Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fetal Organs

First embryonic stem cell research ... Your tax dollars for no results. New National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines, expanding funding for killing embryos for research. One wonders why our dollars are not used or research, that is ethical? The embryonic stem-cell research gang composed of ethicists, scientists and celebrities, have for years, ignored the fact, that research on human embryos is performed only after they've been killed. Utililitarian? You bet.  The embryo exists, only for the state. Is this what the United States is coming to?
This gang also promotes using embryos, that are left over, from fertility treatments, under the guise, they will be wasted, if they're not used to benefit the state. Enter a new stem-cell expert. He is from across the sea. Britain's Sir Richard Gardner, is promoting harvesting organs from aborted babies. Sir Richard commented, he was surprised, that organ donation had not been considered, with embryonic stem-cell research. Experiments in mice, have shown, that fetal kidneys grow extremely quickly, when transplanted to adult animals. Sir Richard, an advisor to Britain's Human Fertilization & Embryology authority, sees this horrific practice, as a solution to the shortage of donated organs.
Unfortunately, Sir Richard is not alone. Professor Stuart Campbell joins the chorus. Speaking of the many babies aborted in late term, he stated, "If they are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs."  He added, "I am sure very few of those on the transplant list would rather die than accept an organ from an aborted fetus."
Back across the sea, here in the United States, bioethicist Jacob Appel, joins the chorus in saying, "The first striking feature of fetal organs, is that their supply is unlimited. Pregnant women who provide fetal kidneys, could do so repeatedly."
Sounds like a Robin Cook novel. These practices might beat the popularity of his book, "Coma", or maybe "Frankenstein & Dracula. Or how about Hitler's "Mein Kemph"? Or, if you're a movie goer, how about "Soylent Green" or "The Boys From Brazil"? These media approaches, were fantasy a few years ago. Now ...         
Jacob Appel admits, that abortions would likely rise as a result, but even so, he believes we have "a moral duty" to legalize the marketing of fetal organs. "Poor women could benefit from the selling of organs of their aborted children."  He also dreams of a day, "Scientific research may make possible farms of artificial wombs, breeding fetuses, for their organs."
Where's the public outcry. Poor women selling the organs of their babies, after they've killed them? That's a horror movie that has yet to be produced. Shades of New York City, who, is paying women for their eggs. This, in spite of the fact, that no long term studies, have been done on the damage, that may occur, from the horrific amount of hormones needed to produce the eggs. One medical fact, we know for sure, is that there is a direct link to cervical cancer, from taking the birth control pill, a hormone.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ethics Committee and Futile Care

Don't kid yourself.  Death panels are alive and well.  In fact, they already exist.  Consider Texas - the Texas Advanced Directives Act of 1999 became law with broad support.  One unintended consequence is shocking.  If a family or a patient wants health care to continue, but the attending physician does not, the Texas law allows a hospital committee to have the final say  under the guise of medical futility. 
Texas law only requires the hospital to provide the patient and family 48 hours notice before a hospital ethics committee meets and makes a decision.  Once the hospital ethics committee decides that care is futile care, the family is given 10 days to find a facility that will accept the patient or the hospital and doctor can end curative care.  Texas is not alone.  Virginia has a similar law.

Defense of Marriage Act

A legal brief filed August 17th by the Justice Department lawyer, Scott Simpson, declares that the Obama administration does not support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as a matter of policy and believes the act is discriminatory and should be repealed by Congress.  In a written statement, President Obama says, "Long held that DOMA prevents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered couples from being granted equal rights and benefits.  As a U.S. Senator from Illinois, Obama stated his support for the "complete repeal of the DOMA."
The federal DOMA was overwhelmingly passed and represents the views of the people of the U.S. that marriage is between a man and a woman and that's the optimal environment for raising children.  DOMA also provides protection for the states.  Therefore, if the federal DOMA were to be struck down, a whole area of the law protecting the states would be in jeopardy because the states are not forced to accept homosexual marriages performed in other states where it is legal.  If DOMA is declared unconstitutional, the individual states would be sitting ducks.  This, in spite of the fact that 30 states have constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage.  Sounds like the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 when 47 states had protection for the unborn in their laws.      

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swine Flu Transparency

Wow!  A dilemma!  A pandemic!  A government mandate for vaccination!  Wow!  Pregnant women and children, first in line!  If I was a believer in a conspiracy theory, I'd think the swine flu epidemic fits the category.
The country, or at least the administrative part of the country, is in high gear, to protect the citizens from this horrible epidemic of swine flu. Wow!  I haven't seen too many deaths, or any statistics, that merit this uproar. In fact, the Maine Center for Disease Control, has reported just one death, from the swine flu. And actually, he died from underlying complications, that predisposed him.
I would like some transparency. I hear, the National Guard troops in Maine, are involved in a drill to take over a high school, after potential riots and panic, over the distribution of the vaccine.
I'll leave one last message for you to ponder.  Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said, "This time the excuse happens to be swine flue, but there will always be some crisis not to be wasted." The preparations currently under way, to deal with swine flu, are unconstitutional. They're more dangerous than the virus.  Americans should be allowed to decide, what vaccine they get or don't get, not the government.

