Monday, March 29, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of them all? Nancy Pelosi or Kathleen Sebelius?  Nancy Pelosi was given the job of passing the Senate Health Bill through the House; a feat she accomplished with arcane help, as well as help from the White House. You have to give it to her, she did her job. Thirty pieces of silver certainly helped. Combine that with the Louisiana Purchase and the Corn Husker kickback, and God only knows how many other payoffs; the Bill passed.
Kathleen Sebelius now has the job to regulate the bill. Her office will be writing the regulations for almost every aspect of the bill. Who is the most powerful woman? Well that's for a mirror to decide. 
In the meantime, if I were to put my money on a bet, I'd say they both are. After all, Cap and Trade now has to advance and Illegal amnesty is on the books. Nancy has her hands full. Meanwhile Kathleen has a lot of regulations to write.
Behind every good man in the White House are two powerful women.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trouble in Assisted Suicide Paradise

Just as there are botched abortions, statistics are now revealing that there are botched assisted suicides. What a surprise.  Newly released annual reports from Washington and Oregon in 2009, show there were 2 or 3 complications in Washington and 1 in Oregon. 
Compassion and Choices, a non-profit group, is the leading euthanasia group in the United States. This group sends volunteers to support and monitor patients using the law to kill themselves. They are quoted as saying, "We're concerned, because we want this to work well and properly," said Dr. Tom Preston, a retired Seattle cardiologist, who serves as Compassion's medical director in Washington.
Wow! I think Dr. Preston blurred the distinction between healer and killer. Hippocrates might be rolling over in his grave. After all, in the year 500 BC, he separated the role of the physician from killer to  healer. "Do no harm" might be a good thing for Dr. Preston to reflect upon.
What problems? Well, one patient took the lethal prescription, vomited up part of it because he had drunken 6 cans of Pepsi, his favorite drink, in the hours before taking the drug. Talk about zombies. Another case in Washington, was with a terminally ill woman, who swallowed the drug too slowly, because she kept stopping to say goodbye to the people around her. She fell asleep after drinking less than half of the full cocktail, then awakened before finally dying. The problem with the two cases, Dr. Preston said, "The patient refused to have a physician or trained Compassion volunteer present, to make sure proper procedures were followed. Compassion counsels patients not to eat 4 to 5 hours before, and to take an anti-nausea drug an hour ahead of time; not to take laxatives or ingest acidic beverages; to drink water or soda only at room temperature, and to say goodbye 1st, then drink the lethal cocktail all at once.
Oregon reported a patient last year, who took a record 104 hours to die. Reports are that the patient had a strong heart. Madam DeFarge would recommend we bring back the guillotine. It was certainly much more compassionate. The Queen of Hearts in Alice of Wonderland would back up M. DeFarge by announcing, "Off with their heads!" 
All kidding aside, this is gruesome. First of all medicine should do no harm. In the Hippocratic Oath, probably a thing of the past, a physician swears to give no deadly medicine. Why are we making suicide cosmetically compassionate? Why not treat for depression? Why are we making suicide an out for a vulnerable society? Where will it stop? Will we be having suicide clinics in schools, for kids who did not get asked to the prom? If we are a compassionate society, we take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. We don't kill them. And we don't pass laws that allow it.


Federal Health Authority recommended on Monday, that doctors stop giving Rotarix.  Rotarix is made by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the FDA in 2008. This vaccine is given to prevent Rotavirus disease.
The reason the vaccine is suspended, at this time, is because it is contaminated with a material from a pig virus. The FDA learned about the contamination after an academic research team, using a novel technique to look for viruses in a range of vaccines, found the material in GlaxoSmithKline's product, and told the company. The drug maker confirmed it's presence in both the cell-bank and the seed from which the vaccine is derived, suggesting it's presence from the early stages of vaccine development. The FDA then confirmed the drug maker's findings.
In 4 to 6 weeks the drug agency will convene an advisory committee to make recommendations and seek input on the use of new techniques for identifying viruses in vaccine.
"We're not pulling it from the market, we're just suspending it's use during this period, while we're collecting more information,"said Merck's spokesperson Pam Eisele. Brings to mind Sigorney Weaver's dilemma in the Alien movie, when the synthetic android told her "we're still collating", in answer to her query about how to kill the Alien.
Pam Eisele further states, "It should not be in this vaccine product, and we want to understand how it got there. It's not an easy call, and we spent many long hours
debating the pros and cons, but because we have an alternate product, and because the background rates of the disease are not so severe in this country, we felt that the judicious thing to do was to take a pause, to really ask the critical question about what's this material in the vaccine, and how did it get there?"  
Dr Fauci Director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Health said: "A substantial amount of the DNA was found in the vaccine". But, he stressed, "There is no evidence that it causes any disease ... there is no evidence that it ever does anything."
What? No evidence! Injecting DNA from an animal into a human baby? We just found out about it. I'm sure there are going to be health repercussions. Hopefully we will not turn the next generation into baby piglets.  Remember Burke, in Aliens?  "It's just a bad call Ripley." 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee, some disturbing news has surfaced. There's a lot more to the Health Care Bill than the President and the Democrats let on. One might even think that individuals are trying to save their dollars, while the government is busy spending them.
New tax mandates and penalties will cause the greatest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since WW II. After all, it's our Internal Revenue agents, that are going to be checking up on individuals, families and companies to make certain they are in compliance with the mandate for health care insurance. 
Scores of new federal mandates in 15 different tax-increases, totaling $400 billion are soon to be imposed on the American public.
Families and business will be forced to reveal further tax information to the IRS in order to comply with health care.
An estimated 16,500 IRS agents are needed to police the American public. Whatever happened to no taxation without representation?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Excuse From Exec Director Dems for Life

