Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's death march

The most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama, just yesterday gleefully celebrated the first 100 days of his presidency.  The unborn babies in the U.S. did not celebrate and here is the reason.  Prior to his election, he named Rahm Emmanuel his Chief of Staff.  Rep. Emmanuel represented the 5th Congressional District before his elevation by Obama and had a 100% pro-abortion record.  In fact, Rep. Emmanuel has a long history of abortion support.

Prior to his election, Obama appointed the Executive Director of Emily's List as the White House Communication Director.  Her name is Ellen Moran and Emily's List is a political action committee which only supports pro-abortion women running for public office.  

Prior to his election, Obama named as his Domestic Policy Advisor, Melody Barnes, who served on the boards of Emily's List and Planned Parenthoods Action Fund.  

Prior to his election, Obama nominated Susan Rice, another pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood worker to be his Ambassador to the United Nations.

Prior to his election, Obama nominated pro-abortion Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  Ms. Napolitano vetoed her states partial-birth abortion ban.

Prior to his election, Obama appointed Jeanne Lambrew as Deputy Director of his newly created Office of Health Care Reform.  Planned Parenthood hailed this appointment as exciting.

Forty-one days prior to his election, the White House transition team publishes a 55 page list of demands from pro-abortion groups.

More to follow tomorrow.       

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plan B

The FDA announced on April 27, 2009, they would not appeal last months ruling by a Federal Judge ordering the agency to make the Morning-After Pill (MAP) available to 17 year olds without a prescription. (Translate - available unless carded by the pharmacist for any adolescent male or female who comes into buy)

The question we have to ask, is where is the parental outcry?  Where is the safety net for young people?  For me, I knew my father would find out the details of any activities that were risk taking.  I also thought I would go to hell, but I was more afraid of my father at that age.  But this safety net served its purpose by eliminating some risk taking activities I might have otherwise engaged in.

What is Plan B and why is it dangerous?  Plan B is the MAP.  It works as an emergency contraceptive by preventing ovulation or fertilization (by altering tubal transport of sperm or ova).  In addition, it may inhibit implantation by altering the endometrium.  However, the drug maker admits that MAP can cause a newly conceived embryo to die 70 to 89% of the time, which makes MAP more of an abortifacient than contraceptive.  

Risks, you bet - Here are a few facts.  Random studies show that men are the most frequent buyers of the MAP.  Why? you ask.  I will let your imagination fill in the blanks, but I will give you a clue.  It's called statutory rape.  In countries where MAP has been used, studies show it encourages multiple sex partners, putting people at risk for an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.  The number of surgical abortions have not declined and in many countries, abortions have increased.  MAP is FOUR times stronger than the birth control pill.  A woman must see a physician and have a medical exam before receiving a prescription for birth control pills.  NOW, thanks to the FDA, 17 year olds do not.  Contraindications to taking the birth control pill include, liver problems, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, clots in the legs and death.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE -SEVENTEEN YEAR OLDS ALLOWED OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG THAT IS FOUR TIMES MORE DEADLY WITH NO MEDICAL OVERSIGHT.     

Madame Hillary

Surely you are aware that Hillary Clinton received Planned Parenthood's highest award, the Margaret Sanger Award, on March 27, 2009.  To quote Hillary, "The 20th century reproductive rights movement, really embodied in the life and leadership of Margaret Sanger, was one of the most transformational in the entire history of the human race."  She further stated that, "Sanger's work is not done."     

Congressman Chris Smith questioned Madame Hillary about her praise for Sanger's eugenic agenda by saying, "It is extraordinarily difficult to see how anyone could be in awe of Sanger who made no secret of her views.  With all due respect, Madame Secretary, Sanger's legacy was indeed transformational, but not for the better, if one happens to be poor, disenfranchised, weak, disabled, a person of color and an unborn child or among the many so-called undesirables Sanger would exclude and exterminate from the human race.  Sanger's prolific writing dripped with contempt for those she considers to be unfit to live.  She was an unapologetic eugenicist and racist who said, 'the most merciful thing a family does for one of its infant members is to kill it.'  The Congressman went on, "As part of Sanger's work that remains undone," whether the Obama administration seeks " in any way to weaken or overturn pro-life laws and policies in African and Latin American countries, either directly or through multilateral organizations, including and especially, the United Nations, African Union, or the OAS, or by way of funding NGO;s like Planned Parenthood.  Clinton replied: "It is my strongly help view that you are entitled to advocate and everyone who agrees to do so anywhere in the world and so are we."

Madame Hillary confirmed that the Obama's administration definition of "reproductive health" includes abortion and that " we are now an administration that will protect the rights of women, including their rights to reproductive healthcare."  

Dr. Frankenstein

Meet Dr. Zavos, a U.S. Reproductive Scientist, who claims to have cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into four women.  Poor Dr. Zavos, he has failed to establish a successful pregnancy.  However, he intends to continue his work.  "We managed to write chapter one. In chapter two we will have a child a parent can take home and raise as a cloned child."  This same doctor is reportedly engaged in experiments in creating human/animal hybrid clones using de-nucleated cow ova and genetic material from the blood cells of a deceased 10 yr old girl.  DO YOU STILL THINK HE IS A REAL DOCTOR or Doctor Frankenstein?  Dr. Zavos claimed that this research was meant to help him understand the cloning process, but these embryos were not intended for implantation.  Shades of Dr. Mengle.

