Friday, March 4, 2016



Forced to repeatedly abort by mother in law seeking a grandson, Chinese woman dies during her ninth abortion

By Dave Andrusko
picchina7bThe People’s Daily Online report this week that a mother of three daughters from Guangdong, China died during her ninth abortion.
Surnamed Chen, the woman had previously been forced to have eight abortions “when scans revealed that she had conceived more daughters.” She “died due to internal bleeding during her ninth abortion,” according to the Daily Mail. “Chen’s mother-in-law was desperate for a grandson.”
The Daily Mail’s Sophie Williams reported that more than 14 million people have weighed in on the Internet about the mother’s death.

“Many questioned whether the woman’s husband should have done more to help her and also how the mother-in-law could put the woman through so much trauma and stress,” Williams wrote.
Details are sketchy. Williams explained that while Chen died in July 2015, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the story surfaced in the Chinese media. The death was attributed to excessive bleeding, caused by the large number of abortions that left the wall of Chen’s uterus thin.
“It’s not known whether the mother-in-law was charged over the incident,” Williams reported.

Source: NRLC

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