Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exit Pill

I wonder if we'll ever develop an Enter Pill. We have now, an Exit Pill. This is a creation of Dr. Death. Dr. Death's name is Phillip Nitschke, and he is from Australia. Dr. Death is the director of the euthanasia advocacy group "Exit International". This group believes,"All seniors of sound mind should have the option of a peaceful death, at the time of their choosing, should this be their wish."
Wow! I'm glad he's not my doctor. Just think. He developed this pill just for you. Maybe he's hopeful that seniors will forget and take his pill. Since Medicare covers Viagra, is there a Morning After Pill for this one?
The pill is made from a dormant from of Nembutal, a drug outlawed in Australia and New Zealand, for human use. In order to be used as Dr. Death intends, the pill must be reconstituted in liquid form. The activation kit, with the chemicals needed for reconstitution, is still being developed. It may be on the market for Christmas in 2010. 
Dr. Death is on a speaking tour in British Columbia, San Francisco, Anaheim and Washington state. I'm sure he is promoting his agenda.   


You thought swine flu was a pandemic. So did the government. They said so. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said, Tuberculosis is the top single and infectious killer of adults worldwide. It lies dormant in 1 in 3 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of those, 10% will develop active TB and about 2 million people a year will die from it.
In a recent expose' a 19 yr old Peruvian man studying English, in all places, Florida, developed an extremely drug resistant (XXDR) TB. WOW! I think he developed it in Peru. Because it's never been seen in the US. XXDR TB is so rare that only a handful of other people in the world are thought to have it. Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe we should be testing for TB, as long as we're body scanning for bombs. However, that's difficult to profile. Better that they come and spread a drug resistant disease to America. Al Gore might like it. It will reduce the population. Copenhagen may develop a treaty.
Just as the government should have known about the Christmas Day bomber, since he was profiled by his own father, the WHO has issued a warning that has been ignored. In April 2009, WHO held it's 1st drug-resistant TB conference. The message was clear. The disease has already spread to all continents, and is increasing rapidly. Even worse, WHO estimates, only 1% of resistant patients receive appropriate treatment.
The 19 yr old Peruvian underwent 3 months of futile treatment in a Florida hospital, then was sent to a state hospital. The state hospital is only partially funded. His treatment cost Florida tax-payers an estimated $5 million. The director of the state hospital says, this seems like an astronomical amount to spend on someone who 'se not an American citizen.
About 60 million people visit the United States every year, and most are not screened before arrival.  Eighty-two percent of the multi-drug resistant patients in the US were foreign born.  And we're worried about swine-flu? The government's worried about swine-flu? Some states passed legislation, later rescinded, that would mandate vaccination for swine-flu?  Something's crazy here. No mandate for people coming into the country to be screened for TB.
Even crazier, in July 2009, after 19 months on the tax-payer, the 19 yr. old, now 21, packed a suitcase and walked out the hospital door into Florida' streets. Hope he's not coming to a theatre near you.  

Assisted Suicide

Death With Dignity's fund raising appeal states, "The team is coming together. The time-line is coming together. The plan is coming together ... and now the time has come." What? What time? This group wants financial support to identify the next state most likely to pass a law or initiative to legalize assisted suicide.
Members of this mafia include Compassion & Choices (formerly The Hemlock Society). Along with "Death With Dignity", they spearheaded the 2008 initiative that legalized assisted suicide in Washington state. Now, they're targeting states that they think are vulnerable.
In Montana, on December 5, 2009 (1 month after Washington legalized assisted suicide), District Judge Dorothy McCarter, ruled in favor of the constitutional challenge of Compassion & Choices. The suit was orchestrated by Compassion & Choices' legal director Kathryn Tucker. The suit argued that physician "aid-in-dying" a euphemism for assisted suicide, is a right under the Montana Constitution.
Oral arguments took place on September 2, 2009. Assistant Attorney General Anthony Johnston representing the state, stated, "That when the people of Montana adopted their constitution, they did not include physician-assisted suicide." He further stated that the legislature, not the courts, should change the law. The court's ruling, in this case, is pending.
Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania all have legal challenges to legalize killing. Is your state next?
Hippocrates separated the physician role in 500 BC. Before Hippocrates physicians were both healers and killers. God help us if present day physicians blur the distinction between healer and killer. Of course Obama's health care bill has already done that, and through the Congress.