Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Visitation - What Women Mean to Each Other

Two of my very favorite stories in the Bible, just happen to be about women. The first being the Book of Ruth, which recounts the deeply touching story of love and fidelity that takes place between a younger woman named Ruth and an older woman, Naomi, her mother in law. In the Book of Ruth, Ch. 1:16 we read the most beautiful words ever spoken between two people, man or woman, when Ruth says to her mother in law Naomi, " for wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and your God my God."

I first heard these words as a small girl, oddly enough not from the Bible, but at a drive-in theater with my parents, watching the movie: "The Book of Ruth". Even as a small child, these words hit a deep cord within my little girl's heart. What a beautiful example of, not only fidelity, as the Church has always taught this story teaches us, but also of the very special bond that only women can share. For though Eve was meant to be Adam's soul-mate, yet God also provided a very special communion meant to be shared only between women.

Today, Catholics especially celebrate another pivotal biblical moment between two women. That moment being the one which occurred between Mary the mother of the Redeemer, and Elizabeth, the mother of St. John the Baptist. Once again, we read a very touching story of a younger woman and her faithful help to an older woman in Luke's gospel. Here is recorded the other well known and deeply touching biblical dialogue beginning with Elizabeth's greeting to Mary in - Luke 1:43, "And who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me?" Followed by Mary's Magnificat" in - Luke 1:46 "My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid." A bit further in Luke 1:56 the story continues, "And Mary abode with Elizabeth about three months and then returned to her own home." Obviously, Mary would have swept, dusted, cooked and washed laundry for her older cousin who was with child, until little John the Baptist popped out his head. We can just imagine the tender attentiveness that the younger Mary, herself with child, showed to her older relative who was about to bear a child in her older more precarious years. Once again, as with the story of Ruth and Naomi, we are touched by the special communion which two women can share.

Again, sharing my own personal experiences, I recall particularly the birth of my 5th and last child. Unlike my parent's generation, when men paced anxiously in waiting rooms, while their wives gave birth surrounded only by doctors and nurses; today's husbands are allowed to be present at the birth of their children, and to be "coaches" to their wives. They can massage their wife's back, and encourage her to "breathe" .. etc. in order to share more intimately the birth of their children, while being a "helpmate" to their wife, as she goes through her ordeal. This, my own husband did, with the birth of each of our own children.

Now with the birth of 5 children, I have many memories of each; but I wish to recount here today, the story of my 5th and last child's birth for the specific reason, that it relates to my two favorite stories in the Bible. Back then, my generation did not use epidurals, as the newer generation now does; so my labors were long, painful and exhausting; the moment of birth itself being a particularly excruciating ordeal. At the moment of my 5th baby's entrance into this world, I cannot even tell you where my husband was. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's not that he was being remiss in his duties ... I know I heard his voice somewhere ... but at that crucial moment, my whole mind, heart and body responded like a radar honing in on a beacon, to the voice and touch of the older female nurse, who stood at my right side and held my hand while gently encouraging me through those last pushes. I remember how I snuggled into her ample middle aged breasts and chubby warm motherly arms, feeling such comfort as only a child feels when being suckled by it's mother. At that decisive instant, when my own child was entering this world, I forgot where my husband even was, and all my brain could react to, was the touch and voice of a woman. I'm sure each of you women has your own memories of a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or girlfriend, with which you can somehow relate to what I'm saying here.

With the onset of the women's movement, many things that women experience, while in a man's world, were reexamined, and "Women's Lib" was born. And though I have never considered myself a women's libber, nevertheless I am a woman, and as such share in the experiences of all women ... experiences which men will never know. One of the most ludicrous ideas that cropped out of the women's movement, was the idea that we could somehow blur the sexes, and Hollywood hopped on board, with movies like "Mr. Mom" and "Tootsie". This in my opinion was one of the most counter-productive things that ever came out of the woman's movement; 2nd only to the most horrendous of all, being a woman's so called right to kill off her unborn child through legalized abortion.

So what can we women take away today from the story of Ruth and the story of "The Visitation"? Recalling my own experience with the birth of my 5th child, as well as the great void that I experienced as a motherless child myself, I am personally struck today by what these two stories say to all women. That being ... we women need each other. Women provide a support and succor to one another which men cannot .. not because they aren't inclined to ... but because God did not design men by nature, to have the same maternal capacities for compassion and tenderness and motherly affection, with which He endowed women. And the silly idea that we can swap roles with the sexes, has only made things worse for us women.