I usually don't go off the deep end, but the following statement left me laughing ...
                                                                Statemkent Of Kristen Day
                                                Executive Director Of Democrats For Life Of America
"Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) applaud President Obama for his bold leadership in agreeing to an Executive Order that bans taxpayer funded abortions in the health care reform bill expected to pass the House this evening."
"We are proud to support this historic health care legislation. President Obama's Executive Order shows that when we work towards common ground in Washington we can do the people's business and end the gridlock. By working with House Leaders and the White House, DFLA shows how the pro-life Democrats are a key and growing constituency."
"Hubert H Humphrey best stated it when he said, " ... the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the needy and the handicapped."
They have to be kidding! They knew all along, that an Executive Order is meaningless once a bill is passed. Federal Law supercedes any Executive Order. Any lawmaker, who voted for the Senate Bill, voted to require federal agencies to subsidize and administer health plans that will pay for elective abortion. This vote undermines long-standing pro-life policies. The Senate Bill is riddled with provisions that will result in federal subsidies for private insurance plans that cover abortion ( some of which will be administered by the federal government), direct federal funding of abortion through Community Health Centers.
It was a sell-out. Actually, the English martyrs went to the gallows because they served their God, not their King. In the secular world, Dorian Grey, who sold his soul to remain forever young, had nothing on this statement of selling your soul. Thomas More and his companions had more moral courage.  


House Passes Health Care Bill

                                                           National Health Care Bill Passes The House
The US House of Representatives gave final approval to a massive health care restructuring bill, which was strongly opposed by every major pro-life national group and the Catholic Conference of Bishops. The House vote was 219 to 212 in favor of the bill. All 219 votes in favor were cast by Democrats. The opposing (pro-life votes) 178 were cast by Republicans and 34 by Democrats. Because the Senate already approved the bill on December 24, 2009, it will go straight to President Obama for his signature. This is expected on Tuesday March 23rd. 
The margin for victory was an agreement between Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) and President Obama on the Health Care Bill. As you may know, Representative Stupak has always been in favor of national health care. His opposition was federal funding of abortion. He had a small coalition of Democrats, who were in favor of national health care, but opposed to federal funding of abortion. When an agreement was reached, between Representative Stupak and the President, the Democrats changed their vote to support the Senate National Health Care Bill.
The agreement was reached through a promise of an Executive Order, by President Obama. This Executive Order was issued for political effect; it changed nothing. It did not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill. The president cannot amend a bill by issuing an Executive Order; because the federal courts will enforce what the law says. Both President Obama and Representative Stupak knew that. 
The order did not correct any of the 7 objectionable pro-abortion provisions in the Senate Health Care Bill. The order did nothing at all to mitigate abortion related problems with the Senate Health Care Bill. It will create dangerous regulatory mandate authorities, revise Indian health programs, and create pools of directly appropriated funds, that are not covered by existing restrictions on abortion funding. Nor could the order correct the omission of the necessary conscience protection language, that had been included in the House Health Care legislation last November. 
Professor Robert Destro, a Professor of Law and former Dean of the Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America, and an expert on abortion related litigation, sent lawmakers a letter explaining why the bill opened the door to direct federal funding of abortion in Community Health Centers. In his letter, Professor Destro clearly explained why the statutory language will govern. 
Regarding the new program to provide tax-credits to purchase private insurance, the Executive Order merely tinkered with the formalities of a bookkeeping scheme, under which federal subsidies will pay for plans that cover elective abortion.  This is a break from the long-standing principle of the Hyde Amendment.   
The Illinois Delegation voted primarily along party lines, except for Representative Daniel Lipinski (D-3), who voted no on the health care bill, because he knew it still covered abortion. Please take some time to hold your Representative accountable for their vote, and be sure to thank all who voted


I used to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and I was working in the downtown area when Jimmy Johnson quit/was fired from his job as coach of the Dallas Cowboys, shortly after coaching the team to their second straight Super Bowl victory. The headline on the Dallas Morning News was only two words, in large bold letters that filled the top half of the front page:


One was tempted to wonder if the headline referred to a single man's employment with a local sports team, or Armageddon.