Perhaps you are not aware that Britain recently passed legislation specifically allowing for the creation of human/cow embryos for this type of research.  Dr. Zavos has authored or coauthored more than 400 peer-review publications and serves as a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Middle East Fertility Society and is a past board member of the China Academy of Science.

One wonders what he has been doing in the Middle East, not to mention China.    

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here We Go Again

The Obama administration includes Janet Napolitano, Dawn Johnson, Nancy Sibelius, and now David Hamilton. Presently, David Hamilton is a judge, who Obama has nominated to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 7th Circuit of Appeals covers, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. Because most cases never reach the Supreme Court, the Federal Appellate Court is very important.

David Hamilton was a former fund raiser for Acorn, and a former leader of the Indiana Chapter of the ACLU. He was nominated to the district court bench by President Clinton, even though he had no judicial experience and was rated as not qualified by the American Bar Association.

In 2003, Judge Hamilton struck down part of an Indiana law on abortion. The reasonable law, had required abortion clinics to simply give women information about alternatives to abortion, in the presence of a physician or nurse, 18 hours prior to the procedure. 

It seems as if the Obama administration and appointees to the court reflect his pro-abortion views.  

Conscience Regulation

We are waiting to see what the Obama administration will do regarding the right of conscience. It would be good to review what is at stake. If the regulations are removed, then abortion would be mandated in medical schools. It would also restrict the right of a healthcare worker from abstaining from being involved in procedures that they are ethically and morally opposed to. Other ethically controversial practices, most likely would include, euthanasia.

The Right of Conscience Rule, allows pro-life physicians, nurses and pharmacists to refuse to participate in abortions, in the course of performing their day to day jobs. Without the Right of Conscience Rules, the 1973 Church Amendment, the 2004 Hyde/Weldon Amendment, would no longer be in effect.

The Church Amendment declares that the receipt of federal funds in various healthcare programs, does not force participation in abortion or sterilization procedures. The 2004 Hyde/Weldon Amendment provides that no federal, state or local government agency or program, that receives federal health and human services funds, may discriminate against a healthcare provider, because that provider refuses to provide coverage of or referral for abortion.

I think I know what the Obama administration will do, and time will tell if I'm right or wrong.

Mark Kirk US Congressman From Illinois

"Local law Enforcement and Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009", (HR 1913) is expected for a vote, in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009. This bill is cosponsored by Representative Mark Kirk (R Illinois), and would add 30 sexual orientations (as defined by the American Psychiatric Association, to the list of classes federally - protected from the so-called "hate crimes". 

Criticizing incest, for example, would be a federal crime with the passage of HR 1913. Incest, "good God", would be added as a federally protected sexual orientation. 

To quote the Illinois Review, Representative Kirk owes not only the parents of children, but the children of Illinois an apology for sponsoring such a radical and extreme piece of legislation. 

I wonder who Mark Kirk is protecting? Certainly not children. Incest has been a crime against nature, not to mention children, since the beginning of time.    

Domestic Violence Linked To Abortion Increase

Hello! Hello! Is anybody out there? What a question. Recent studies show, when a woman obtains an abortion, the couple is more than twice likely to argue, when discussing future children, and nearly three times as likely to experience domestic violence. This, according to a study published in the peer - reviewed journal, Public Health.

No surprise to anyone, except those in academia. The researchers found that abortion affected future relationships. Men were reported to have jealousy and conflict about drug use. To sum it all up, the study confirms previous research, that has found higher rates of substance abuse, serious depression and suicide after abortion.

This really should not come as a surprise to anyone. When a woman kills her unborn baby, there are consequences, both physical and psychological.  It's called "a violation of natural law." There's an old adage - your parents can forgive you, your pastor can forgive you, but mother nature never forgives.

Can We Continue To Breathe?

The EPA, on April 17th, proposed new regulations to control carbon dioxide (CO2). I suppose pretty soon, they'll be regulating, who can breathe, and who can't. Shades of Soilent Green. The old people have breathed enough of our air already, let's give them assisted suicide. 

Under the Obama administration, the new leaders of the EPA, saw the recent Supreme Court's ruling on "greenhouse gasses", as a green light to regulate every aspect of human conduct. The EPA's website noted, that the Supreme Court said, that the "Clean Air Act" had a "sweeping definition of air pollutant, that included physical and chemical substances, which are emitted into the ambient air. I think that's what's called "breathing". 

The EPA isn't waiting, and doesn't seem to care, whether or not Congress votes to authorize the proposed regulations. They're going ahead. How does the EPA go about declaring CO2 - a common and healthy gas needed for plant life here on earth - a dangerous "pollutant?"  To clarify the distinction between air pollution and air pollutant - the air pollution is the cumulative stock problem of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere - the air pollutants, on the other hand, are the emissions of greenhouse gases and can be thought of, as the flow that changes the size of the total stock. Translated - it means that carbon dioxide, methane and other alleged pollutants, aren't dangerous, and are in fact natural elements. But the fact that human activities, such as breathing, add to the global amount of CO2, it should be regulated. I wonder if Judge Napolitano would consider this a dangerous ruling?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Montana, Legalized Assisted-Suicide Ignored

More than four months after a Montana judge legalized doctor-assisted suicide, no one in "Big Sky Country" has used it for end-of-life issues. The decision by Judge Dorothy McCarter to legalize doctor-assisted suicide has now been appealed to the state Supreme Court.