Now, this may sound like I'm placing blame on men, though I'm not ... but has anyone ever considered that doctors who are abortionists are primarily male? In Abbey Johnson's book, "Unplanned" .. she recounts the horrifying moment when the ultrasound probe was in place, and the doctor callously joked, "Beam me up Scottie", while Abbey herself went into what might only be described as a state of shock. Does this imply that men are more evil than women? No. And there have certainly been women who've performed abortions on other women. But, I would venture to say here today, that abortion is still primarily a male doctor's field. Why? Simply because of the different ways in which God created males and females. He did not give the heart of a mother to a man.

I've often joked about the story of Abraham and Sarah, when God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac, by saying, "It's a good thing he didn't ask Sarah .. God might have gotten a different answer." All kidding aside, we women are given a very special nature by our Creator. It is a nature which is not meant to be the same as the man's ... rather to compliment his. And in order for two things to compliment each another, they cannot be mirror images of each other. I agree with Women's Lib that women must be "empowered". The only thing is, I have a slightly different view of what that empowerment entails. And it does not mean that we need to mimic our male partners. We women have our own empowerments, unique to our own sex; and women today need to rediscover what those powers of womanhood truly are.

If we are ever to overcome the bloodbath of abortion that presently plagues our nation, it must begin with us women. And just as a very great part of the story of Salvation History begins with two women in the "Book of Ruth" ... on down to two other women in the story of "The Visitation" ... we women need to realize that we cannot do it alone. In short ... we need each other ... and both biblical stories highlight this fact. Women have a unique role that compliments the men's role ... but we need each other to fulfill that role. So, where are the Ruths and Naomis and Marys and Elizabeths of today? I might want to say more on this subject later ... so stay tuned.

New Congressional Map


This proposed map will place 2 pro-life congressmen in the same district. Congressman Joe Walsh would be placed in Congressman Manzullo district.Question what was the purpose of this map?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If I Can't Have Mine - You Can't Have Yours - NARAL Seeks To Corner The Market

Did you ever have one of those experiences as a child, which seemed to be a sort of life lesson as well as a portent of things to come? A a young girl, I attended a typical Catholic school in a typical Chicago neighborhood, taught by pre-Vatican II nuns, who taught pre-Vatican II Catholicism. Now down the road from this school was a typical Chicago neighborhood store, which we children would frequent during our recess time ... that is, for those of us whose parents gave us a few pennies to spend. For back then in the mid 1950's, you could get a Cornucopia of treats for mere pennies.

Oh woe is me ... my parents never gave me any money ... pennies or otherwise .. sniff. Ok, so everyday, I would accompany my little school chums to the corner store, and watch as they purchased for mere pennies, all sorts of sweet delights. I remember black licorice flavored wax mustaches and cherry flavored red wax lips, and little wax coke bottles, with some sort of sugary liquid, which the children lapped up in delight. But the one treat which really made my mouth water, as I watched the kids slurp and imbibe it's sweet delight, were these little ice treats the store owner sold in warm weather. They must have been made of frozen Cool Aid or something of the like, and were contained in small paper ketchup cups, which sold for the bargain basement price of 2 cents. At the sound of the bell, on a hot day, the kids would swarm out of the school and run down the road to the corner store for one of these cool tasty delights. To a little girl like myself, who did not even have the 2 pennies needed for one of these treats, they may as well have been ambrosia of the gods.

When one wonderful day, my mother, in a rare mood of generosity, suddenly gave me 2 cents! Oh happy day! I could scarcely contain my anticipation during my classes, as my eyes watched the classroom clock creep slowly toward the noon hour, when the bell would announce the long awaited moment. I had carefully kept my treasure of 2 pennies in a small coin purse, and when the long dreamed of moment finally arrived, I proudly handed over my booty in exchange for the enticing treat I had so long desired. Walking along the sidewalk back to the school-yard, I had just begun to lick the tasty orange flavor of my precious little ice pop, when a school mate next to me dropped hers on the hot dirty pavement. She laughed as though it were the funniest thing in the world, and in an instant, before I could realize what was happening .... she knocked mine out of my hand as well ... bellowing with laughter. She cared little, as she knew that the next day, her mother would give her another 2 cents. But there were no words to describe my poor disappointed and broken little heart. I dared not let her see the tears that were struggling to escape my disappointed eyes, as they gazed at my squashed prize lying on the sidewalk. I never told my mother what had happened, nor did she ever again gave me 2 cents. I never got to have that ice treat, which at 7 years old, had seemed such a prize. And I learned something about human nature on that day. "If I can't have mine, you can't have yours either."