In the event, it wasn't the end of the world after all, and the Cowboys returned two years later under another coach to make three championships in four years.

The passage of the healthcare bill is a moment in American history which I believe will stand with the Dred Scott v. Sanford decision, the passage of the "Great Compromise" of 1850, and of course, Roe v. Wade.

Congressman Bart Stupak, on whom the hopes of so many were pinned, proved that he was a Democrat first, and pro-life second, if ever. He accepted a deal whereby President Obama promised to do with an executive order what the Congress refused to do by amendment: prevent federal funding of abortion:
The National Right to Life Committee quickly issued a scathing statement disputing Stupak's claim.

"The executive order promised by President Obama was issued for political effect. It changes nothing," the group said. "It does not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill."

The powerful Catholic bishops weren't on board, either.

"Without seeing the details of the executive order, our conclusion has been that an executive order cannot override or change the central problems in the statute. Those need a legislative fix," Richard Doerflinger, associate director of the bishops' conference's Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, said in an interview.

The bishops contend that the legislation before the House Sunday allows federal funding of abortion.

The bill tries to maintain a strict separation between taxpayer funds and private premiums that would pay for abortion coverage. No health plan would be required to offer coverage for the procedure. In plans that do cover abortion, beneficiaries would have to pay for it separately, and those funds would have to be kept in a separate account from taxpayer money.

Moreover, individual states would be able to prohibit abortion coverage in plans offered through a new purchasing exchange. Exceptions would be made for cases of rape, incest and danger to the life of the mother.

Abortion foes contend that the separation of funds is an accounting gimmick, and in reality taxpayers would be paying for abortion because health plans that cover abortion would be getting federal money.

Obama's executive order, the product of frenzied 11th-hour negotiations involving Stupak's group and members of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, orders federal officials to develop guidelines to carry out the segregation of private and public funds. The order also sets out a mechanism aiming to ensure that community health centers cannot use federal funds for abortions, another concern for the Stupak group.

Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., an abortion-rights supporter, said she thinks current law and the language in the health care bill go too far in restricting access to abortion. But DeGette said she doesn't have a problem with the executive order because "it doesn't change anything."
[Emphasis added.]
The deal was also sweetened with a $725,000 grant for three airports in Stupak's district.

Can anyone really imagine that the president whose first executive order was to abrogate the Mexico City Policy and provide federal funding for abortion providers overseas is going to enforce an executive order alleged to prevent funding of abortion in this country?

If you are pro-life, but prefer to vote Democratic, the passage of the largest expansion of abortion access since Roe v. Wade should be disturbing to you, especially if you, like me, were counting on Bart Stupak to stick to his guns. The Republican Party, while far from perfect on our issues, now stands as the only credible game in town for any possibility of advancing pro-life legislation, or opposing pro-abortion legislation like this healthcare bill. Anyone who thought otherwise should have had their eyes opened to the truth of this point last night.

Here in Lake County, our two Congressional representatives, both supporters of abortion rights, split on this bill along party lines, with Mark Kirk (R-10th District) voting nay, and Melissa Bean (D-8th District) voting aye, despite a series of demonstrations outside her office, including one in the snow this past Saturday, which took place literally as she was announcing her decision to vote yes (look for me at the 1:24 mark):

As with the Cowboys and their coach, this is not the end of the world. It is a setback, to be sure. But while education and prayer remain important weapons in our arsenal, I think that the lesson to take from this defeat is that pro-life people must not neglect politics and political action in fighting against abortion in our country.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Call To Prayer

Having endeavored to make every human effort possible, to defeat the Senate Health Care Bill, we recognize that this battle is, as it always has been, is in God's hands. In Colossians 3:23-24, we read:  "Whatever you do, work at it with your whole being. Do it for the Lord rather than for men, since you know full well that you will receive an inheritance from him as your reward." 
In humility, we join with Phyllis Schafly in calling our people to join in prayer. Phyllis relates: "In the midst of our current battle against the looming government takeover of 1/6 of the US economy, I would like to take a few moments to recall an inspiring story from my days fighting against the Feminists Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Unlike our present battle, all the powers that be, were against us back then - both Houses of Congress, 3 presidents (Nixon, Ford & Carter) all of the First Ladies, all of the Hollywood celebrities, 99% of the media and even a large percentage of the American public."
"The day of the most crucial vote on ERA in the Illinois Legislature was very dramatic. We had done all we could to line up the votes, but we knew we were two votes short." That's when Almighty God brought victory. She continues: "We had two votes from two Chicago Legislators, who had never voted with us before." And so in the remaining days and hours, before the most crucial vote Congress will ever pass, I ask you to pray that Our Lord intercedes in this battle for the future of our nation, and that the truth, once again, prevails."
We join with Phyllis Schafly and ask everyone to join us in prayer. The Senate version of the Health Care Bill, will be the broadest expansion of tax-payer funding of abortion, our country has ever seen.  
                                                               PSALM 120
                                              I life up my eyes toward the mountains;
                                              whence shall help come to me?
                                              My help is from the Lord who made 
                                              heaven and earth.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Claims IL Constitution Contains Right to Abortion