After McCarter's ruling in December, the Montana Medical Association adopted a policy that states, "it does not condone the deliberate act of precipitating the death of a patient."

Jeff Laszloffy, with the Montana Family Foundation,  believes Montana doctors want nothing to do with it. He states: "Well, if I were a doctor, I would be reluctant to participate, too. All the doctors I know got into the field of medicine to help people, not to commit murder."  "And that's what physician-assisted suicide is. It really is just a little cozy term for murder and doctors don't want to participate -- and we applaud that decision," he further stated. 

We applaud you "Big Sky Country!" Many people think because something is legal, it is right. Montana is showing this is not true, by ignoring Judge Dorothy McCarter's decision to legalize doctor-assisted suicide, and by also seeking to appeal this very wrong ruling.


New Biotech Engineer, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy has gone off the deep end, with a diatribe on embryonic stem cells, no less. Her diatribe, as usual, ignores the facts. The facts are, that embryonic stem cell research, has never cured any disease, while adult stem cell research has been involved in 71 known cures.  

Now comes Nancy's hype on why embryonic stem cell research is the same thing as universal and affordable healthcare. Nancy says, "The justification, I think, is clear, in terms of the progress that has been made. The need is urgent, in terms of what it translates to in the family life of all Americans." "And at a time when we are going forward with affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for all Americans, the investment in basic bio-medical research is really essential - a fundamental principle of that universal access to quality healthcare. It will take us to a place where we will have personalized, customized care ... it will address disparities in healthcare that exist, and we need science, science, science, science, science, in order to do that.  

I'm glad Nancy's standing her ground. I think it's shaking underneath. She's from San Francisco. Maybe it's a tremor. It certainly isn't the truth. Cord blood, and adult stem cells, as we said previously, have produced, what Nancy is dreaming embryos will. Too bad Nancy is clueless on a very important issue.

Al The Man, Gore

Now entering an arena near you ... Al Gore!  Remember him? Isn't he the man who thinks the earth is going to disintegrate under global warming? Now, he's entering the stem-cell arena, with an announcement of a 20 million dollar bio-tech venture. This venture in the hot area of "induced pluripotent" stem-cells. These cells are attracting interest from researchers and bio-tech firms, as an alternate to embryonic stem-cells.  The jury is out on these cells. They are induced cells and are made by inserting 4 genes into ordinary skin cells. 

"I think it's a very important breakthrough, that is filled with promise and hope," says Al Gore, a partner with the venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, which is backing the research. 

Has Al Gore seen the light, or smelled the money? The jury on IPC's, both ethically and medically, at this time, is out. 
Global Warming?  Snow is predicted for Chicago again.  

Oakies From Oklahoma

Maybe a state, that has mistletoe as it's state flower, is not so strange after all. I can say this because I was raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Oklahoma has always had it right, when it comes to unborn human life. And they've done it again. 

Governor Brad Henry has signed into law SB 1103. This bill allows a woman to use force, if necessary, to protect her unborn child from attack. Under the Bill, a pregnant woman is legally justified in using deadly force, if she "reasonably believes an attacker is threatening her unborn child and the use of force or deadly force are immediately necessary to protect her unborn child." 

American's United for Life's Oklahoma state director, Melissa Treat, says the bill, the first of it's kind in the nation, was initiated because: "All too often pregnant women are victims of domestic violence, especially violence targeted towards the unborn child." She further states: "This bill clarifies that women who protect their child's life, by using force, are legally protected in Oklahoma." 

The Oakies have it right. Maybe more states should follow.   

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

Having just reflected on Easter and it's meaning, here are a few thoughts on the Notre Dame situation. Where Christ is, so also is Judas. This is true throughout history. I would imagine even those who don't believe in the divinity of Christ, recognize that where there is good, evil is also present. On the yellow brick road, the scarecrow has forgotten to give any direction. However, 600 priests and deacons have clearly expressed that Father Jenkins has taken the wrong road. The Confraternity of Priests and Deacons has issued a statement as follows: "If need be, a Catholic University must have the courage to speak uncomfortable truths which do not please public opinion, but which are necessary to safeguard the authentic good of society," the Pope wrote in the 1990 document, going on to cite the "responsibility to try to communicate to society ... principles which give full meaning to human life" as "a specific priority" of Catholic schools.

"The decision ... to afford an openly pro-abortion politician the privilege of speaking to graduating seniors at the commencement, violates every principle of Catholic education insofar as it violates both the Divine and Natural law," said the Confraternity. "We are therefore saddened and outraged that any Catholic institution, let alone a prestigious university like Notre Dame, would afford a public gesture of acceptance and endorsement to a politician, who openly supports the so called legal right to choose death."

Noting that they welcome respectful debate on life issues, the Confraternity states: "It is an oxymoron at best, and an outrageous insult at worst, to ask a politician, even a president, who is openly pro-abortion, to be the commencement speaker at a graduation from a Catholic school."  