As I grew older, other situations would occur in my life, that would mimic this same scenario over and over. Misery likes company, was an old saying, I would hear my parents and grandparents say. And the day of my ice pop tragedy, certainly taught me that life lesson. So, what does this have to do with NARAL, and what are they trying to take from others, which they themselves have lost?

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, has revealed a strategy to network with lawmakers to target Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC's) specifically in urban areas. They have produced a video, which was released on YouTube as of May 10th, in which they slam PRC's as using "emotional bullying" on vulnerable women. The video reveals that the "National Institute for Reproductive Health" (NIRH) has instituted an initiative known as the "Urban Initiative for Reproductive Health", in order to unite city lawmaker across the country against crisis pregnancy centers, disseminating gag rules similar to ones already passed in New York, Austin, and Maryland.

This begs the question ... why would anyone, who claims to want to help women, want to destroy centers designed to help women? Why was the catch phrase, "safe, legal and rare", coined by Obama in the first place? Does NARAL and NIRH and Planned Parenthood for that matter, really want to make abortions rare? Are they truly interested in helping women? Or are they merely interested in helping women have more abortions? Why would anyone desire to see women suffer an abortion, when there are agencies ready, willing and able to help women with other alternatives? And why make war against those agencies, which are truly seeking to make abortion rare? Or is that really what they want?

The abortion industry never ceases to remind me of the girl who lost her ice treat and knocked mine down, so that I could not enjoy what she had lost. From a very early age, I learned that those who have lost something, want to make sure you lose it too ... whatever that may be. So many people in the abortion industry have lost their way, their morals, their humanity, and yes, many of them have had abortions themselves. So, is this really about trying to help save the other girl's ice treat ... or is it about dragging others down to their level, because misery likes company? Do they truly want to make abortion safe, legal and RARE ... or just legal ... legalized murder?

No one ever restored my little ice treat to me on that day. But that is nothing compared to a woman who has had an abortion. She has lost something that can never be restored in this life. You would think, that if those who are pro-choice truly cared about women, they would welcome agencies that help save women from the tragedy of abortion. But they are not interested in making abortion rare ... and it is certainly not safe! So what are they truly pushing? What are they truly offering women? Or what are they trying to take? They have lost their way and their souls, and now they want others to lose what they have lost. It's a hard lesson I learned as a little girl on the day someone took from me what they had lost. And there are some things which people take from us which are small, like an ice treat, and then ... there are others that can never be measured ... like the life of a mother's child which has been taken by abortion.

Is abortion the only alternative for women ... and abortion providers the only ones who should be able to offer women a "Choice"? After all, in order for their to be a Choice ... there must be Options! NARAL, NIRH and Planned Parenthood don't really want women to have Options .. so how can they call themselves pro-choice? And why are they opposed to agencies like PRC's which truly do offer women another choice? Why are they so intent on cornering the market?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Media Spin Spins But Off Course

Contrary to Media Spin, New Gallop Poll Shows Americans More Pro-life than Ever

This week a new Gallop poll on abortion was released. The poll attracted a great deal of media attention because, unlike recent years, it showed more Americans identifying themselves as “pro-choice” (49%) than pro-life (45%). However, a closer look at the data reveals that Americans are more strongly pro-life than ever.

The abortion lobby may have loved the opportunity for political spin, but the only way in which Americans are more “pro-choice” is in their choice of words.

The problem is that asking a broad question does not allow for nuanced responses. Asking more specific questions, such as “should my doctor be forced to perform or refer for abortions” or “should tax dollars be spent on abortions” gives a clearer picture. Other recent polls show that a strong majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion and that Americans strongly favor conscience protections for health care providers.

Ironically, the Gallup report noted that “Over the past two decades, Americans have consistently leaned toward believing abortion should be legal in only a few or no circumstances.” Here is what the poll found:

· Sixty-one percent of all Americans believe that abortion should be legal in “few or no circumstances.”

· Sixty percent of Independents believe abortion should be legal in “few or no circumstances.”

· Fifty-one percent of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong, while only 39 percent believe it is morally acceptable

· Only 37 percent want abortion legal “in all or most circumstances.”

