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The Christian Post: Most Evangelical Leaders OK with Killing Babies using 'Birth Control'

     The National Association of Evangelicals logo

A majority of so called "evangelical leaders" approve of artificial methods of contraception, a new survey reveals. The National Association of Evangelicals, which represents more than 45,000 churches in the United States, released a report Tuesday showing that nearly 90 percent approve of contraception. Several leaders, however, expressed opposition to drugs or procedures that terminate a pregnancy once conception has taken place. "Most associate evangelicals with Catholics in their steady leadership in pro-life advocacy, and rightly so," said heretic Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, in a statement. "But it may come as a surprise that unlike the Catholic church, we are open to contraception."
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Chicago: Mother in Battle with Doctors over conjoined Twins on Life Support

     Brianna Manns visits her conjoined twins, Kameron (left) and Kaydon, at the University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago on Thursday, June 3. (Tribune / E. Jason Wambsgans)
     Brianna Manns visits her
      conjoined twins, Kameron
      (left) and Kaydon.

Lying face to face, with one arm draped around the other, Kaydon and Kameron appear to be locked in a loving embrace. But the boys, not yet 3 months old, have no choice but to hug each other every minute of every day. They are conjoined twins who share a liver and a single malformed heart. Doctors discussed terminating the pregnancy with the mother, Brianna Manns, 21, after they determined the twins were not likely to survive. But Manns said abortion was never an option. "I am a strong believer in not having abortions -- very, very strong," said Manns, taking a break from the neonatal intensive care unit at University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago, where her sons are hospitalized. "And they are my babies."
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Pro-Life Pamphlets to be Banned in Australia?

     One side of the leaflet.
     One side of the leaflet.
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An "offensive" anti-abortion leaflet distributed to Waverley households is under investigation and could be banned. In the lead-up to State Parliament debating a bill to decriminalise abortion, pro-life group Tell the Truth Coalition dropped 20,000 leaflets into the letterboxes of Mt Waverley MP Maxine Morand's constituents. Ms Morand, as Women's Affairs and Children's Minister, sponsored the bill, which passed through the State Parliament's lower house last Friday morning. One side of the leaflet labels Ms Morand as an "extreme pro-abortionist" and on the other side it depicts a foetus at different stages of development up to 12 weeks. The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) is reviewing the leaflet, which could be banned, but the coalition has vowed to continue its fight against the decriminalisation of abortion. 
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Young Pro-Lifers Begin Trek Across Canada

     Crossroads walkers from 2007
The third Canadian Crossroads walk for life got off to a wet start on Monday May 24. The 6 walkers - 4 seminarians from Christ the King in Vancouver B.C., and 2 students from Our Lady Seat of Wisdom in Barry's Bay, Ontario - went to Mass and then drove in the rain out to the very edge of Vancouver, where it meets the Pacific Ocean. They dipped their hands and feet in the ocean, then turned their faces toward Ottawa and began their 5,000-kilometer trek.
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Over 60 pro-life groups to protest abortion law outside Spanish Supreme Court

     Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid.
     Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid.

More than 60 pro-life associations will gather outside the Spanish Supreme Court on July 3 in Madrid to express their rejection of the country's new law on abortion.

The groups will also demand that the legislation be placed under an injunction until a ruling is made on a case challenging its constitutionality filed by the People's Party.

The theme of the protest will be "25 Years Are Enough! Yes to Life for All," and will take place two days before the new law is scheduled to take effect on July 5. Though abortion is already legal in the country, the new legislation allows abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy and in some cases, up to the twenty-second week.
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Abortion pill being shoved down Mexico's throat

     Mexican flag

Mexico's Supreme Court is taking extreme measures to force distribution of the "morning-after pill."
The court issued a ruling that will force all doctors in public and private hospitals to provide the morning-after pill. A Supreme Court minister stated that those who refuse to do so will suffer serious penalties, including termination, prosecution, and imprisonment.
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