What will Father Jenkins do? What will the Catholic Church do? What will President Obama do?  In my thoughts, Obama will stick it to the Catholic community, with the full cooperation of Father Jenkins. Maybe Father Jenkins should look for the Tin Man, who was looking for a heart, on the yellow brick road.

Old Movies

Creepy? Yes! I just finished re-watching "The Boys From Brazil". Probably because I loved Gregory Peck and James Mason. However, I found disturbing, that cloning was a technique perfected in the movie, which was made in the 80's. For those of you not familiar with the movie, it deals with post World War II and the defeat of Nazism. Dr. Mengle, played by Gregory Peck, is alive and well and cloning little Hitlers. Preposterous you say? Not so. I believe cloning will be the next battle that the Right to Life movement faces. I wondered after the movie was over, how our country could be so naive? After all, cloning was the subject of this movie back in the 80's. The scientist in the movie describes the cloning technique, perfectly. Makes one wonder. Were they cloning back then, and we just didn't know about it?  The premise of the movie is that Hitler is cloned. 

The debate over embryonic stem-cell research and it's funding includes cloning. Horrors! What we knew in the 80's is coming true. 

On another movie, "Soylent Green" starring Charlton Heston and E.G. Robinson, more of my favorite actors, it's premise is coming true. This movie was popular in the 1970's and everyone who saw it, said, it could never happen. The premise of the movie is the perfection of a utilitarian society, in which suicide clinics exist. Now 40 years later, assisted suicide clinics are legally operating in Switzerland, and serve people from around the world.  

Enter Jack Kevorkian, who has assisted in the suicides of over 130 (mostly disabled people) would serve his time in prison and then run for Congress. Now enter, the Final Exit guides, a national organization, who were contacted to assist in the suicide of a depressed and disabled young man from Illinois, and they eagerly responded to the call. Their plans however were thwarted when the Feds unveiled the plot. But, this organization is alive and well and assisting people to commit suicide everywhere. 

Now, if movies aren't for you. Perhaps you'd like to re-read a best seller called  "Final Exit". This wonderful how to book has been used by many depressed people in order to commit suicide. Written by Derek Humphrey, unfortunately the techniques are liberally used and the book is widely read.  The book is available in most libraries. So whether you like movies or books, the pro-euthanasia, assisted suicide movement is making headway.  


Remember the mausoleum? Did you think it was creepy? Why would anyone have a mausoleum constructed for themselves with all their accomplishments listed before they die? Why was Roland Burris appointed by Governor Blago before he was impeached, as an Illinois Senator to the US Senate? I think it was creepy and disgraceful. The citizens of Illinois deserved better.

Not even close to Halloween, and new creepy facts emerge about Roland and his creepy grave monument. Did you know that he was a lobbyist for the funeral directors association? Now, those Illinois funeral directors are upset about millions of dollars in prepaid funeral expense trusts that are missing. They want, now Senator Burris, to answer some questions about the funds management going back to 1980.

Why 1980? Burris was the Illinois Comptroller in that year and allowed the Illinois Funeral Directors Association to manage the trust. He later served as a lobbyist for the IFDA. The plaintiffs, who are suing the IFDA for alleged mismanagement, say they want to know why Burris allowed the group to manage the trusts? And they want records of his lobbying activities.

This, from a US Senator? I think it's time that Senator Burris resign and Illinois be allowed to elect their US Senator. I am sure that if Senator Burris has a chance to vote in the US Senate, he will vote to place many unborn babies in his mausoleum.

Trial Balloons

A new trial balloon has been floated. It's color is red (warning) for the unborn babies of Illinois, Mark Kirk, presently the 10th Congressional District Representative to the US House, is deciding what to do in 2010. In an Illinois Review article on 4/11/09, Chris Robling writes on the possibility of Kirk running for governor.

A previous trial balloon had US Representative Mark Kirk possibly running for the Senate seat, presently occupied by Roland Burris.
Robling, a 30 year contributor in the election of Mark Kirk, in his article states, I believe Illinois's best chance to make the leap to the governorship is Mark Kirk. Robling further states, he is a conservative and encourages the readers of Illinois Review to read Ken Tomlinson's tribute to Mark in the Weekly Standard. He relates how Kirk had created enough credibility in the House, that he assisted profoundly in the cause of freedom in the war on terror.

Conservative? I thought most conservatives understood that killing unborn babies is not in the best interest of the United States, much less the world. War on terror? I think the war on terror is the war that Congress is waging in legislating the killing of unborn babies. War on terror? The Obama administration is waging quite a war of terror on unborn babies. A Republican? Stick to the Platform.  But, Representative Kirk has never had a pro-life voting record. For Governor? I'll take my chances with a pro-life governor.  We have a lot of candidates to pick from.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Planned Parenthood, Business Booming?

National figures show abortions are on the decline. However, the latest figures in the Planned Parenthood of America Federation (PP) annual report show that the number of abortions they do is rising. In 2007, PP did 305,310 abortions, which is a 5.4% increase from it's 2006 figures. This generated an estimated $130,000,000 (million) for the abortion business. In fiscal year 2007 - 2008 PP's annual report showed that the group generated more than $1,000,000,038 (billion), which is a increase of nearly 2% from the previous year's data.