· A 53% majority of those between the ages of 18 and 34 called abortion morally wrong

Interestingly, those who consider themselves pro-choice tend not to hold the extreme views of organizations like Planned Parenthood. Gallup’s most recent data shows that only 27% of Americans support abortion-on-demand—which means that 22% of those calling themselves “pro-choice” do not.

Did You know Girl Scouts USA supports abortion and Planned Parenthood


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guttmacher Institute Has It Backwards

The Guttmacher Institute, may have it wrong. The pro-abortion research group, formerly affiliated with Planned Parenthood, has put out the results of a new study, which they say reveals the abortion rate has decreased overall in the United States ... except ... among poor women. Their answer to this, they suggest, is simply to provide greater help to them through measures such as better contraceptive access and better family counseling. Translation ... abortifacient drugs guaranteed to produce either breast or cervical cancer, and Planned Parenthood's counseling, being to kill off the results of any failed contraception.

They also blamed pro-life legislation for cutting taxpayer funding for abortions, as resulting in increasing the abortion rates among Black women, even though studies have clearly shown that cutting tax-funded abortions is actually most responsible for reducing the number of abortions? How does cutting taxpayer funding to poor Black women, actually increase the number of these poor Black women, having more abortions ??????? So who is paying for these "more" abortions that these poor Black women cannot afford ???? If a woman's husband cut her weekly grocery allowance, so that she could no longer afford to buy nail polish ... how would that facilitate her purchasing more nail polish ???

The poor have been with us from the beginning of time, and will always be with us. Abortion has been legal now for 38 years, and the poor are still with us. So how has abortion decreased poverty? Is it really poverty that has led to abortion? Or is it a a permissive humanistic society, that has ingrained in our society a self centered ideology, which tells them it's all about the individual and his or her own personal self-fulfillment and gratification, including sexual gratification. Sex has become a pacifier and a drug for modern mankind. Are human beings supposed to use their sexuality like mindless beasts? The end result is that we've blurred the distinction between love and lust. Love is all about sacrifice. Lust is all about self.

Mindless animals have no ability to comprehend what it is that we have been called to participate in, regarding our life giving sexuality; while humans on the other hand, have been given rational minds, so that we can enter into the miracle of life with full knowledge of what it is that we are participating in. Today's morality has debased human beings to the level of mindless animals. Animals cannot help it that they are mindless, but we can.

So is the solution to reducing abortions among the poor, having more comprehensive sex education, that teaches a mere contraceptive mentality which is all about Lust with no consequences. And if the consequences of lust occur, should society pay to abort those consequences .. those consequences which just so happen to have a humanity and God-given soul.

The question which still begs an answer, is how does paying for contraceptive counseling make abortion more rare among poor women, when prior studies from Guttmacher itself, confirm more than half of women who get abortions were using contraceptives at the time? How about a novel approach to sex education, which raises our awareness above that of the animals, when it comes to our sexuality ... poor or rich.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is Beautiful


“I’ve never set out to win a popularity contest. I came from [being previously pro-choice], but when I was confronted with the science — and I spoke to top scientists throughout our country asking, ‘Would you please just show me some shred of evidence that the unborn is not a human being?’ and no one has been able to show me any, and I will continue to fight for those human rights until someone can show me otherwise.”
– Kathy Ireland, explaining her opposition to taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood

They say truth is beauty, and beauty, truth.

(H/T: The Other McCain)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Safe Place Cont. - A Father Is Left Behind

I wish to continue today on my previous topic of fatherhood, and the other side of the aisle in the issue of vulnerability ... one that is particular to men - and how easily they can become, "a father who is left behind."

Previously I wrote on the vulnerability of a woman with child and the great role which the father plays in hers and the child's protection. Today I will write on the vulnerability of fathers, who choose not to protect the woman and her child, and the tragic effects of this sad choice. In the beginning, it is the mother and her child who will suffer the effects of the father's abandonment. But as time goes by this will change. Of course we all know that the mother has full legal right to dispose of the child, which the father has left behind, through abortion ... but today I will speak of another aspect here that affects the man ... and without naming names, I will refer to a true story to prove my point ... the story of a father who gets left behind.