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), on March 15th, once again sought to challenge the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act in Cook County Court. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, recently claimed that the Illinois Constitution contains a right to abortion. To that effect, the ACLU have questioned whether the law violates the Illinois Constitution's guarantees of privacy and due process, and the state constitutional ban on gender discrimination. The Thomas More Society, in response, maintains that there is no right to abortion in the Illinois Constitution. Thus, the ACLU's latest challenge to the Illinois Parental Notice Act is baseless.
The ACLU, which has already lost in federal court, must now prove in the Illinois state court, that the Illinois Constitution of 1970 guaranteed a right to abortion, that was even stronger than the federal abortion right upheld in Roe v Wade, which as handed down in 1973.
Now, instead of defending the Illinois Constitution, whose Framers clearly left the issue of abortion to the legislature, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, has tossed the Constitution aside and conceded to the ACLU on this key issue of parental notice. Thomas Brejcha, President & Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society stated, "Illinois parents have a right to know before their kids are taken for abortions. If the Attorney General won't defend the parental notice law vigorously, we will do so, until the day when there are no more secret abortions performed on Illinois children."  
Illinois has long been the dumping ground for abortion. All 5 neighboring states have parental notice or consent laws on their books. It is well known, that teens then cross into Illinois to have their abortions, because Illinois has no enforced parental notification.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ethics in Organ Transplant

A federally funded project has begun. It wants to expand organ donation by obtaining kidneys, livers and possibly other body parts from car accident victims and other urgent-care patients. This project hopes to expand organ donation into emergency rooms across the United States.
The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has given a $321,000 grant at this time, to 2 emergency departments at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian Hospital and Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. Both hospitals have immediately begun to identify donors among fatality patients, preserving their organs to facilitate transplant teams who can then rush in and retrieve them. At this date, no usable organs have been obtained by either hospital.
"This is about helping people who have declared themselves to be donors, but die in a place where donation is currently not possible," said Clifton W. Callaway, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, who is leading the project. "It's also about helping the large number of people awaiting transplants, who could die waiting because of the shortage of organs."
Critics are leery of this program, as it brings a questionable form of organ procurement into an ER environment, where doctors are suspected of preying on dying patients for their organs. "There's a fine line between methods that are pioneering and methods that are predatory," said Leslie M. Whetstine, a bioethicist at Walsh University of Ohio. She further states, "This seems to me to be in the latter category, It's ghoulish."  
Up until now, organs have been obtained for transplants in the Untied States from patients who are 1st pronounced dead in a hospital after complete cessation of brain activity, known as brain death, is carefully determined.  Now, due to increasing numbers of people dying each year while awaiting organs for transplant. the federal government is promoting this new alternative that involve a surgeon's taking within minutes from patients whose hearts have stopped, but have not been pronounced "brain dead".
More to follow............................... 

Ethics in Organ Transplant

A federally funded project has begun. It wants to expand organ donation by obtaining kidneys, livers and possibly other body parts from car accident victims and other urgent-care patients. This project hopes to expand organ donation into emergency rooms across the United States.
The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has given a $321,000 grant at this time, to 2 emergency departments at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian Hospital and Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. Both hospitals have immediately begun to identify donors among fatality patients, preserving their organs to facilitate transplant teams who can then rush in and retrieve them. At this date, no usable organs have been obtained by either hospital.
"This is about helping people who have declared themselves to be donors, but die in a place where donation is currently not possible," said Clifton W. Callaway, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, who is leading the project. "It's also about helping the large number of people awaiting transplants, who could die waiting because of the shortage of organs."
Critics are leery of this program, as it brings a questionable form of organ procurement into an ER environment, where doctors are suspected of preying on dying patients for their organs. "There's a fine line between methods that are pioneering and methods that are predatory," said Leslie M. Whetstine, a bioethicist at Walsh University of Ohio. She further states, "This seems to me to be in the latter category, It's ghoulish."  
Up until now, organs have been obtained for transplants in the Untied States from patients who are 1st pronounced dead in a hospital after complete cessation of brain activity, known as brain death, is carefully determined.  Now, due to increasing numbers of people dying each year while awaiting organs for transplant. the federal government is promoting this new alternative that involve a surgeon's taking within minutes from patients whose hearts have stopped, but have not been pronounced "brain dead".
More to follow............................... 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Myths Behind Conception Part 1