Doug Scott, the president of "Life Decisions International", which coordinates boycotts of corporations that provide grants to the abortion business, says, "This "not for profit" Goliath ends every fiscal year with millions of dollars in excess revenue. On June 30th, 2008, PP had net assets valued at $1,000,000,014 (billion)."

Maybe the Stimulus Bill is working. But, certainly not for the benefit of the country, women, or unborn babies. Why is Planned Parenthood using our tax dollars?

The Yellow Brick Road, Where is the Scarecrow?

Truth is not subject to the whims and caprices of fickle human opinion. Translated into modern vernacular, "It is, what it is."  Can anyone find the scarecrow? Father Jenkins is lost again, on his yellow brick road. In a new statement, Father Jenkins refuses to back down from his invitation to have President Obama give the commencement speech and receive an honorary doctorate degree from Notre Dame.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in June of 2004, issued a statement that made it clear that Catholic colleges should not allow abortion advocates to have a platform, or be honored with special awards or degrees. "Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms, which would suggest support for their actions." 

I think Father Jenkins is becoming one of the flying monkeys, who does the witches bidding. In a new letter, Father stated, "My decision to invite and honor Obama with a degree doesn't violate the Bishop's guidelines. Our interpretation of this document is different (shades of Henry VIII) from the one that has been opposed by those criticizing us."  He further went on to say, the college invitation to Obama doesn't apply because Obama is not Catholic. Neither is Notre Dame. 

Noting that Hitler was a Catholic, I wonder if he would have been invited?   

Canadian Baby

At this special time of year, when we understand that it is only through accepting the cross, whatever form that can take, that the Resurrection occurs. Hearken, a case in Canada. We blogged on this yesterday. But today, new information is available. The disability rights group, "Not Dead Yet", has stated, that the media has helped to create an impression that Kaylee is dying by manipulating the facts to justify, in the public mind, the removal of her organs. 

Kaylee suffers from Joubert's Syndrome, which causes a malformation of part of the brain, which control balance and coordination. Because of the syndrome, Kaylee suffers from apnea, a common sleep disorder among adults. But, Stephen Drake of Not Dead Yet, points out, "Literally, thousands of people with apnea in the US and Canada, use various devices to assist their breathing when sleeping. Here, where I ask one of my rude questions: Is the word apnea, being avoided because people don't associate it with dying, but recognize the term as covering a variety of disorders, and treatable conditions." 

Neither the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Strokes, nor the Joubert's Syndrome Foundation describes Joubert's Syndrome as a terminal condition. Moreover, the National Institute of Health (NIH) said, "Although some infants have died of apnea, episodic apnea, generally improves with age, and may completely disappear."
Jason Wallace, the baby's father, told the media, that Kaylee is a vibrant baby, "She moves, she wakes up, she opens her eyes, when she goes to sleep, the machine does the rest." Maybe not true. Kaylee was taken off the respirator, in order to donate her heart, but she surprised everyone by continuing to breathe on her own. This caused her to be removed from the organ donor protocol for the time being.

Alex Schadenberg, Director of the Ontario based Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, stated: "The reality may be a little different from what the news reports are telling us. Joubert's Syndrome is a rare condition, that is not typically terminal. The question of organ donation of vital organs is a very serious question. To remove a heart from a person, after 5 minutes of cardiac death, is not the assurance that the person whose heart was removed, was actually dead. More to come.     

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yellow Brick Road in Health Care

First, perhaps there's no solution to this crisis.  One question to ask, is health care a right or a privilege? I think because many people pay for health care costs, it's a privilege. On the other hand, there are many who believe that it's a moral obligation for a society to provide health care. The question at hand and in this administration, is will universal health care be implemented for all?

There is no doubt that universal health care will not work. However, there does need to be some revisions in the delivery of our health care in this country. Uninsured and illegals are breaking the back of health care. Uninsured people raise the premiums for everyone else, while illegals raise the cost of health care for the institution caring for them, and the health care workers working in that institution. If you are illegal, there is no coverage. In fact, many hospitals go millions of dollars into debt, in order to provide health care for these individuals. In fact, sometimes it is cheaper to send the illegals back to their native country, if a relative can be found to take care of them. The health care institution provides the air fare and employs many people to make these decisions and arrangements everyday 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This alone raises the cost of health care.

The political case for universal health care was flawed from the start. It's based on the assumption that the voter wants it. But this is not so. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll, found in late 2007, that people would not accept higher taxes, mandates or the prospect of rationing health care, just to make sure we had universal health care. Hillary Clinton, during the Democratic Presidential Primary, repeatedly attacked Barack Obama's health care plan, for not covering everyone. Everyone knows who won the primary. In case you don't, it was Obama. If the Democratic Primary voters are not married to universal health care, you can assume that most people aren't. 

There is much debate over free market solutions. We are not going to go into all of them. Suffice it to say, that the public needs to weigh in quickly on the health care that the United States provides and their ideas for a solution.  Please comment on this. 

