Monday, September 28, 2009

Organ Donation

Should we be worried about organ donation? Yes!  Double yes, if you've signed your driver's license, because Illinois has a law, that insures your wish to donate your organs, if you have signed your driver's license. No family member may interfere. The signing of the drivers license implies consent; and that has been codified through the Illinois Legislature.
Brain death, as a diagnosis of death, is dubious to say the least. I would like a clear succinct definition of brain death. Do we declare death based on a solitary organ? I also thought about severely brain damaged people.  Are they brain injured, or are they close to brain death? Are they alive? For sure they're profoundly ill. But it's troublesome to think that their brain function measures their humanity.  A lot of people are in trouble if that's the case. How about the profoundly affected Altzheimer's patients? How about all the people who have neurological problems? Has it occurred to anybody, that they may be next on the list?
Is organ donation a noble idea? I think it's an individual decision based on principle and informed consent and the knowledge, that we never do evil, even if good will come of it (we do not hasten death in order to do good). This is called a utilitarian view of life. This view may be becoming readily acceptible, in our hedonistic society.  We exist for the benefit of others, not solely because we're made in the image of God.
There is no doubt that there is a shortage of organs. Should that mean, that we utilize a brain death definition of death, in order to solve this societal problem? Many, who need organs, not all, need them because they have not been good stewards of their own health. Kidney donation, not everyone, but a good majority, have resulted from a lack of blood pressure control, untreated diabetes or a use of drugs, that perhaps are not in the prescription category.
If our society continues the way it's going, I predict, that organ donation will increase, because society is becoming more utilitarian. I don't believe everyone should feel oppressed, if they are opposed to organ donation. The problem, I think, that just like abortion, there has not been a good dialogue. Technology has run away from ethics. Those who are opposed to organ donation are painted as right-wing extremists, whose values and ideas threaten society.
I believe, that if studied, the history and advancement of organ donation bears careful re-evaluation. In the beginning, we declared death, based on the absence of respiration and heart beat. Now we declare death, but only for organ donors, based on a shifting criteria of brain death.

Monday, September 21, 2009

History of a Drug Company

Here's some interesting information. The French drug maker "Sanofi" is going to invest $140 million to build a plant for the manufacturing of dubious vaccines for a non-existent influenza epidemic in Mexico.
In 1925, together with Bayer and BASF, the drug company Hoechst united to form the infamous chemical and drug cartel IG Farben. This company brought the Nazi's to power and prepared them for WWII. They did this in an attempt to conquer the emerging global market of patented chemicals and drugs.
So, in 1941/42 Hoechst, Bayer and BASF (IG Farben) chose the city of Auschwitz, to construct the world's largest chemical plant. This plant produced synthetic gasoline, rubber and other chemicals for their military conquest of Eastern Europe, Russia and eventually Asia.
In 1941 - 1945, Hoechst and Bayer, as the world's largest pharmaceutical company, used the nearby concentration camp, Auschwitz, for slave labor to construct their plant. They also used the inmates to test their patented drugs. These inmates served as "human guinea pigs".  Of course, no informed consent was needed, because they were inmates at a concentration camp, and as such, they were expendable. The corporate interests, behind the pharmaceutical business, produced absent inmates. In other words, the experiments killed them.  Hoechst was also the producer of the infamous Zyclon B gas, which exterminated millions in many concentration camps, throughout Europe.
In 1948, during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, many pharmaceutical employees, as well as, several members of IG Farben's Board of directors, were sentenced for slave labor, mass murder and other crimes against humanity. These companies, for half a century, have spent billions trying to keep their horrifying past out of the history text books and out of the memory of mankind.
In 1980, Georges Teutsch and Daniel Philibert of Roussel Uclaf, with French scientist Etienne-Emile Baulieu synthesized RU 486, with the trade name, misepristone. RU 486 is an abortion pill.
In 1997, the German chemical and drug group Hoechst AG transferred all rights for RU 486 to it's French subsidiary Roussel Uclaf.
In 1999, Hoechst merged with Rhone-Poulenc under the new name "Adventis".
In 2004, Nick Sarkozy, who was then the French Minister of Finance, abused billions of French taxpayer money, to have the French drug company Sanofi take over the giant drug company Adventis. So Nick Sarkozy became linked to the history of the pharmaceutical drug interests.
In 2007, Three years later, the same Nick Sarkozy was made president of France, with the support of the drug companies. But that's just the beginning. Sarkozy has been an active political player in turning the Brussels' European Union into a new global giant. This would accomplish the political, economic and military control over the entire European continent, as a stepping stone to controlling the world. The first step included the mass vaccination of young girls with the human pappilloma-virus vaccine (in the United States it's called Gardasil) and the swine flu vaccine, for the so-called pandemic.
In 2009, Sanofi-Adventis decided to build a 100 million Euro ($140 million) influenza vaccine plant in Mexico. One wonders if the factory will produce biological warfare material in Latin America? Or will they be content with developing vaccines, whose dubious success is paved, with severe reactions and death of young men and women?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The newest Czar, confirmed by the Senate last week, is Cass Sunstein. He's more of the same.  His position is Obama's administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Please note, he's a radical animal rights activist. That's not all he is
Cass Sunstein states, "There is no moral concern, regarding cloning human beings, since human embryos, which develop into a baby, are only a handful of cells. If scientist will be using and cloning embryos, only at a very early stage, when they are just a handful of cells, (say before they are 4 days old) there is no good reason for a ban on cloning."
Cass Sunstein continues, "It is silly to think that potential is enough for moral concern. Sperm cells have potential. Most people are not especially solicitous about them." Sunstein's comparison is not firm, however, as sperm cells, unlike embryos, do not have the potential to develop into life on their own.  
In addition to Sunstein's moral disregard for human embryos, the Obama Czar has, several times, been quoted from an author, who likened animals to slaves and argued, an adult dog or horse is more rational than a human infant, and should therefor should be granted similar rights.  