Here's some scientific facts about fertilization, implantation and the 1st week of life. When sperm are deposited into a woman's vagina, they swim through the cervix, through the uterus and out into the fallopian tubes. This journey can take a short time of 30 mins.  At the end of the fallopian tube is the ovary. If an egg awaits, a sperm can penetrate, resulting in fertilization. In other words, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube. Sperm, can survive as long as a week, within the female genital tract, but are probably only capable of fertilizing 48 hours after intercourse.
If and when a sperm penetrates the egg, it sheds it's tail, and will proceed slowly into the center of the egg. It's 23 chromosomes will line up next to the ovum's 23 chromosomes. Thus begins a new cell and a fertilized ovum of 46 chromosomes. So, what does this mean? It means, that at fertilization, an entire new human body, even though a single cell, has been created. This is a miracle. These 46 chromosomes are the sum total of our genetic makeup, throughout our entire life.
The embryo then floats freely through the mother's tube. When this new human being is 1 week old, he or she, plants within the lining of the mother's uterus, burrowing into the nutritive wall of her womb, contacts the mother's blood stream and sends a chemical hormonal message. This message goes to a gland at the base of the mother's brain, and tells his or her mother there is a new occupant on board.
However, there is a new definition of the word "pregnancy". We know that life begins when the sperm penetrates the egg, not when it implants in the mother's uterus. However, the latest redefinition tells us, that "pregnancy" does not begin until 1 week after fertilization, the time of implantation. This has fooled numbers of people, including physicians.
The redefinition of "pregnancy" has led to the redefinition of "conception", as the time of implantation, rather than the time of union between the sperm and the egg. This has resulted in the claim, that contraception prevents pregnancy, any time during the 1st week of this tiny new human life.
The baby is fully human with it's 46 chromosomes when the sperm penetrates the egg.  As an astronaut in space is fully human, even though he depends on his umbilical attachment (carrying his oxygen) to stay alive, so is the fertilized embryo fully human, even though it will take a week to attach itself to it's life sustaining supply from the mother.  to be cont.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Abortion & Rationing in Senate Health Care Bill

When he ran for president, Senator Barack Obama promised that abortion coverage would be at the heart of his health care proposal. He is trying to keep that promise by passing the Senate Health Care Bill, in spite of overwhelming public opposition. A key point to remember, is that the Senate Health Care Bill has to pass the House first. This vote is expected as early as next week.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will use every trick she has, to find the 216 votes she needs to ram the Health Care Bill through the House. The House vote is the key vote. The Senate Bill has multiple major abortion related problems, and cannot pass the House, as long as Democratic Representative Bart Stupak and his Democratic allies in the House, hold their ground on the issue of abortion. The abortion issue is absolutely pivotal. "Of the remaining issues, with the potential to bring down the entire health overhaul effort, the one the lawmakers fear most is abortion," NPR Julie Rovner said.
Why are opponents working very hard to defeat the bill in the House? Because, "By the conclusion of the amending process in the Senate, HR 3590 was the most expansive pro-abortion piece of legislation, ever to reach the floor of either House of Congress, for a vote since Roe v Wade. The Senate Bill would allow direct federal funding of abortion on demand, through Community Health Centers, would institute federal subsidies for private health plans that cover abortion on demand, including some federally administered plans, and would authorize federal mandates that could require even non-subsidized private plans to cover elective abortion," said Douglas Johnson, Legislative Director for National Right to Life.   

If you haven't called your Representative, now is the time. Urge them to vote No on the Senate Health Care Bill.

Vaccines & Population Control

In a speech titled "Innovating to Zero" Bill Gates said, "First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we can lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 %." What? Lower what? People? Which specific people?
Wow! One of the most powerful men in the world, Mr. Gates, clearly stating that he expects vaccines to be used to reduce population growth? I thought vaccines were supposed to be used to prevent disease. Bill Gates, in January of 2010, at the Davos World Economic Forum, announced his foundation would give 10 billion dollars over the next ten years, to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in the developing world.
The primary focus of Bill Gate's foundation is vaccinations, especially in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. Bill and his wife, Melinda, are founding members of the GAVI Alliance (this alliance is for vaccinations and immunizations). They partner with the World Health Organization and the vaccine industry. The goal of GAVI is to vaccinate every newborn child in the developing world.
Are you scared yet? If not, there's something wrong with you. Or are you on the protected species list?
How can vaccines reduce population? Here is a case scenario. Have you seen the move, "The Constant Gardner"? If not, get it. Watch it. The vaccine industry has been repeatedly caught using dangerous vaccines and sending them to third world countries. What do we mean by dangerous? We mean, untested or proven harmful vaccines, which cannot be used in the West.
Bill Gates' interest in reducing population ,among Blacks and other minorities, is not new. the idea of using vaccines to reduce births in the third world, is also not new. The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved since 1972. They are in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO). Together they perfected new vaccines. The results of the WHO-Rockefeller Project is as follows. The WHO oversaw massive a vaccination campaign against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. A Roman Catholic Lay organization became suspicious of the WHO program, and decided to test numerous phials of the vaccine, and found them to contain Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG. What? ! ! ! HCG is a natural hormone, needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid, it stimulates formation of antibodies against HCG, rendering women who receive the vaccine, incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. This is a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with HCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.
More on vaccine and population reduction to follow in future blogs. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Could Be A Good Year For Life

Here in Lake County, we have an opportunity to make some improvements in government.