Canada's Baby

There is a baby in Canada who was described by the media as dying. Her parents wanted her to be an organ donor. In fact the parents want her organs to go to a specific child in the hospital. Horrors! The baby didn't die! In fact the hospital was going to use the non-heart beating protocol and did. But the baby didn't die. Therefore her organs were not taken, as is the proper protocol. In fact the baby was taken off the donor pool.
The disability rights community is questioning this decision. In fact the Not Dead Yet blog has a post that the child may not be terminally ill, but disabled, and that the apnea may go away as time progresses. On this personal note, I have a grand baby who has severe apnea, and has been monitored since birth for apnea. His parents respond to a monitor's alarm by stimulating the baby, who then begins to breathe. The pulmonologist on my grand baby's case, says that most likely by 10 months of age, the apnea will disappear. This grand baby was a premature baby. Not terminally ill, but has problems. Certainly, his parents would not consider organ donation. In fact, they consider this baby God's gift to them, even with problems.  
More on this case has to be reported. Is this child really dying? Or is this a quality of life decision? The first duty of medicine is to do no harm. Once the distinction between doing no harm and a quality of life are blurred, we all know whose side the medical decision will come down on.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faith Based Advisor

Obama's new appointee to his advisory council on faith based partnerships, include a homosexual activist, who has described the Pope as a "discredited leader" and the Knights of Columbus as " an army of oppression" because of their opposition to same-sex marriage. The man we're talking about is Harry Knox. He is a known leader with the homosexual activist group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC). He is a former licensed minister of the United Methodist Church and directs HRC's religion and faith program.

Mr. Knox stated on the HRC web site, that he was humbled by the appointment. He said, "The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is eager to help the Administration achieve it's goals around economic recovery and fighting poverty; fatherhood and healthy families; intra-religious dialogue; care for the environment; and global poverty, health and development. And of course, we will support the President in living up to his promise that government has no place in funding bigotry against any group of people."

Knox has described Pope Benedict XVI and certain Catholic Bishops as "discredited leaders" because of their opposition to same-sex marriage. He has also criticized the Pope's comments on condoms and Aids. 

Talk about hatred and bigotry. I think Mr. Knox fits the bill.  

Conscience Clause

Tonight, at midnight, is the last opportunity to make a difference. Midnight is the deadline for submitting comments to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on health care Rights of Conscience. Please take this opportunity to protect doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, from being forced to participate in immoral procedure.

As you know, President Bush sent to HHS a Health Care Conscience Clause, which was implemented shortly before President Obama was inaugurated. Immediately Obama began the process to revoke the Conscience Clause. He has allowed a 30 day period for public response. It is every citizen's duty to respond. Medicine should never be forced to perform or participate in immoral activities. Instead the Conscience Clause should protect both the patient and the health care worker. If we blur the distinction between killing and healing, medicine believe me, will turn to killing. In other words, abortion procedures would be mandated in medical school, not to mention what curriculum would be taught in health care classes.

If you wish to respond, here's an easy web site to do it.  Click on Email HHS Now.

The Yellow Brick Road

Dr. Oz definitely was on the right road when he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show to voice his support for adult stem-cell research. On the yellow brick road was Oprah herself accompanied by Michael J. Fox. Their topic was the killing of embryos in order to cure disease. How preposterous! It's never worked. It only kills unborn babies.

Michael Fox told Oprah that President Obama's lifting the ban on Embryonic Stem-Cell Research (ESCR) was a step in the right direction and the United States has to make up for lost time (Presiden't Bush's fault). All of this on national television. It was like the Wizard of Oz gone mad.  

Down the right road came Dr. Oz, who stated: "I think Oprah, the stem-cell debate is dead. The problem with embryonic stem-cells is that embryonic stem-cells come from embryos, like all of us were made from embryos. And those cells can become any cell in the body, but it's very hard to control them, and so they can become cancer." Ophra responded in disbelief from her yellow brick road, "In the last year, we've advanced ten years?" Dr. Oz responded, "We went places we never thought we would go. Within single digit years, the medical community could find cures, not only for people with Parkinson's disease, but also diabetics and heart attack victims by using adult stem-cells. Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, stem-cells aren't the only solution. We went to a place we never thought we would go. I can take a little bit of your skin, take those cells and get them to go back in time so they're like they were when you were first made." Dr. Oz continued, "These skin cells, which contain your genes, are less prone to cancer and will be the ones that are ultimately used to cure Parkinson's." 

Oprah and Michael Fox, I think are lost on the yellow brick road. The scarecrow gave them the wrong directions at the fork of the road.

The shame of all of this, is that a great amount of time, talent and dollars are being diverted into funding killing rather than curing.   

Friday, April 3, 2009

HB 2354

Victory for the time being. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," said abolitionist Wendell Phillips. HB 2354 is not being called for a vote before tonight's deadline. However, we must remain vigilant.

The bill is not being called by the sponsor because he is short of the 60 votes necessary to pass this bill in the House. This is a great victory for grass-roots pro-lifers. It is due to the many calls, letters and publicity that elected officials received from their constituents.

HB 2354 was a radical pro-abortion bill. The concern now would be that this bill might be taken apart and individual parts of the bill might be presented to the legislature for passing. In doing so, the sponsors are hopeful that they can woo legislators, who felt HB 2354, was too radical as a whole, but might be in favor of a single provision. For now, thanks to grass-roots, we have accomplished what everyone said was impossible. Keep up the great work! And the Pressure, on those representatives who represent an agenda and not their constituents.  