A young woman made a bad first marriage, as often happens in life, as it is not always easy to see the true character of someone until after we've married them. Upon discovering her first pregnancy, this young woman was actually approached by the mother of her husband, who suggested abortion because she insisted that her son was not ready for fatherhood yet ... the poor lad. The young woman did not listen to her mother in law, and eventually had two children with her ne'er- do-well husband, who neglected and eventually abandoned her and her children. The young woman and her two children first sought a "Safe Place" in an Abused Woman's Shelter. She then turned to her own mother, who helped the young woman by babysitting for her two grandchildren, so that the young mother could go out and work to support herself and her kids. It was a long hard road and the young mother, who had once been a very self-reliant and independent young woman on her own, now found it considerably more difficult with two young children in tow. A Safe Place? The only Safe Place this young woman had during those dark years, was her own ever faithful mother.

The long hard years caused the young mother to become angry and discouraged many times. And if her own loneliness was not hard enough to bear - to add insult to injury - the father of her children kept getting out of paying child support, due to the high paid attorneys of his well-to-do mother. All the while he was allowed full access to the visitation of his children, while at the same time enjoying the lavish life-style of his well-to-do parents, who took him with them on expensive vacations to Hawaii and the like. The injustice of the situation drove the young mother to near despair many times. The loyalty of her own mother, her own faith in God, along with her own steadfast love for her two children, were her only weapons against this despair.

Though she maintained gainful employment at a good company, the young mother had long yearned for an opportunity to finish her degree - something which had been interrupted once she married. And one day she was given an opportunity to do just that, through a unique college program which accepted young mothers with children. So, she took the risk of quitting her solid job, and with her two children alongside, enrolled in a woman's college out east, where for two years she and they would live in a college dorm, while she was able to complete her unfinished degree. It was an answer to prayer.

Today, with even better employment due to attaining her full degree, the young mother has purchased her own beautiful brand new home, for herself and her children. Not only that, but she has met a wonderful man, who loves her and her children and has the greatest respect for the young mother and her great courage. The date is set, and the young mother is joyfully choosing her wedding gown and planning her wedding, as this blog is being written. So what of the childrens' biological father?

For so long it seemed to the young mother, that the father of her children had gotten off Scott free. He also reveled in believing that he had escaped the responsibilities of fatherhood. How many times the young mother would cry, that he had moved on, while she struggled to raise two children on her own. One day all that will change, her mother kept telling the young woman. And today, the father is still a ne'er-do-well, still with no ambition or any real job prospects, still living off his well-to-do mother ... but as a divorced father of two children, his dating options are slightly hampered. Worst of all, his two children, though they still love him, see him as a rather pathetic character who did not have what it took to be a real dad to them.

As the young woman has had to settle in another state for her new employment, the father does not see his children all that often anymore. But whether he sees them or not, his children will now see another man across the breakfast table every morning ... another man will help them with their homework ... tuck them in bed at night and accompany them with their mother throughout their lives ... while their biological father is 'left behind'. And do not think that this father is not feeling this now. He has gone from feeling Scott free to feeling aimless and alone. At long last, the tables have turned .. and the young woman is living a fulfilling new life with her children, whom she cared for all those years on her own, while her playboy ex-husband threw his fatherhood away.

And what has happened to the young mother's ex mother in law? Now she grieves over her son's fate, as the mother of the young woman grieved over her poor daughter's plight for so long. Now she realizes, as her grandchildren are raised by another man, that her son is the one to be "left behind".

This modern culture, which is the creation of the likes of men such as Hugh Hefner, has not only left women and girls in a vulnerable state and needing a Safe Place ... but I hope this story helps all you men and soon to be father's out there to realize, that you too are vulnerable, and that you are in very real danger of being "left behind".

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Sci-Fi Story - A Safe Place - The Role of Fathers

I would like to add to the previous blog regarding Safe Places for mothers to entrust their newborn infants, in the event they themselves are not able or prepared to care for them. I would like to speak today, of another Safe Place.

Recently at our Lake County's Annual Benefit Banquet, we heard David Bereit, co-founder of 40 Days for Life, give a very inspirational talk concerning mothers and their babies. He likened the expectant mother in trouble, to a lady with a baby on the deck of a ship in a storm. His intention was to provoke in our minds, the very vulnerable position of a mother with child, which differs greatly from a person on their own. Painting this very vivid image of the vulnerability of a woman with child ... he challenged us to question our own role in how we might rescue women and their children from the jaws of abortion.