Friday, August 14, 2009


                                                             All The President's Men Eugenicists?
President Obama has been quoted, "Let me tell you who I associate with. Those are the people, Democrats and Republicans, who have shaped my ideas, and who will be surrounding me in the White House.
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel ... he is a bio-ethicist at the National Institute of Health (NIH) He said in January, "When implemented, the complete lives system, produces a priority curve on which individuals, aged between roughly 15 and 40 years, get the most chance. Whereas, the youngest and oldest people, get chances, that are less."
John Holden ... Science Czar says, "The fetus, given the opportunity to develop properly before the birth, and given the essential early socializing experiences and sufficient nourishing food, during the crucial early years after birth, will ultimately develop into a human being." This is the same man, who wrote about putting sterilants in drinking water, for population control.
Cass Sunstein ... regulatory czar, has a friend. That friend is professor Peter Singer of Princeton University.
Peter Singer ... wrote, that saving the life of one teenager, is equivalent of saving the lives of 14 85 yr. olds. This is the same Peter Singer, who believes, that legal and medical protection should only be bestowed after 14 to 21 days after you're born. In other words, personhood is confirmed, if you don't have a handicap. This is the same man, who writes in the New York times, an article titled: "Why we must ration health care".
Wow! If they're saying this in public, can you imagine what they're saying to the president behind closed doors?

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Wow! Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association support Obama Care. Right after the health care endorsement by Catholic Charities, they received $100 million dollars in it's first ever government contract! Wow! Judas lost out, only receiving 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus. The price of traitors has gone up due to inflation.
All official statements from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the Catholic Bishops say, that health care is a basic human right .. ie to the tune of $100 million for Catholic Charities add to the Trillions of dollars that the rest of us taxpayers have to pay. The Bishops, since 1981, have argued that the federal government is responsible for establishing, "a comprehensive health care system, that will ensure a basic level of health care for all Americans" ...
Wow! Health Care, a right? Health Care a responsibility of the government?  I thought the argument was, is health care a right or a privilege? I pay for health care, and everyone else's too. I think it's a privilege. I guess that's were some serious reflection is in order. First reflection ... social problems should be dealt with at local levels. If they are not solved at local levels, they can be addressed at higher levels. That's the federal government. Second reflection ... if Catholics give health care to the government, we will be giving the moral responsibility of medical treatment, for the government to decide who gets care.  Third reflection ... Should all Catholics become Socialists in order to solve health care?  Fourth reflection ... All five bills under consideration, in health care, pose a conscience and religious liberty danger to every Catholic, as well as every God-fearing person.
What is the government's role? I thought it was to protect it's citizens and provide social order and justice. This means, the Rule of Law, becomes paramount.   

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plan B For Minors, A Bad Prescription

Plan B is a bad prescription. It's side effects are monumental for young women, especially 17 yr. olds. One dose is the equivalent of taking 40 contraceptive pills in 12 hours. You talk about a hormone surge? That's one for the books. Side effects? You bet. How about, bleeding disorders, extreme menstrual cycle irregularities, soaring sexually transmitted disease rates, and fatal ectopic pregnancies.
Pharmacists all over the world, are reporting, young men are buying Plan B. Do you think, there's a possibility of coercion, abuse of a minor and a cover-up of statutory rape?
The product insert description says, it is meant for infrequent emergency use. However, many women are using Plan B as their regular contraceptive. Knowing what hormones can do, it's no wonder, there's an increase in female suicide, as well as, many mental health difficulties. The approval of Plan B over the counter is not a triumph of science over politics. It is the abuse of young women.

Aborted Babies Challenges Botox For Beauty

Wow! It must be true.  "Vanity, thy name is woman." I think the following will explain more than the quote.
Clinics in various locations are now offering treatments, including face lifts and other cosmetic surgery, from babies, who have been killed by abortion. These clinics may be coming to your town. These clinics are like science fiction ... the Methuselah Syndrome ... Methuselah being the oldest living human in the bible, women can now extend their lives and their beauty. 
You can take a trip to Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Moscow and Rotterdam to obtain these beauty treatments. What are these treatments? The clinics are using tissue from babies, killed by abortion, ages 6 to 12 weeks gestation and obtaining their stem cells to inject into the client's face. Why? The baby's cells are supposed to begin a rejuvenation process, that makes your skin look years younger.
You think that's bad? This is worse. To obtain the cells, women in under developed nations, are paid up to $200 dollars to carry a baby an optimum 8 to 12 week period. Then the babies are killed. Their stem cells taken and sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.
Wow! Isn't that how Frankenstein was formed? Didn't they take parts of other people? It really is a brave new world. Fast tracked, no long term studies, but a lot of money. In Russia alone, there are 50 clinics. I'll bet, there's more than beauty involved in the use of stem cells by killing babies. At least Botox only killed a snake.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Death Prevention by using Umbilical Cord Blood

Did you know, every 10 minutes, someone dies from a blood disorder? Did you know, that that disorder maybe could have been treated by the use of stem cells obtained from umbilical cord blood? These disorders include, leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Most of these people who die, are children or young adults, under the age of 20.  