In the aftermath of the Republican primary, some genuinely pro-life candidates have been nominated in important races. As people who place importance on issues like abortion, euthanasia, embryo-destructive stem cell research, defense of marriage, and the other life issues, it's now up to us, over the next eight months, to come out and support pro-life candidates for every possible office. Here are three examples:

After the closest primary in Illinois history, by a margin of less than 200 votes out of about three quarters of a million votes cast, the Republicans have nominated State Senator Bill Brady for Governor.

It was a gubernatorial race that featured seven candidates, six of whom were, at least to some extent, pro-life. The exception dropped out of the race about a month in advance, and Brady, the only one endorsed by both the Illinois Federation for Right to Life and also Illinois Citizens for Life, came out the winner.

Brady was also the only candidate from outside the Chicagoland area. He was able to use this fact to dominate the race in downstate areas, while his five opponents divided up Cook and the collar counties.

But this means that Brady now has the important challenge of reaching out to voters in Cook and the collar counties, and securing their -- our -- support. And presently he has little money with which to do this. Brady, quite frankly, did very poorly in Lake County, and Republican and conservative voters need to unify behind his candidacy. For pro-lifers and social conservatives, this should present little problem. Brady is unabashedly one of us, and I think very few of those who (like me) supported different candidates in the primary should have any difficulty supporting him. But we must take the initiative in reaching out to our friends and neighbors, and even the folks in line at the grocery store, and telling them about Bill Brady.

And you can meet and hear Brady when he comes to Lake County for our event on April 10th.

Another pro-life winner in the GOP primary was 8th district congressional candidate Joe Walsh. Winner over a third of the vote in a six-way race, Walsh is enthusiastically pro-life. So much so, in fact, that the local media has already taken out after him. But don't be distracted. Melissa Bean, having run and won three times as a fiscal conservative and a "social moderate" has proved herself to be liberal on both fronts, voting for bailouts, takeovers, and healthcare, and opposing the Stupak amendment, which removed abortion funding from the House version of the President's healthcare bill. Joe Walsh in Congress would be a friend and ally of pro-lifers, someone who would fight against the pro-abortion forces in both parties.. Walsh will also be speaking at our April 10th event.

In the 59th state House District, attorney Dan Sugrue polled over 60% in a three-way primary to win the GOP nomination to that seat. Sugrue, too will be targeted for his pro-life positions, and will need the support of pro-life Lake County people. The 59th District is currently reprsented by Democrat Carol Sente, who was appointed to take the place of Kathy Ryg after Ryg resigned last August to take a job with a children's advocacy group. Ryg was another FOCA supporter, and pro-lifers held a prayer vigil at her office in 2009. There's no reason to suppose that Sente doesn't have the same pro-abortion stance. Dan is a friend of mine, and will be a good improvement in Springfield. You can hear Dan speak at our April 10th event, as well.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't Miss This Event!

Co-sponsored by LCRTL:

The Revolution Will Not Be Live-Tweeted...

... After All!

It seems that in her desire to show people how safe, easy and comfortable legal abortions can really be, Angie Jackson decided to live-tweet her RU-486 abortion.

In the event, it turned out not to be the brief afternoon picnic she envisioned. Jill Stanek has the story:
Be careful what you attempt to demystify.

At 4:08 p.m. on Feb. 18 micro-blogger Angie Jackson began posting the blow-by-blows of her RU-486 abortion on Twitter. "I took the first pill a little under 2 hours ago," she tweeted.

The 27-year-old's intention, she later told ABC News, was to "demystify" RU-486 abortions.

Jackson had announced her pregnancy on Twitter Feb. 13, even before telling the boyfriend ("BF") she and her 4-year-old son have been living with since last December.

BF was on board with aborting his offspring, so when it came down to which type, four-weeks pregnant Jackson chose the RU-486 at-home medical abortion, which the FDA states can be prescribed up to 49 days, or seven weeks, after the first day of a mother's last period.

RU-486 abortions are the coming rage, much less hassle for abortion profiteers than surgical abortions. The mother takes an RU-486 pill (aka mifepristone or mifeprex) at the clinic, which kills the baby, and follows up at home with one or two doses of cytotec (aka misoprostol) pills to cause contractions to expel the baby. All for $480, as Angie tweeted.