Today I will bring a personal note to my blog, as I fully believe that everything we espouse must ultimately come from a personal perspective, as well as an intellectual and philosophical one .. something our pro-abortion opponents always challenge us to do. As a woman and mother myself, I can personally attest to this vulnerability, which all women feel upon first discovering they are with child. Even a married woman like myself, upon discovering my first pregnancy, suddenly felt frighteningly vulnerable and in need of protection. Before my pregnancy with my first child, I was a very independent young woman, who felt very self-sufficient and empowered ... with or without my husband ... or anyone else for that matter. To that day, I saw my husband, as a lover, companion and friend, to accompany me along life's journey ... and our roles seemed very equal in this.

On the day I discovered I was with child, all that changed ... and suddenly ... I was forced to look quite differently at my husband. I recall leaning my head on his shoulder, and telling him how vulnerable I felt, and how this feeling of vulnerability was forcing me into a rather scary and humbling position of dependence, which to that date I had not sought from anyone. As a young woman from a broken home and tragic childhood, I had learned survival by relying upon my own wits and strengths. But now, there was another on board. Now, once again as when I was a child, I would have to entrust myself to another .. which for a kid who grew up the way I did, held not a small amount of dread. So, I looked with great expectation, and not a little fear and trembling, to my husband. In short, I looked to my husband for a Safe Place ... something I had not even known as a child myself. Not to worry though .. he did not fail me.

And so, with Mother's Day behind us, and Father's Day soon to be upon us, I will write about the roles of each, particularly because of the very life changing effect that a pregnancy will have upon a couple. How they will suddenly see one another through very different eyes, and how especially, the woman with child will now look to her man/spouse for a Safe Place. That Safe Place being the one God had ordained from the beginning of time for the woman and her child.

As soon to be empty-nesters of 5 children, my husband and I had an empty-nester date the other night, with a movie he had rented. He made some pop-corn, and we settled in on the couch to watch a Sci-Fi flick .. not necessarily my favorite .. but I prepared to enjoy my husband's company anyway. I was soon totally struck by what a pro-life message, whether intentionally or not, the story plot of this movie projected ... and it helped to inspire my subject matter here today.

The movie depicts a typical modern young couple, enjoying a superficial carefree life of pleasure and self-indulgence with the world and with one another, when all of this suddenly changes upon the woman discovering she is pregnant. At this point the young father recoils with typical reproaches of not being ready etc., lending greater stress to the young woman, who is already struggling with her own sense of unpreparedness for motherhood. Now, coinciding with the young couple's discovery of their newly conceived offspring, is a ghastly invasion of aliens from some other world, which threatens the entire earth and all human life upon it.

As the story unfolds, and the inhabitants of earth are embroiled in an intense struggle for survival, the young man goes through a sort of metamorphosis in his mind and heart, along with an obviously fantastical physical transformation (sorta like the Hulk), due to contact with the aliens. The young reluctant father is forced to come to the realization of the fragility of life on earth, and how very precious that life truly is. Along with this, as he witnesses so many of his own human race around him, being obliterated by the aliens, he is brought to a deeper appreciation for his girlfriend and the child she is carrying, calling them, "His Family". As such, he is spurred on to a greater determination to fight for their survival, as well as his own. The movie ends with his complete transformation into some sort of sci-fi comic book alien type character, who is now physically, mentally and in every other way, able to defend and protect his beloved and the child she carries.

I do not know if the writer of this script realized what a pro-life message he was creating with his story. But it was definitely a message of how a man needs to become something much more than a weak, childish and selfish pleasure seeking individual, once he is faced with fatherhood. And how he needs to completely transform himself, mind heart soul, and possibly even physically, into a Safe Place for the woman and her child. How even the future of mankind itself depends upon his transformation from selfish boy, to a manhood that is capable of fatherhood.

This is the greatest Safe Place a woman will ever know. It is the Safe Place of the man who has implanted in her the seed of life. Once a man plants a seed, he must tend the ground in which he has planted that seed. If he neglects the ground in which the seed is planted, drought and thistles will overtake it; and the earth itself in which that seed was planted will not be able to nourish and bring it to fruition. So too, an impregnated and abandoned woman risks many dangers to herself and the precious seed of life she carries within her own vulnerable person .. and the abortionist is right around the corner ... like a thistle plant waiting to strangle the life out of her. Who will be her Safe Place?

So, while we work to provide those Safe Places with our laws, and within our communities, let me remind all you men out there today, that you are the first Safe Place of the woman who carries your child. With Father's Day upon us, I pray that all fathers impress upon their own hearts, as well as the hearts of their young sons, this very sacred trust which God has so privileged you .. and it is no small privilege. It is a privilege which God has not even given to the angels!

