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Grey's Anatomy and Life


Grey’s Anatomy and abortion…with a better outcome?

By Dave Andrusko
greys-anatomy4reI am not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy but I know the show, now in its eleventh season, continues to have a large and loyal fan base. I also know that pro-abortionists who continually insist television doesn’t show enough abortions were delighted in 2011 when over the objections of her husband Owen (played by Kevin McKidd), Christina (played by Sandra Oh) has an abortion.

In a subsequent episode, they have a ugly, ugly fight over her decision to abort their child. I just watched the scene and you could almost see them bleeding inside.
According to various Cliff’s Notes of Grey’s Anatomy, last season ended with two characters, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew), continuing to “butt heads on how to handle the situation with their little [unborn] baby who was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, better known as brittle bones disease.”

That debate—Jackson for the abortion if the baby is diagnosed with Type Two, the worst form of brittle bone disease–April passionately against regardless—picked up this week and will be “resolved” next week.

But it looks as if Drew inadvertently revealed the short-term ending—at least the abortion aspect of the plot—in an interview this week with “Access Hollywood.”
In a perfect example of life imitating art, in real life, Drew was also pregnant and her delivery came just after she finished a long day on set.

It was actually one of the co-hosts, Billy Bush, who let the cat out of the bag and Drew just continued on. Bush says, “When you delivered your TV baby, shooting that scene, ten hours later, didn’t you deliver your real baby?”

“It was a big, long ten-hour work day of doing the labor and delivery scene on the show, and I went home — it was 8 p.m. — and at 6 a.m. I woke up with a really intense contraction three-and-a-half weeks early. So I didn’t think it was labor. I just sort of thought it was a Braxton Hicks [false labor] or whatever. So I did taxes at my desk, and every once in a while I had to lean over the table. And then I went in at 4:30, and then at 6 a.m. the next morning, Hannah came.”

What only the cast members know is what happens to the baby after the baby is born and the impact how his/her life has one Jackson and April.
But whatever happens, there is this riveting trailer, I assume from the last show of Season Ten. What a testimony from April:

April: We don’t know what will happen, we don’t even know if he is Type Two [fatal].
Jackson: Okay, but what if he is? Any amount of time he survives, any amount of time that he lives…
April: Will be with us. In our arms, knowing that he loved and wanted.
Source: NRLC News

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