Friday, February 24, 2012

What are Shared View of Life Should Be

This note was sent to our Illinois Legislators

I have lived in Illinois all my life. I have seen much of what is called politics play in the land of Lincoln, which seems corrupted to the core.  But, there are some things that cry to Heaven for justice such as the legal extermination of the Jews and millions of other undesirables by the Nazi regime. Have you ever wondered at all when at the end of your lives as it slips by and the horrible dread comes over you that you will face the Almighty and on that day you will be called to account by our God the Father for what you did not do and for what you did. And He will ask you what did you do to help the least of your people, the undesirables of America,  the child in the womb. Yes I am a Catholic and my children are sacred to me, but children are sacred and that is a truth not so much as I see it but as it is. Like the Sun coming up in the east it is a Truth. And you have allowed millions of children be murdered like the undesirables of Nazi Germany. And this is worse, far worse than any previous genocide for Christ said it is better for a man to never have lived that to harm one of these little ones. You have allowed millions of Black children to be murdered in the womb of their mother because as Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood said this was an undesirable race of people. And now in America, Black people are diminishing in population and are now the second largest minority after the Hispanics who value their children. You legislators in Illinois are apostates not to any particular faith but to Life itself. The forces of secularism and hedonism have won with your laws and have lined your pocketbooks with 30 pieces of Silver, yet you still do not see the evil of your ways. Like Pharaoh you have hardened your hearts to God and His people.  And you know what happened to Pharaoh.

If you cannot protect  the innocent life in the womb, how can you have the wisdom to lead us?  Where is your courage and compassion?  How many grandsons and granddaughters you might have had in your old age; these little ones you  would have loved more than your lives.

You are no better than the Nazis and especially those of you that are Catholic because you know better. All of the trivial laws you make choking the American people will have no effect except to kill the child in the womb. Why is there so much instability in America, because our children and into their adulthood know they are expendable like the dead children in the garbage bags behind abortion clinics. And this destruction of the family and the instability you have allowed inexorably leads to anarchy and oppression.

During this time of Lent consider the people and the leaders of Nineveh who were foretold of their imminent destruction by Jonah and they repented.

This is the time for you too to repent but not much time is left. Make the “choice” for God and His children.

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