Friday, April 8, 2011

How Low Have the Mighty Fallen? Terry Cosgrove's Nomination to Illinois Human Rights Commission Approved

The Illinois Senate wasted no time yesterday, April 7th, in approving Democrat Governor Patrick Quinn's appointee Terry Cosgrove, to the Illinois Human Rights Commission. Terry Cosgrove is the President and CEO of Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood's political action committee. Through Personal PAC, Cosgrove has worked tirelessly to elect pro-abortion lawmakers.

Terry Cosgrove is a 58 yr. old man - who not only lives - but revels in an open homosexual lifestyle, as his personal identity. His profile also reads like a who's who of the abortion world ... on top of his responsibilities as President and CEO of Personal PAC, he has managed numerous political campaigns for pro-choice candidates, assisted NARAL, Planned Parenthood's NOW, National Pro-Choice Resource Center and Voters for Choice, just to name a few. He helped restore abortion services for poor women at Cook County Hospital, and the Chicago Abortion Fund rewarded Cosgrove's virulent pro-choice activity, with their "Freedom of Choice" award.

Illinois Citizens for Ethics, a new state political action committee, opposed Terry's confirmation. Mary-Louise Kurey, Vice President of Public Relations for Illinois Citizens for Ethics, said, "In order to receive Personal PAC's endorsement, candidates must agree with a number of extreme positions, including repealing Illinois' Parental Notice of Abortion law for minor girls, (which Cosgrove approves repealing) and restoring public funding of abortion coverage through the state Medicaid plan (which Cosgrove supports). Overwhelming majorities of Illinois voters oppose such radical policies," she concluded. Kurey also stated, "Cosgrove's appointment was a conflict of interest and "an example of pay-to-play politics at its worst."

Personal PAC, of which Cosgrove is President and CEO, spent over $400,000 on Democratic Governor Quinn's campaign for reelection last November. These monies were used on TV ads, mailers and robocalls, which painted Quinn's opponent Bill Brady, as a pro-life extremist, who was insensitive to the needs of women.

We've come a long way from the ideals of the Civil Rights movement, which sought justice and equality for all. The confirmation to the Illinois Human Rights Commission, of a virulently pro-abortion activist is an abomination, which confirms the fact, that the face of human rights has undergone a dramatic change. Now serving the poor has mutated to obliterating them through abortion. Once again - how low the mighty have fallen - and how once noble and humanitarian ideals, have become deformed and perverted.

The Cosgrove confirmation squeaked by with a vote of 30-25, with two voting present. Our own Lake County Senators, Dan Duffy (R) and Suzi Schmidt (R) deserve credit for voting No. You might want to call them and say Thanks.

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