Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eggs 4 Sale or Rent

In 2007, the New York state legislature, committed $600 million to stem-cell research. Most of the money is ear marked for embryonic stem-cell research. On June 11, 2009, the Empire State Stem-Cell Board, which is responsible for administrating the funds, passed a resolution authorizing up to $10,000 to be used to compensate young women, who donate their eggs for research.
A fire storm was created. Women's health was a big issue. After all, in order for eggs to be harvested, the ovaries have to be stimulated by drugs. These are powerful hormones, and the long-term effects on women's health and future fertility, are not known.
Now, a pro-life feminist group has filed suit to block the use of New York state taxpayer funds, to pay women recruited to donate their eggs for embryonic stem-cell research. Good! Finally, women taking care of women. The suit was filed in New York's Supreme Court last Friday.
The National Institute of Health guidelines for embryonic stem-cell research recommends no payments for egg donor. The National Academies of Sciences Guidelines, also recommend, no payments or in kind cash be paid for egg donation.
Does the Empire state know better?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

White House Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary, remarks of October 7th, 2009, again demonstrates, that the White House is a partner in an ongoing smuggling operation. If successful, will result in funding of abortion on demand, by the federal government.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated on October 7, 2009, "Well, I don't want to get me in trouble at church, but I would mention there's a law that precludes the use of federal funds for abortion, that isn't going to be changed in these health care bills." With this statement, Mr. Gibbs, in essence repeated a discredited claim made by President Obama himself, on August 20th, when the president said,  "There are no plans, under health care reform, to revoke the existing prohibition on using federal taxpayer dollars for abortions. Nobody is talking about changing the Hyde Amendment. Let's be clear about that. It's just not true."
In response, Douglas Johnson Legislative Director for the National Right to Life Committee (NLRC) said, "Gibb's statement is one more proof, if any more were needed, that the White House is actively engaged in a political smuggling operation - an attempt to achieve funding of elective abortion by the federal government cloaked in smokescreens of contrived language and outright deception. There is no current federal law, that would prevent the new program created by the pending health care bills, from paying for abortion on demand - and the White House knows that well. Only language written directly into the bills, would prevent government funding of abortion - but such language has been blocked by the Democratic chairman of 5 Congressional committees, with the White House cooperation, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is refusing the allow the House to even vote on adding a true Hyde Amendment to the Health Care bill."
I don't call that 'safe legal and rare'.  I also don't call it, 'coming to middle ground'.  I call it like it is, full support of abortion on demand.