Homosexual Agenda

Imagine a liberal democrat, introduced a bill, that would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This bill has 69 co-sponsors and would create federal recognition of same-sex marriage.
DOMA is vulnerable. Perhaps it will not be defeated in this session, or the short term, but it's introduction illustrates the tactics of the hard left of the Democratic party. Interesting to note, is that more Democrats are taking a position against DOMA, which was signed into law by a Democratic president named Bill Clinton in 1996, with widespread Dem & Republican support. 
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be receiving a hearing in the House next week. This is a bigger legislative threat than the repeal of DOMA. The fully inclusive version of ENDA will force Christian business men to subsidize immoral homosexual/bisexual and transgender relationships.

Monday, September 14, 2009


      New news on Gardasil. Dr Diane Harper,one of the leading researchers for the vaccine Gardasil finally says that the vaccine risks and long term effectiveness have not been communicated well.  She also urges more complete warnings be given to parents and young girls before vaccination.
Really!  About time!  How about all of the girls who have had adverse reactions to this vaccine that supposedly prevents a few strains of cervical cancer.  By the way, parents, cervical cancer is completely curable and detected by a PAP smear.  More importantly, young women would not have to worry about any of this is abstinence first was discussed and expected at home and reinforced in the schools, but because it hasn't been, we have a lot of young women whose life and health will never be the same again.
Remember two years ago, the Illinois General Assembly was considering legislation mandating Gardasil vaccination for all sixth grade girls.  These bills, HB 115 and SB 10, were never enacted because the legislature dropped the mandate in favor of a plan to provide information on the vaccine to parents.
Information?  I highly doubt it was the correct information.  Now the real information is being published, but for many little girls it is too late.  Their health will never be the same.
Lake County Right to Life is holding a Community Forum on September 19th.  See the front page of our website,  The topic is Plan B and Gardasil.                                                       

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pregnant Women & Swine Flu Tests

A trial of the swine flu vaccine will be conducted at Baylor College of Medicine, Group Health Cooperative Ctr. for Health Studies in Seattle, St. Louis University, Vandervilt University in Nashville, Duke University in North Carolina and Scott & White Memorial Hospital & Clinic in Texas. This study will be conducted and funded, through the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NID).
Pregnant women are usually exempt, from medical research, that doesn't involve issues relating to pregnancy. The reason is, to protect them and their babies, from dangerous side-effects of drugs.
I take the liberty in this blog, to ask, why a pregnant woman would subject herself and her baby, to an untested fast-tracked vaccine? The arguments used to promote testing are, that pregnant women account for 6% of the deaths, early in the epidemic, although they account for only 1% of the population. My response to that, is, do they have pre-existing disease? If so, it's not a fair statement, to say, that they are at risk. However, if you consider pregnancy a disease, then ...
I wonder if these women are being paid? According to the information, they will receive 2 injections, 21 days apart. Researchers, supposedly, will gauge the vaccines effectiveness, by monitoring antibody levels to flu virus. They'll also collect umbilical cord blood, to measure how much antibody circulates from mother to baby, through the placenta. Wow! Talk about invasive! Umbilical cord blood?  From an unborn baby?  Something's wrong here.  Something's fishy.  Who would do that?

School Based Clinics

In H.R. 3200, which is the health care bill in the House.  This bill contains a provision, for school based health clinics (PP 993-1001 of the bill. These clinics will be run by a "non-profit health agency", such as Planned Parenthood.  This agency will be authorized
to serve, as a sponsoring facility for school based health clinics, that will operate during school hours.  
These Planned Parenthood clinics, will not be accountable, either to parents or school authorities.  They will answer only to the secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Ms. Sebelius is a radical pro-abortion proponent. She was also, a vocal supporter, of late-term abortionist, George Tiller.
H.R. 3200 orders the clinics in the schools, to protect patient privacy and student records.  Parents will never know what kind of council and treatment their children receive. Planned Parenthood's safe-sex message has been responsible for the loss of sexual innocence. Their message has increased the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
Just say No to the health care bill H.R. 3200.  Planned Parenthood is the number 1 abortion provider in America.