Iowa Supreme Court

We usually don't delve into the same-sex marriage debate, however, it is a life issue, and this is breaking news. 

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court imposed "Same-Sex Marriage as a constitutional right." With the decision today, Iowa becomes the first state to impose homosexual marriage on it's citizens through judicial tyranny. The same judicial tyranny brought us Roe v Wade. 

I believe in transparency. It's about time the judges become transparent. No more should they be on a ballot for us to elect. But, we are unable to find out their views, because they are above filling out candidate surveys. No more, that's gotta change. They're changing society, and we're unable to change them because we're not able to know who they are or what they do. 

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," said abolitionist Wendell Phillips. This saying is never more true than the understanding that the homosexual agenda is at war with our Judeo-Christian values and the freedoms that made the United States of America great.

Empty pulpits across the country? You bet. When was the last time you heard anything about the homosexual agenda from the pulpit? However, turn on your TV, or pick up a magazine, and the agenda is there. Remember, all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. 

Obama Chia Pet Bites Pro-Lifers

With the addition of an Obama Chia Pet available at Walgreens, and on the internet, on wonders if the Easter Lilly will be replaced. At least the Easter Lilly represents new life and resurrection to many denominations and people across the country. The Obama Chia, represents death and despair to many, especially those people who cannot speak for themselves. I would also include those of us who pay taxes and pull the greater share for those who are unwilling or unable to work.

The Obama administration is adamantly pro-abortion. I think the Chia Pet might bite any pro-lifer, who would get this pet, either as a joke or sincerely. One thing we know, is that Obama is committed to Planned Parenthood and the destruction of innocent human life. 

In my vision of this Chia Pet, I see Obama coming to life with watering. In fact Father Jenkins of Notre Dame is fertilizing the Chia Pet with the addition of the law school Dean, Sally. Can you imagine waking up and seeing the Obama Chia coming to life in your home? He will invade every portion of your life, room by room, as he is invading every aspect of our traditional Judeo-Christian way of life. 

What are you getting for Easter, a Lilly or a Chia Pet?   

Organs For Sale or Rent

Rooms for 50 cents and organs for God only knows how much. Some folks, not wanting to take their turn on a waiting list for organ donation, or fearful that they their health will deteriorate, so that they will go to any extremes to buy an organ.

Psychiatrist Sally Satell, suffering from eventual renal failure, has been pushing for the creation of an organ market. This market would allow people to sell a kidney, a slice of their liver and actually their eggs, or whatever organ is in demand.   

Satell suggests a system, where a donor can accept a reward for their organs. Donors would be carefully screened for physical and emotional impediments. RIGHT!

I wonder if Sally has ever heard of the Black Market? Or seen several recent movies, which depict organ robbery, the theft of organs from unsuspecting victims. Organ robbery also affects the poor. Recent reports show that poor people in third world countries often find they are missing an organ. I'm not sure those are really healthy organs. Or if you follow China, the government executes prisoners, with a single bullet in the back of the head, for their organs. But in our day and age, I'm not sure that the organs procured legally, using a brain death criteria, are healthy. 

If a person wants to donate to an organ to a friend, that donor needs to tell the friend they may not survive. Furthermore, in the case of a kidney, the good kidney may fail down the road. In other words, we're talking about full disclosure. 

Actually this whole debate turns organ donation, which is supposedly a gift of life, to a mere commodity, which can be bought or sold, not on a Christian viewpoint, but on a utilitarian view.  

Shame, Shame on Notre Dame

Father John Jenkins, University of Notre Dame President, strikes again. Adding insult to injury, or rubbing salt in a wound, or bringing about Henry VIII's monarchy again, Father appointed a new law school dean, who had donated to the Obama campaign.

Nell Jessup Newton, recently Chancellor and Dean of the Hastings College of Law at the University of California, was appointed.
Wow! Records indicate that Newton gave the Obama presidential campaign $2,300.00 during the first quarter of 2007. Records also show that she gave to the pro-abortion Catholic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004. I imagine if we researched her contributions, we would find a long trail of supporting pro-abortion candidates.

How dare Notre Dame do that! Everyone knows that it was the judicial system that brought us Roe v Wade. What will Notre Dame teach in it's law school.

I wonder what Thomas Moore would say? We know what he said in Henry VIII's time. He said: "The clergy of England would have slept through the Sermon on the Mount." I think Father Jenkins fits that description. Worse yet, what is Father Jenkins real agenda?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catholicism verses Father Jenkins

Lest you don't know who Father Jenkins is, he is the president of Notre Dame. He is the priest who invited the most pro-abortion president this country has ever elected to be the commencement speaker and receive an honorary doctorate.

Wow! It's one thing to invite the president, if it was a debate. Although inviting a pro-abortion president to debate to a university named after the Mother of God, would be questionable. It is quite another to have him speak at a commencement ceremony and receive an honorary doctorate. I think Obama is licking his chops. There is no difference here, between this and the clergy of England, during Henry the VIII, who betrayed their Catholicism in order to placate the temporal King.

