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Benefits of Ultrasound


Why pro-abortionists minimize the impact of ultrasounds and do everything they can to prevent pregnant women from having them

By Dave Andrusko
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ultrasound-2-672x372I found the post from Texas Right to Life so intriguing I’ve not only reposted it, but I’d also like to add a couple of additional thoughts.
Texas Right to Life does a particularly nice job poking holes in author Mattie Kahn’s piece, particularly her oh-who-knows? conclusion:
The article, in this nonsensical conclusion, seems to be countering a position which no one holds; namely, that ultrasounds in and of themselves will create a bond between mother and child so strong that abortion coercion and marketing are powerless to penetrate.
Helping a woman in a crisis pregnancy requires more–you and me, for starters–but also pregnancy help centers. Which, by the way, is why NARAL Pro-Choice America works so hard to convince local and state officials to make life miserable for pregnancy help centers.
But there were two other issues Kahn raises I’d like to briefly touch on.
First, Kahn quotes the headline, “The Ultrasound Generation,” of an op-ed written by Ashley McGuire, a senior fellow at the Catholic Association, that appeared in USA Today and then dismissively adds
It’s a good headline, neatly expressing the anti-choice movement’s conviction that millennials raised in a culture that celebrates and even fetishizes the prenatal picture have been hardwired to oppose abortion. And it’s backed up by some research, which finds that liberal-leaning millennials tend to consider the moral valence of abortion more than traditional liberals once did
Kahn goes back and forth, trying to minimize what everybody else accepts–Millenniums are more pro-life than previous generations. But, to be clear, nobody argues that ultrasounds in and of themselves “hardwire” Millennials to oppose abortion.
What they–we–say is that is that the near-omnipresence of ultrasounds have demolished the “fetus as tissue” meme, setting in motion thinking that has already led to more unborn babies being invited to the table instead of being disposed in the garbage.
Put another way, ultrasounds are a like a fissure in the earth’s crust. Steam and gases escape first, and as the fissure widens and deepens, lava appears.
Second, Kahn relies extensively on the work of Dr. Katrina Kimport, “a faculty member at the University of California–San Francisco, [who] specializes in making sense of women’s individual and social experiences of abortion, and she has spent years researching the impact that prenatal scans have on women.” And who might she be?

I wrote about Dr. Kimport earlier this month. She was the lead author on one of those never-ending pro-abortion “studies” that “prove” whatever it is that the Abortion Industry needs “proven.”
In this case, the conclusion that there is a “possible mismatch between the resources sought by clients and the ostensible aim of crisis pregnancy centers” based on the behavior not of real pregnancy help center, but of one clinic that refers for abortion!
But Kimport (unintentionally, of course) offers an important insight. Referring to numbers from what I assume is the study I wrote about May 3, she says

“So what does that tell us? That tells us that for people [aka pregnant women] who are unsure, this may be part of how they make a decision,” Kimport says. But Kimport adds that she thinks it would be a mistake to use that data to conclude that ultrasounds have the power to make women suddenly want children. The women who see an ultrasound and decide to carry pregnancies to term haven’t recanted some previous conviction. They haven’t changed their minds, even, because their minds were never made up to begin with.

Precisely. Women in crisis pregnancy situations typically are under enormous pressure to abort and often have no–zero–support for carrying their babies to term.

Their minds “were never made up” for many reasons and one of the primary most likely is–in the face of a wave of doubters, enablers, and coercers– the instinct to save their babies.
To reiterate, no one is saying in and of themselves ultrasounds will persuade massive numbers of abortion-minded women to choose life.

What we do say is that it is not just those women who haven’t “made up their minds” who need a chance to breathe–the purpose of waiting periods–to learn–information about fetal development and alternatives–and to see whom it is that is resting safely in her womb–ultrasounds.

Source: NRLC News

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