The bonus for abortion clinics is if an RU-486 abortion doesn't work, which occurs 7.9 percent of the time according to RU-486's label, there is no guarantee, so mothers must then undergo and pay for surgical abortions – abortion double-dipping.

Notwithstanding that, along with serious, life-threatening complications that can lead to death, as has happened at least eight times in the U.S. since RU-486 was legalized in 2000, are RU-486 abortions generally less hassle for aborting moms?

Jackson thought so, basing her decision on the fact her abortion would "be over in 4-8 hrs," as she initially tweeted, and done in the comfort of her home, since she was frightened of surgery.

After visiting her local Planned Parenthood, Jackson again tweeted her abortion experience would be a "4 hour bleed-out," so this was apparently the official teaching Angie received.

But the first rule of demystifying is one must herself be demystified before attempting to demystify. If not, the demystifying process may not go as anticipated, which is what happened in Jackson's case.

Only because Angie decided to live tweet her RU-486 abortion did we learn in actuality it's a long, drawn out, painful process. For that reason I thought Angie's exposé was a worthwhile educational experience for us all.

Here are some common adverse reactions, according to the RU-486 packaging:
Nearly all of the women … will report adverse reactions, and many … report more than one. … 80 to 90 percent of women reported bleeding more heavily than they do during a heavy menstrual period. … Women also typically experience abdominal pain, including uterine cramping. Other commonly reported side effects were nausea, vomiting and diarrhea … pelvic pain, fainting, headache, dizziness... fatigue... back pain...
That's sobering enough on paper, but how does reality play out?

For nine days, from Feb. 19-27, Jackson tweeted about such severe cramps she had difficulty walking across the room. She went through 17 Vicodin in six days and at a point soon after requesting a prescription for another 20.

Jackson tweeted nausea, vomiting, backaches, headaches and bleeding. Five days into her abortion experience, Angie commented on another blog, "Honestly I had no idea this would go on so long. I thought the entire abortion would take a few hours, as I'd read in a few stories. ..."

At the bottom of this column you can read what Jackson's suffering looked like in real time, where I've synopsized nine days of her tweets.

Planned Parenthood obviously did not explain the reality of an RU-486 abortion to Jackson, nor did any of her other sources.

But Edouard Sakiz, former chairman of Roussel Uclaf, the company that developed RU-486, stated:
As abortifacient procedures go, RU-486 is not at all easy to use. ... True, no anesthetic is required. But a woman who wants to end her pregnancy has to "live" with her abortion for at least a week using this technique. It's an appalling psychological ordeal.
Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, who invented RU-486, stated:
It's insulting to women to say that abortion now will be as easy as taking aspirins. It is always difficult, psychologically and physically, sometimes tragic.
Jackson stopped tweeting her symptoms on Feb. 27, when she realized I was reposting them on my blog. But she wrote the evening of March 2, "In real life, I had a terrible day & don't wanna talk about it."

So whatever the physical, emotional, psychological toll Jackson has endured up to this point, it's not over.
See the rest of the story here.

I still don't get it. If abortion is such a wonderful thing, why should it be "tragic" or a "psychological ordeal"? What other rights do we describe in such terms?

As for Miss Jackson, let's pray for her.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Abortion Will Kill Obama's Healthcare Reform

I've predicted for months now that abortion will be the death of the President's healthcare reform bill. Now it's happening:
Now that President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress have officially decided to use reconciliation to force the Senate pro-abortion health care bill through the House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi begins the task of finding enough votes for the bill to get it approved on a majority vote.

However, in part because of the massive abortion funding and other pro-abortion problems with the Senate bill, she my not get there.

The House could vote on the bill as early as March 19 and some Democrats who voted for the House version of the bill, which was approved on a very narrow margin, have already said they are either undecided on the bill or may vote no.

Rep. Bart Stupak, the respected pro-life Democrat, confirmed this week he will not vote for the Senate bill and as many as 10-12 pro-life Democrats who voted yes on the House bill may join him.

The House approved its bill 220-215 and the defection of Stupak and those 10-12 Democrats would be enough to defeat the measure. Add pro-life Republican Rep. Anh Cao of Louisiana, the only GOP lawmaker to back the House bill, to the mix and Pelosi is even further behind the eight ball.

Obama and top Democrats hope to sweeten the pot with the language in the reconciliation bill but Stupak told the Wall St. Journal that he and other Democrats won't bite.

"We're not going to walk the plank again just to see the Senate shut us down," he said.

“You're going to make members vote for a bill that’s going to be hung around your neck come Election Day,” he said. “After sending so much legislation to the Senate, we just don't trust that they're going to do it.”

