Monday, February 27, 2012

What Do The Atom Bomb & The Abortion Battle Have in Common?

Differences will arise in every human endeavor - even amongst the most noble.  Generals and strategists gather in "war rooms" looking for the best possible "solution" in conquering an enemy.  And not only is the defeat of an enemy a priority, but equally important, is how one brings about an enemy's defeat with the least loss of life?  Since the days of King Arthur's knight's, weighed down in heavy metal armor, to our modern day warriors vested in Kevlar, body armor, along with superior weaponry, is aimed at attaining victory with minimal loss of life.  War then is truly a contradiction - in that it seeks to protect life by taking life  - to take life with the objective of saving life - that is - in any war where one is forced to defend one's own against an aggressor.

But, another avenue, and probably the most desirable to minimizing loss of life, is in finding ways of 'shortening the duration of a hostile engagement' - to knock out one's enemy in one punch so to speak. This has been the natural objective of advanced weaponry.  Unfortunately, that objective has now brought our entire world to the brink of extinction with the birth of nuclear weaponry.

We all know that the United States has been scrutinized - severely in some cases - for it's decision to bring about a quick end to the war with Japan, by resorting to the Atom Bomb.  In fact - to date - the United States is the only nation guilty of resorting to this insidious killer, which brought about suffering and death, on a massive scale that has never before been seen in human battle.   

Was the decision to expedite a quick end to the war with Japan the right one - or should the U.S. have gone the traditional route of continuing to engage the enemy on the battlefield?  Which decision truly would have lessened the human toll?  We may all have different opinions on this matter - but no matter which side of the argument you are on - we are still talking about taking a side regarding an approach to an engagement in evil - for War is an evil - no matter how justifiable.  The debate simply boils down to, "How to lessen or mollify an evil ... such as war .... or abortion ... while limiting our cooperation with evil?"   
In the abortion debate - as in the war with Japan - there are a lot of different opinions on which is the most expedient way to end abortion - while keeping ourselves unsullied by 'cooperation with evil'.  It is a painful debate between good people - for whom all - only want an end to the war on innocent human life. 

But, the accusation has been made by some pro-lifers, that other pro-lifers are cooperating with evil - by choosing one political strategy over another.  As in the war with Japan - decisions must be made -  over which is the best way to bring about an end to an evil  -  with the least loss of life possible.

Whichever way the United States would have chosen - drop the bomb - or not drop the bomb - and no matter which opinion you hold regarding the dropping of the Atom bomb on Japan - the fact remains - that the U.S. was the nation on the defensive - not the offensive.  No matter the rightness or wrongness of the U.S. decision to drop the Atom bomb on Japan - it was ultimately the Japanese government itself - not the United States - which brought about the horrific suffering to it's own people - as well as to Americans - through their own act of aggression. The U.S. was forced to take part in the evil of war - even to the utilization of a weapon of mass destruction - because Japan instigated the evil in the first place.

If pro-lifers are going to continue to castigate other pro-lifers - even to the extent of some accusing others of cooperating with evil - those pro-lifers who are throwing stones at other pro-lifers - need to take a step back and save their attacks for the Real Enemy - those who are the ones instigating the evil in the first place - and are sitting back having a good belly-laugh at the division within the pro-life ranks. 

Here I go with another saying from my parent's generation - if I recall it correctly - it goes something like this: "It is a fowl bird that soils it's own nest."

Everyone I have met in the pro-life movement have been the best people I could have ever had the privilege of rubbing elbows with.  The steadfast dedication and sacrificial efforts put forth by these noble warriors, in the war against this insidious enemy of abortion, has been such an example to me of true Christianity, the likes of which I've not seen in my own wretched life.  The heart and soul, with which these heroes sacrifice their own time, talents and energies, on a daily basis, deserve the greatest respect and support - most of all - from their fellow pro-lifers.

I for one, am writing this blog today, to salute all of you who have fought this good fight for 40 years, while many of the rest of us sat in our comfortable living rooms watching TV, and simply praying and hoping for an end to this evil. I for one, could never question or doubt your noble efforts  - nor do I believe will Almighty God question them on Judgement Day ... when the secrets of all hearts will be revealed.  God bless you all!  


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