Friday, September 9, 2011

AB499 Minors: Medical Care: Consent Bill

Ok, so let me see if I have this right. The FDA recently busted an Amish farmer, for selling unpasteurized Raw milk, because the FDA is concerned about the health risks associated with consumption of the raw milk. Sales are illegal in 11 states and the District with other states having varying restrictions on purchase or consumption. The FDA crack down on the farmer came after a year-long federal government "sting" operation.

Today, Assembly Bill 499, however, is on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown in California for his final signature, after already being passed by both houses of the California State Legislature! This bill would effectively strip informed consent from parents in order to allow secret vaccinations of children as young as 12, with vaccines such as Gardasil and Hepatitis B, as well as all future vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases.

So, do I have this right? The government will not allow you to buy raw milk from some subversive Amish farmer, yet it will now take full control of your child's immunizations, with or without your knowledge or consent. How's that for a "STING" operation?

Where are our freedoms, which for so long, we believed we had? Wake up America! We are no longer living in a Free society. We are no longer living a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people".  The government has become Big Daddy, deciding what you will eat and drink, and what your children will be injected with, and what they will be taught in schools.

Warning: to all you homeschool parents out there, who feel you are protecting your children from these invasive tactics of the government - they are onto you - and you will not get away with it for long. Do not think that they do not have you in their sights!

Where did AB499 emanate from in the first place? The big pharmaceutical giants such as Merck, have really been getting annoyed with all your parental objections to their heinous vaccines, and so, they quietly and stealthily, lobbied a bill through the California State Legislature, that would strip informed consent from you annoying parents for once and for all, and allow "secret" vaccinations of your children!

Of course, once the bill is passed however, the parents will still be required any legal and financial responsibilities incurred, due to any negative effects of the secret inoculations.  How's that for a "sting"?

If it is not too late, by the time you are reading this, to do something about it ... Flood the phone lines to Governor Brown's office to repudiate this bill!   Phone: 916-445-2841, Fax: 916-558-3160 - because no matter what your personal opinions about immunizations may be, allowing children to be "secretly" vaccinated without a parent's knowledge or consent, is clearly a violation of the moral dignity of a Free Society!  Act Now!

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