Friday, September 17, 2010

When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, two years ago, he sent a clear message to the Republican Party. The message, not articulated in the public square, but certainly understood in conservative circles, in order for Republicans to win, they needed a woman, a conservative and a very active pro-life proponent for their leadership. No more RHINOS!! My Gosh! What followed was an avalanche of major media mud slinging. Every time she appeared, they attacked. Even her simple geographical statement, that she could see Russia from her back window, was vilified. They made her appear as if she was a blithering female idiot. My gosh! Even many in the Republican Party got their Fruit of the Looms in a bunch.

In reality, what the media and the RHINOS were attacking, was her stand and commitment on the pro-life issues. Sarah Palin was a threat to their staunch support of abortion. Just this week the country viewed the results of a primary election in Delaware, where two Republican candidates went head to head on the ballot. One candidate, who had held office for a long time, but betrayed the platform of his party by voting for pro-abortion legislation, gun control and Cap and Trade, was confident he would win. He was backed by the majority of his party. However, both the party and the candidate, figured they could ignore the will of the people. The other candidate was a woman and a newcomer, supported by the Tea Party, who knew the value of life; very much like Sarah Palin. In fact Sarah Palin endorsed her, and much to the surprise of the Party regulars, Christine O'Donnell won.

Why? Because Christine O'Donnell, like Sarah Palin before her, reflects the values of our country. They understand the Founding Fathers and they've read the Constitution.

The Tea Party movement recognizes that values trump dollars. The defining issue for our time is the issue of abortion. Until that issue is resolved and legal protection restored for the most vulnerable of our society, no other problem will be solved. Abortion is a major issue in the upcoming election. Both Parties need to recognize the will of the people on this issue. Just like our ancestors, the early American colonists who felt ignored by England, today's American is once again getting tired of being ignored.

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