The Book of Genesis is not yet complete, as the engendering of new life is still a work in progress. And it is to we mere mortals that this work has been assigned. We share in God's own creative power .. no small matter. It is an awesome privilege to which both men and women have been called .. and we women cannot do it alone ... we need you men! We need you to be Safe Places for us and the new life we carry. We need you to be FATHERS .. as well as lovers and friends. To be continued ....

Chance To Help Save A Baby

Legislation Update

House Bill 106 - Adds Campus Police Departments and State Police as Designated Safe Havens for Newborn Infants


Bill Status of HB106 (Illinois General Assembly)

How Can You Help?

Contact YOUR state representatives and ask them to sign on as a Co-Sponsor of HB106 and be a part of this life saving bill!

Rarely do lawmakers get a chance to write and pass laws that actually save lives. Even more rare is legislation that is written to appeal to a desperate parent in crisis. Illinois' "Safe Haven Law" does just that – it provides a safe and legal option to a parent who might otherwise abandon a newborn in a dumpster or other unsafe place.

The Safe Haven Law allows a parent to relinquish an unharmed newborn, 30 days old or younger, to personnel at a Safe Haven: a Hospital, Emergency Medical Care Facility, Police or Fire Station, anonymously, with no fear of prosecution for abandonment.

The law is simple and it works. 64 babies have been safely and legally relinquished under the Illinois law since it was passed in 2001.

What Does HB 106 Accomplish?

The Newborn Infant Protection Act currently defines a "police station" as a safe haven; however, the Act narrowly defined "police station" to mean a municipal police station or county sheriff's office. This narrowly drawn definition excludes university police stations and state police and puts newborn infants at risk.

University police departments serve an inexperienced and often immature young adult population where unplanned pregnancies occur. On any campus there is a real possibility of a newborn infant being abandoned to the environment or other unsafe places.

HB 106 will expand the definition of the Act to include campus police stations and state police as a "safe haven" where a desperate parent can bring their newborn.

Why Should HB 106 Be Passed?

This new law acknowledges that citizens already believe they can go to the police in a time of need. The police motto of "serve and protect" means an infant who might otherwise be abandoned unsafely could be saved. Parents who have abandoned their infants often say they didn't know where they could go, what they could do, and were too ashamed to ask for help. Campus students know where to find their campus police and know they will be offered help there.

Adding this option increases the odds that a newborn infant's life may be saved instead of abandoned in a dumpster or other unsafe condition.

Who Supports HB 106?

  • Department of Children and Family Services
  • University of Illinois Division of Public Safety
  • Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition
  • Save Abandoned Babies Foundation

Thank you to the following Representatives that want to save the lives of newborn babies who might otherwise be abandoned in an unsafe way, so much that many end up dead. Let's hope that the other Illinois State Representatives follow their lead. These legislators have signed on to sponsor HB106.

Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson - Elaine Nekritz - Sandy Cole - Patricia R. Bellock - Chad Hays, Greg Harris, Daniel Biss, Thaddeus Jones, Tom Cross, Robyn Gabel, Linda Chapa LaVia, Chris Nybo, Norine Hammond, Robert W. Pritchard, Randy Ramey, Jr., Michelle Mussman, Camille Y Lilly, Kay Hatcher and Lisa M. Dugan

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Lake County Right to Life salutes both our Congressmen, Bob Dold and Joe Walsh, for voting in support of HR 3, to ban federal funding of abortion!

Disappoipnted pro-aborts are lashing out already.

Vote on Life Today

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to take up a major pro-life bill -- the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3) -- on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.Lake County Right to Life urges you to promptly contact the office of your representative in the U.S. House, to urge him or her to support H.R. 3, and to oppose all amendments that may be offered by opponents of the bill.

Currently, there is a patchwork of different federal laws that restrict federal funding of abortion. However, many of these restrictions (such as the well-known Hyde Amendment, which applies to the federal Medicaid program) expire every year -- which forces the pro-life side to re-fight the same battles in Congress, year after year. Moreover, in a number of federal programs -- notably, some major new programs created by the massive Obama health care law in 2010 -- federal subsidies for abortion are currently permissible under law. H.R. 3 would replace this leaky patchwork with a permanent, government-wide prohibition on federal funding of abortion and federal subsidies for health plans that cover abortion.

