of the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Education Fund. Learn more at

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A Very Sad Tale


Thanking Planned Parenthood for her abortion–as sad as it gets

By Dave Andrusko
plannedparenthoodI don’t use Reddit myself, but this social networking site is more and more popular. This week I ran across a tribute–although tribute is understating the gratitude–to Planned Parenthood: ”Biggest thank you ever to Planned Parenthood–my abortion.”

The young woman tells us that she had a “medicinal abortion” the day before–which means a chemical abortion, aka the two-drug abortion technique commonly known as RU-486–“ plus I learned some stuff that might be useful to some .” By that she is referring to the sequence of events that make up a chemical abortion “procedure.”

We will call the unnamed woman “Kathy.” Her post is worth writing about because it tells us a lot on a number of scores.
When she thought she might be pregnant, Kathy took a pregnancy test and
had a full blown panic attack at the double line, and started googling how to induce a miscarriage. Closest to pure horror I ever felt. I 100% knew I wasn’t keeping it and felt like the guy in Alien who has the creature inside him scratching away. Needed to get rid of it ASAP. (This was mothers day, which just added to the emotional weirdness.)

You could write several posts on the paragraph alone. Kathy had 100% absorbed the line that when you abort a young unborn baby you are “induc[ing] a miscarriage.”

She further distanced herself from what she was doing–and to whom–by comparing the baby she had conceived with the parasitic monster that was implanted in a character (whose body was serving as a host) in the classic science fiction movie “Alien.” But at some level, Kathy understood that making the decision to kill an unborn child on Mother’s Day was a particularly unhinged decision.
Let me make a couple of observations that straighten out a lot of twists in her story. Part of the reason Kathy is so grateful to Planned Parenthood is that the first OB-GYN office she reached “congratulated me on my pregnancy and then got all ‘oh… we’ll call you back’ when I asked if they could help me go over options.”

That’s not what she wanted to hear: she wanted the “alien” removed, not cooed over.
Kathy didn’t understand how a pregnancy is dated but she consoled herself  after her abortion when she looked at the image, “it’s really more like a yolk at the 5 week mark. I think this made it easier for me.”

Kathy tells us that when she took the mifepristone at the Planned Parenthood clinic, she did so “to stop the pregnancy from growing.” Not the baby, the “pregnancy.”
Likewise the second drug (misoprostol) which she took at home “makes your body pass it.” Not the baby, but “it.”

There is nothing in her story that suggests the abortion clinic clued her into the indisputable fact that chemical abortions can be almost unimaginably painful and dangerous (to the mother).
So her gratitude included that Planned Parenthood was (to state the obvious) “non judgmental”; prompt (they scheduled the abortion for the next day); and disposed of the pregnancy/it before Kathy would have required a surgical abortion “which I think for me personally would’ve been a little more traumatic, especially doing this by myself.”

Kathy’s story ends with a promise someday to “write them a fat donation.” Just before that final sentence she writes

Anyway, after a hell week of stress and crying tears not knowing what to do next, I feel like as soon as I got on the phone with PP it’s like your mom’s there taking care of you.
Not to be cruel, but neither Planned Parenthood nor Kathy acted anything like a real mom.

Source: NRLC News

Using Tools to Save Lives


21st Century progress toward making abortion unthinkable

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
socialnetworking44The Millennial Generation has grown up with an explosion of technology — the expansion of the Internet, the invention of the iPhone, the birth of social media, the advent of Skype.

But the 21st century could also be known as a time of great progress against abortion.
Real limits have been placed on abortion, thanks to the passage of the partial-birth abortion ban at the national level, late-term abortion bans, dismemberment abortion bans, and other legislation at the state level.

The Guttmacher Institute, the former research arm of Planned Parenthood, reports that abortion rates are at their lowest level since 1973, the year Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. The most recent recorded rate is 16.9 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44, well below the record high of 29.3 per 1,000 women in 1981.

It’s been estimated that more than 3,500 pregnancy help centers are now in operation across the U.S. and, as the pro-abortion lobbying group NARAL ruefully notes, these centers vastly outnumber abortion facilities. Pregnancy centers provide comprehensive counseling and assistance to women facing unexpected pregnancies, offering everything from diapers to day care referrals. Women have even been known to request that pregnancy center volunteers serve as their companions during the birthing process.

Students for Life groups have grown exponentially on college campuses, and March for Life attendance has been boosted by the throngs of high school and college students who descend on Washington, D.C. each January 22.

4D ultrasound pictures have become prominent on Facebook and Twitter pages, websites and blogs. The humanity of the unborn child has been well-documented in these social media images.
Certainly, much work remains in making abortion unthinkable. More than 57 million Americans have died from legal abortion since it began nationwide in 1973. Pro-abortion groups continue their national assault on the rights of preborn children, while failing to recognize the devastation abortion has caused for generations of women.
Still, in just the first two decades of the 21st century, much headway has been made in scaling back abortion on demand. This should be the century when the disastrous era of Roe v. Wade finally comes to an end.

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

Source: NRLC News