Did you know, that very few people know about the benefits obtained from umbilical cord blood? Did you know, that less than 10% of the 4 million births in the US, cord blood is collected? Did you know that's a lack of education?

Did you know, that cord blood stem cells can be used, to create other tissue types, such as nerves, hormone-secreting cells and bone cells.

Did you know, that Illinois passed legislation, that creates cord blood banks and enables parents, to bank cord blood, to be used or donated? 

Did you know, that the Cord Blood Education and Awareness Act, was introduced in the US Congress? This legislation will promote the benefits of cord blood stem cell technology. Another major component of the Bill, will be the requirement, for public education.

Education is much needed on this issue.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Again!

Did you know, Planned Parenthood, receives 350 million dollars from taxpayers, as a part of it's 1 billion dollar revenue? Wow! More than the federal government placed in the program to buy a klunker car!

On July 24, 2009, the US House of Representatives, voted 247 to 183 to reject a bill, by Representative Mike Pence (R IND) to discontinue federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Why, one would have to ask?

In S. Dakota, Planned Parenthood, is defying a state law, that requires them to fully inform women before abortion. This law passed in 2005, and mandates, that women are told, that abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being. The law also requires, that it's possible, to have mental and physical consequences. The law further mandates, that women be told other options, such as crisis pregnancy centers.

Planned Parenthood is ignoring this state law, and refusing to implement the legislative mandate. The language Planned Parenthood  is using, fails to use the clear and proper legislative mandate. And Planned Parenthood has substituted inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and very confusing language. Perhaps the problem goes back to the dumbing down of America.

Take note of this; Planned Parenthood will be the major beneficiary, in the proposed Obama health care takeover. Why? Because it will mandate taxpayer funding of abortion. Even more sinister, it's the first step, for a Freedom of Choice bill.

Rumors Of Catholic Organizations!

Abortion is not health care. I hear, three Catholic organizations are urging their constituents, to immediately enact health care legislation, despite the vast abortion and euthanasia components.  What?  Enact something nobody's read?  I hope these people know how to read.  Perhaps they've come through the Chicago Public School system, or any other public school system for that matter, where reading is a low priority.  Perhaps they operate under 'don't bother me with the facts, I'll deal with the emotion'.  "Emotions only please."

The culture of life in America will become the culture of death, if the health care plan, passes in it's present form. Why? Because there is a large component that would legalize abortion and euthanasia under health care reform. After all, less is better, and that can be accomplished by both abortion and euthanasia. 

The organizations we're discussing, are as follows:  St. Vincent De Paul, Catholic Charities and the Catholic Health Association.  These groups are urging their members to call their legislators and ask for an immediate passage for health care reform. Two of these organizations do not surprise me. They are: Catholic Charities and The Catholic Health Association. 

The dichotomy and irony of this debate is, that while the pro-life advocates are urging Congress to delete the abortion/euthanasia component, in the health care reform, these organizations are pushing for passage.  

If I were a betting person, I might bet that the Bishops would support Universal Health Care. That being said, they certainly do not support abortion or euthanasia. Hopefully, these two components will not become collateral damage in the Bishop's efforts to promote Universal Health Care.  

The ball is in the Bishop's court. Will they be successors to the apostles, giving witness, or will they be pillars of jello?  What will be said to Catholic Charities, St. Vincent De Paul and the Catholic Health Care Association? We'll all have to wait and see.  

Pregnant Women

A government panel said, that the swine flu vaccine, should go first to pregnant women, health care workers and kids 6 months and older. This recommendation came from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, whose guidelines are almost always accepted, by the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The reason, hormonal changes in pregnant women, are thought to make them more susceptible to the flu. Pregnant women have accounted for 6% of the swine flu deaths in the US, although they make up only 1% of the population.

Clinical trials on the swine flu vaccine should start shortly.  Get that?  Shortly?  That means there have been no criminal trials for side effects, or long term problems. But we're going to vaccinate pregnant women first?  Sounds like the Gardasil disgrace. Fast track and new information out, that there are 400% more complications, including the ultimate one, death, than in a comparable vaccine. R U Crazy?  Another killer drug that was fast tracked and has left a death toll.

Would you get a vaccine that's not tested, and does not have an established record of safety, if you're pregnant?  I wouldn't even get one if I wasn't.

The World Health Organization, admitted recently, that the swine flu vaccine is being fast tracked in the European Union, and may be unsafe, because it allows Firms to bypass large scale human trials. This brings up the question, would you trust a vaccine manufacturer, whose contaminated vaccine, could have potentially caused a pandemic?

Flash! The US Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, has just signed a decree, granting vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuit, that results from any new swine flu vaccine. What? No fault vaccinations?  I thought that only happened in divorce! Moreover, the 7 billion dollar US Governments fast tracked program, to rush vaccines into the market, in time for the Autumn flu season, is being done, without even a normal safety testing.  There's something dark about the swine flu story.