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act is sponsored by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-Il.), the co-chairs of the House Pro-Life Caucus.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Three Evil Stooges - Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Sarah Weddington & Divine Justice

Last night, we heard the stunning announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death on our news stations, and listened to President Obama address the nation regarding this final victory over the Al Qaeda architect of the infamous 9/11 attacks. This announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death, just so happens to coincide with the announcement of Adolf Hitler's death, reported on May 1, 1945, exactly 66 years ago.

Now, another announcement, though slightly upstaged by the consuming news reports of Bin Laden's demise, is the reports of the infamous Roe v. Wade attorney, Sarah Weddington being laid off from her job as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas. All three of these personages can boast the same infamous claim to fame ... they are architects of the murder of innocents!

We are all too painfully aware of the evil track record of Hitler and Bin Laden; but probably less well aware, and certainly in the wake of today's Bin Laden news, of Sarah Weddington. Who is Sarah Weddington, and what is her connection to Osama Bin Laden, and Adolf Hitler? Sarah Weddington was the lead attorney in the infamous Roe v. Wade case, which legalized unlimited abortion across our nation. Today, 53 million innocent unborn children have been butchered in their mother's wombs, as a result. This overwhelmingly rivals the death count of Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden's victims combined! Yet, we will not see a picture of Sarah Weddington on any FBI's 10 Most Wanted List, as she successfully legalized her terrorism in the highest court of our land, the Supreme Court.

Sarah Weddington was only 26 yrs. old, when she successfully argued the infamous Roe v. Wade case in the Supreme Court decision of 1973. This infamous ruling, subsequently mowed down every pro-life law in our nation. Sarah herself noted, that her involvement in this famous case, topped everything else in her career; and she told a Vancouver newspaper interviewer in February 2008, that she will probably be remembered for nothing greater in her career, than her involvement in that case. She stated: "There were some years when I thought, 'How will I trump Roe vs Wade?' I have finally made peace with the fact that I will never trump it," she concluded. She even went on to comment that this case will be the highlight of her obituary. What an accolade for one's life! What an epitaph on one's tombstone! "Here lies the architect of the deaths of 53 million!" Chilling!

Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, will forever share in Adolf's epitaph, as she joined him in a dual suicide. One of Osama's, as yet unnamed wives, will now share in his epitaph, due to one of Osama's cowardly cohorts using her as a human shield, leading to her own death along with Bin Laden's. Now, Sarah Weddington's significant other, will also share in her glorious epitaph. Papers obtained from President Clinton's administration, reveal Sarah's hubby, as the one who urged President Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas, to promote RU 486. Clinton approved the abortion drug RU486, which has since been known to have killed more than a dozen women and injuring another 1,200 more.

So, while Americans across our nation celebrate the demise of Osama Bin Laden, we might pause to reflect. First of all, we must thank God for this great mercy which He has presently shown our nation. A mercy, which might be argued, we do not necessarily deserve by merit of our own virtues. For if there is any divine justice to be considered in the topple of a murderous terrorist and tyrant, such as Osama Bin Laden, and Adolf Hitler before him, we might well consider the tyranny of abortion which still bathes our own land in the blood of far more innocent victims, and wonder what day of reckoning awaits us.

I would dare to suggest here, that yesterday's victory over our nation's enemy, was earned not only by the sacrifice of our brave military, but also, by those brave and steadfast pro-life crusaders, who have fought against the evil of abortion which has stained our own stars and stripes with blood, going on 40 years now. Were it not for the continued struggle of those in our nation, who crusade against abortion and all the other evils which plague our land, I suggest to you all here and now, that we would not be enjoying this day, and worse yet, would most likely be the ones meeting our own demise. So, in the midst of our celebrations, let us carefully consider this sobering fact.

God bless our military, who have been the ones on the front lines, paying the ultimate price in the war against this murderous fiend. But also, God bless all you pro-lifers, who have been on the front lines in the war on terror against the innocent unborn. Many of you have sacrificed much of your own family time, energy and funds, to stand bravely against the evil of abortion. To you ordinary men and women and mothers with young families, who wasted no time after Sarah Weddington launched her own 9/11 assault against innocent life, to be the First Responders, we owe you all our very deepest gratitude, along with the gratitude we owe our military. And today's victory over one of America's biggest enemies, has been earned by you, along with our brave military. For it is people such as you, who have stayed the arm of God's justice over our own nation .. and earned His mercy in delivering over one of our enemies into our hands. Carry on bravely.