Wow! Father Jenkins remains, in spite of petitions signed by more than 225,000 individuals from the Cardinal Neuman Society and public statements from his fellow Bishops, adamant in his decision. I wonder who Father Jenkins voted for?

Bishop Myers said, "If the president of Notre Dame University truly wishes to show that his institution is rooted in Catholic teaching and tradition, and committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, he must underscore this message at commencement plainly and clearly, and invite everyone to embrace an all inclusive reverence for life."
Wow! If I were Father Jenkins, I would never insult the Mother of God. Insulting someone's mother always has repercussions with the Son and his family.

Prehistoric Ancestors Knew More Than We

The Dutch kill their babies, both unborn and disabled. A lapse of ethics and morals I believe. Most supposed civilized countries allow the killing of their unborn children at various stages. Many supposed civilized countries are contemplating legalizing infanticide, thereby removing the  handicapped from society, eugenics. 

Recently discovered, was the remains of an infant born with a skull deformity. It is the oldest known deformed infant remains that has been found from prehistoric times. Upon discovery of these remains, many scientists were surprised because this child would have needed specialized care to live as long as the remains indicated. This surprise comes because many scientist equate human beings with animals. We know that animals are known to reject their newborns with severe deformities. Until these remains were found, scientist had therefore assumed that prehistoric humans, just like animals, had rejected children born with severe deformities.

Society would do well to model after Sarah Palin. Upon finding out that she was pregnant with a Downs Syndrome baby, she asked God for strength to soften her heart and accept the gift He had given her.

A society that doesn't protect the weakest among us, is a society that will never survive.

Obama's 100 Days & Normandy

The invasion of the Obama Administration certainly is equal to the allies invasion of Normandy to beat the Axis. However there's a distinct difference. The Normandy invasion preserved civilization. The Obama invasion is turning the world back to barbarism.

On April 29th the Obama Administration will reach 100 days. Let's review what he's done.

1.) Prior to his inauguration on November 24th, he names Melody Barnes, domestic policy advisor. This shot over the bow told the pro-life movement to watch. Ms. Barnes previously served on the Boards of Emily List and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. 
2.) Obama nominates Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. PP's Cecily Richards praises the pick on abortion grounds saying, "Senator Clinton understands that women's quality of life directly affects the major issues confronting the globe.  
3.) December 11th, Obama nominates Senator Tom Daschle, as HHS. Quotes poured in from pro-abortion groups, all favoring his recent work in defeating two bans on abortion in South Dakota.
4.) December 12th, Obama appoints Jeanne Lambrew to become the deputy director of White House Office of Health Reform. A PP statement stated, she is one of the leading health care policy experts in the country, and someone who is an advocate for abortion. 
5.) January 5th, Obama appoints David Ogden, deputy attorney general. He's a pornography lawyer, who opposed the Children's Internet Protection Act, and has also represented Planned Parenthood. 
6.) On the same day, Obama appointed Dawn Johnsen, assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel, she's a former legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).
7.) Obama appointed Thomas Perrelli, associate attorney general. He had the dubious honor to be the counsel to Michael Schiavo, who sought and received permission to starve and dehydrate his wife to death, during Holy Week 2005.
8.) President Obama reverses the Mexico City Policy on January 23rd, allowing tax-payer dollars to go to organizations that perform and promote abortions overseas.
9.) President Obama on the same day, released a statement pledging to work with Congress to restore funding to the US population fund.
10.) February 17th 2009, signs Stimulus Package into law. The new law will fundamentally change the standard that Medicare follows in paying for medical care, and in so doing may place seniors at risk for not receiving necessary life-sustaining medical care.
11.) February 28th, President Obama nominates Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a pro-abortion extremist, who has been publicly rebuked by her Bishop, and who has ties to the Kansas abortionist Tiller the Killer, to head HHS.
12.) On February 4th, President signs into law the SCHIP re-authorization. Under SCHIP, states are granted the authority to decide which health plans and services can offered to children.
13.) March 5th, President Obama holds a health care summit with Planned Parenthood, and Human Right's campaign, but no pro-life representation.
14.) March 6th, President Obama creates a new position, and appoints pro-abortion activist Melanne Verveer, ambassador at large for Women's Issues. The hidden agenda there, the position was probably created to promote abortion and overturn pro-life laws in nations.
15.) March 9th, President Obama overturned President Bush's restriction on ESCR. Money from tax-payers can go to scientist who do fetal research on human beings created for the purpose. Obama stopped the Bush preference for proven moral adult stem-cell therapies.
16.) March 10th, 2009, President Obama's HHS Dept opened a 30 day review period to challenge the Conscience Clause for Health Care Workers.
17.) March 17th, Obama nominates David Hamilton, US Circuit Judge for the 7th Circuit. He is a former ACLU leader, who blocked pro-life legislation as a Clinton appointed Federal Judge. 

                                 If That's Not Bad Enough, Here's More

1.) Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff, has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.
2.) Ellen Moran, White House Communication's Director, was the executive director fo the pro-abortion political committee Emily's List.
3.) Tom Vilsack, Agricultural Secretary, is pro-abortion.
4.) Leon Panetta, CIA Director, co-sponsored in 1990 FOCA.

The casualties from Normandy will pale with the casualties of unborn life from the Obama invasion.