Thursday, April 22, 2010

Canada's Euthanasia Bill Overwhelmingly Defeated

April 21, 2010 the bill C-384 that would legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada was defeated by a vote of 228 to 59. The bill C-384 was brought by Member of Parliament Francine Lalonde.
Tim Uppal told the House that Lalonde's bill "offers death as a solution to pain and suffering." In the debate, Uppal noted that the bill's scope is "extremely broad". Pointing out that it would allow even those "who are not in the process of dying to ask a doctor to end their life".  
Michael Savage argued that "Canada's palliative care system is not strong enough. Canada needs to focus on offering better palliative care to those at the end of life."
Bill Siksay noted that he thinks it's possible to have an euthanasia law with appropriate safeguards, and pointed to the Netherlands. Dr. Phillip Ney from Victoria noted that the bill would be dangerous for vulnerable patients because medical professionals are "not above being corrupted", as evidenced in Nazi Germany.
Dr. Tim Lau of Ottawa stated,  "Death with dignity is not the same thing as death with efficiency. Until we recognize that our dignity lies not in what we can do or what circumstances we find ourselves, but in who we are, we will never realize our true dignity."
It seems the debate in Canada, for the time being, is under treatment. Kudos to all the people who worked very hard to defeat this bill. Wonder why no major news source has covered it?

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