But today, Rep. Michael Arcuri, New York Democrat, told media outlets that he has changed his mind and is now firmly in the no column after voting yes before.
[Emphasis added.]
Who would have thought that pro-life Democrats in the House would be the ones to stop this bill? But they will be.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Changes to the blog

We've been making some cosmetic and other changes to the blog, and will continue to do so, and we intend for there to be more traffic here. Please feel free to leave a comment, click on the sidebar to become a follower of the blog, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Rationing in the Health Care Plan

The current Senate Health Care Bill includes President Obama's proposals. We know that these proposals will fund abortion on demand through Community Health Centers. A second deadly concern is rationing of health care. An economic principle is in play here. Price controls on health care will cause rationing.
The Obama Administration, as well as a majority of Democrats in the Congress, are commited to an assault on human life. President Obama owes Planned Parenthood and other national pro-abortion groups his presidency. It's pay-back time. Pay-back, in spite of the overwhelming number of Americans, who do not want National Health Care.
One sixteenth of our economy is in health care. The government already owns the banks, car dealers, credit card companies, investment firms and mortgage companies. If the government can control health care, they can control the country. We will become socialized members of a socialized state. That's what's at stake. But life is at stake too.
Under the President's proposal, federal and or state government agencies, would be empowered to review and reject premiums charged by any health insurance plan. Rhetoric to the contrary, there is no grand-fathering clause for health care plans, which Americans currently hold.
To simplify, the primary duty of the government bureaucracies running health care reimbursements, is to hold health care spending down. This means, that we will have government officials canceling our personal health care decisions, in an effort to balance quality of treatment against cost of treatment. In other words, medicine will be all protocol. If treatment doesn't fit the protocol it won't be delivered. Protocols in medicine are a set-up for error. I can just see all the trial lawyers suing doctors for not providing standard of care treatment, because they must operate under protocol. It's an Obama nightmare.
Putting it all together, the end result is denial of life-saving diagnostic tests and treatments, because there's no money. I don't think America wants that kind of health care reform. And that's just the beginning of what's in the bill.

Human Services Committee to Take Up Illinois FOCA Bill This Week - UPDATED

UPDATE (3/2/10, 3:15 PM): We're told that the committee will be holding a hearing on this bill in the Capitol next week, on March 10th. Be there if you can!

The Human Services Committee of the Illinois General Assembly will be taking up the Illinois FOCA bill this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

If you were involved in fighting against this bill last year, then you will want to save the trouble of going through it all again this year, by stopping it from even getting to the House floor. Committee Chairwoman Naomi Jakobsson is a co-sponsor of the bill, and committee member Sandy Cole, whom I ran against in the recent primary, voted for this bill in committee last year, and will probably do so again. The STOP ILLINOIS FOCA blog reports:
They are the people who get to vote on whether or not this bill moves on to the House floor. It’s important that everybody contact these representatives whether or not they are YOUR representative.

They all represent you as an Illinois citizen on this committee, so they need to hear your voice.

Call, write, fax and visit these reps and tell them to vote NO on HB6205. Tell them:
  • HB6205 will create a huge expansion of abortion in Illinois
  • HB6205 will force Illinois school children into “condom training” sex-ed from pre-school
  • HB6205 will make it more difficult for women to seek justice after a botched abortion
  • HB6205 will pave the way for the gutting of the Parental Notice Act of 1995, which a strong bi-partisan majority of Illinoisans support
Please call, write and visit as many of these Reps as possible. Here’s the list of names and phone numbers to call. For all the details on how to contact these Reps and maps to their offices, see the full list below:
  • Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson 217-558-1009
  • Rep. Constance A. Howard 217-782-6476
  • Rep. Patricia R. Bellock 217-782-1448
  • Rep. Sandy Cole 217-782-7320
  • Rep. Annazette Collins 217-782-8077
  • Rep. Mary E. Flowers 217-782-4207
  • Rep. Timothy L. Schmitz 217-782-5457
I hope you'll find time today to make a call. Or six.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Co-Blogger

Good morning! I'd just like to take a moment to introduce myself, the new co-blogger here at the Lake County Right to Life Blog.

My name is Paul Mitchell, and for nearly five years, I've written a pro-life blog (under the pseudonym, "Paul, Just This Guy, You Know") called Thoughts of a Regular Guy, where I've made the arguments for ending abortion and bringing about a culture of life, and defended traditional marriage. And written on other topics as they caught my interest.

In the middle of last year, I launched a campaign for state representative in the Illinois 62nd District, opposing Republican Sandy Cole. At the February 2nd primary, I captured only just over 38% of the vote in a two-way race, and so was defeated. But elections have consequences, even for losers, and one of those consequences is that Bonnie has asked me to blog here, in addition to my blogging at my own site (as well as Southern Appeal).

Although I am devoutly Roman Catholic (I am a parishioner at St. Peter parish in Volo, and Charter Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Cure of Ars Council #14819), my approach to the life issues tends to make use of scientific and secular arguments, because I believe that they are more difficult for pro-choice (and pro-abortion) people to ignore. Here's an example, from my appearance at the Right to Life candidate forum last November, in which I also warn that the Illinois FOCA bill will be returning, as it has: